The Vampire
Names The Vampire
Height 7 ft. 2in.
Weight 327 lbs.
Born September 21st, 1962
Birthplace Charleston, Virginia
Resides Jackson, Mississippi
Billed from Parts Unknown
South Africa
Trained by Self-trained
Debut 1980

Perciville (Percy) Ogunbote is a professional CAW wrestler one of the most destructive forces ever seen in CAW wrestling, a man so feared by some wrestlers that they would leave their promotion if they had to. And for good reason; The Vampire makes the Great Khali look like Bret Hart in comparison. Over the years since he debuted into profesional wrestling, he has been responsible for putting many in ring competitors in hospital due to his complete lack of wrestling abilities, just recently adding Vladamire Kolkof to that list.

The Vampire is mainly a powerhouse type of wrestler who mainly focuses on moves such as chokeslams and powerbombs. However, when he needs to he can be as adept as anyone at executing high risk moves, as well as taking matches to the extreme.

Personal Life

He dosn't have one. What? You think I'm kidding don't you.

Idepedet circuts (1880 to 1995)

Not much is known about The Vampire's time on the independent circuit except for that he wrestled mainly in UK promotions, only making a move to America in the early 1990s, and killed a million billion people with a match so full of botches, it killed a million billion people. During 1995, The Vampire was scouted at an Independent circuit venue by Ole Anderson, who after seeing him in action offered him a job on the spot.

WCW (1996 to 2001)

Due to WCW, he killed WCW


The Vampire's most recent apearence is in the online CAW promotion DIW. At the first episode he was confronted by The Exterminator who then went on to say that they are the best two wrestlers in the business but he is better. The Vampire didn't respond to this but this could have carried on to The Vampire's match later on were he severely injured Vladamere Kolkof in his first round DIW Championship tournament match.

Finisher/Signiture moves

  • Chokeslam (1980 to present)
  • Stolen Finisher The Last Ride (1980 to present)
  • Chokeslam into backbreaker (1980 to 2000)
  • Generic Powerslam (2000 to present)
  • Generic Punch (Always)

Title reigns

  • EWE World Champion (2 times)
  • IPW Champion (1 time final)


  • Even though The Vampire is his most sucsessful CAW, his creator Firewing0 can't remeber how or why he made him unlike most of his other CAWs.
  • On the first episode of DIW, The Vampire was never ment to injure Vladamire Kolkof, this accidently happened.
  • No one cares about this fictional created character because he sucks, sounds stupid, and does not exist.

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