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The following page is a non-original CAW from Cartoons to Movies.

The Trashman is a non-original CAW superstar. His character is that he comes out and throws trash all over the ring, then he starts eating garbage, then finally he takes the trashcan and bashes the guy in the head.

The Trashman
Names The Trashman
Height 5'0
Weight 200 lbs
Born November 17th, 1944
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died {{{death_date}}}
In the Trash
Resides Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Billed from Paddy's Pub
Trained by
Debut Yet to debut
Retired {{{retired}}}


  • After he got into a fight, some dumbass school psychologist send him to a terrible-terrible "nitwit school".
  • Probably, The Trashman is having some sort of "small stature complex": in fact, he's once said what one of the reasons why he does not diddle kids, is that his sex object gotta have larger height than himself.
  • The Trashman believes that touching someone can give you AIDS.
  • His most notable victory was against the Talibum, who Trashman beat by ref stoppage by piercing the Talibum's neck with a sharp piece of metal from his trash can.


  • Trashcan to the head

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