Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation
TNXA Cross the Line logo (1)
Acronym TNXA
Establishment 2010-Current
Owner(s) Torrin Fluker
Staff Torrin Fluker (TNXA Owner/Commentator)
"The Prodigy" Raymond Dudley (GXV Commentator; Ep. 4-present)
Gurahk Weavile (GXV Commentrator; Ep. 5-present/TNXA Writer)
Mark Anderson (TNXA CPV/GXV Ring Announcer)
Mickie James (Former Interviewer)
John the Intern (Former Interviewer)
Lita (Interviewer)
Aksana (Interviewer)
Ryoko "The Blade" Sakamoto (GXV Referee; Vixens Only)
Formerly {{{formerly}}}


August 31 of 2010, Torrin Fluker made his idea to announce his CAW promotion called TNXA, Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation. And TNXA will be aired until October 27, 2015 after Torrin released the TNXA Draft trailer.

TNXA Debut: TNXA Draft

TNXA Draft (2)

TNXA Draft 2010.

In October 27 of 2010, TNXA makes it's debut live in Indianapolis, Indiana on Dailymotion, TNXA DRAFT 2010. The General Managers of TNXA iMPACT! and TNXA Thunder, Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) and Ran Kotobuki (Super GALS!), announce they gonna choose the roster for their brand before or after the match. And the theme song is "All I Do Is Break Walls" Mashup by TREy MasHUps.

TNXA Impact Wrestling

TNXA Impact Wrestling Logo (1)

TNXA Impact Wrestling

On December 3, 2010, after the Draft, Torrin posted TNXA Impact Wrestling (Formally TNXA iMPACT! as of episode 10). The revenue, Hinkle Fieldhouse in Butler University of Indianapolis, IN. Game used for WWE 2K14 for the Xbox 360 console.

The Stage for TNXA Impact Wrestling is CAW Arena (WWE 2K14) that look like TNA Impact Zone. It's theme song is "I Want It All (SmackDown Theme)" by Jim Johnston.



Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Inactive Note
General Manager
"The Boy Genius"
Dexter McPherson
Face Burbank, CA N/A N/A
Alberto El Patron
Also currently known as Alberto Del Rio
Face San Luis Potosi, Mexico N/A Cross Armbreaker
"The King of Swing"
Antonio Cesaro
Face Lucerne, Switzerland European Gutwrench Suplex
Springboard Uppercut
The Neutralizer
"Cholo Street Thug"
Azrael Sanchez
Heel San Diego, CA 187 Street
Chicano Moonsault
Chicano Backbreaker
Chicano Neckbreaker
Chicano Driver
"Ben 10"
Ben Tennyson
Face Bellwood, IL Four Arms' Fist
Grey Matter Arm Drag
Perfrect 10 Cutter
Alien Driver
"The Beast Incarnate"
Brock Lesnar
Tweener Minneapolis, MN German Suplex F-5
Kimura Lock
"The Best in the World"
CM Punk
Face Chicago, IL Macho Man Elbow Drop GTS
Anaconda Vice
"The Chosen One"
Chase Young
Heel China Heylin Kick Xiaolin Overdrive
Heylin Lock
Christian Cage Face Toronto, Ontario, Canada N/A Killswitch
Craig Marduk Face Sydney, Australia N/A Armageddon Hammer
The Last Ride
Dolph Ziggler Face Hollywood, FL Super Kick
Fame Asser
Sleeper Hold
Ezekiel Miller Face Philadelphia, PA Zeke Experience Zeke Street
You Got Served
"The Captain of MAR"
Ginta Toramizu
Face Japan The Twister
Ball and Chain
M.A.R. Suplex
Chain Reaction
Babbo Cutter
"The Demon"
Face Fedural Japan The Demon Curse
Iron Reaver Soul Stealer
Wind Scar
Full Fledged Demon Bomb
Jack Evans Face "P-Town"
Parkland, WA
Ode to Blitzkrieg
99 Crusher
Phoenix 630 Senton
Phoenix 630 Hurricanrana
"The Evil Boy Genius"
Jack Spicer
Heel Parts Unknown Spicer Stunner Jackknife
Spice Club
James Kojiro Heel Parts Unknown Flower Power Takedown
Wrap Attack
Rocket Cutter
Rocket Buster
Stun Spore From Victreebel
"The Charismatic Enigma"
Jeff Hardy
Face Cameron, NC Twist of Fate
Whisper in the Wind
Twist of Fate
Swanton Bomb
Johnny Test Face Porkbelly, Manitoba, Canada Test Driver Test Drive Triple-S
Test Elbow
"The Wolf Demon"
Heel Fedural Japan Gorashi
Full Moon Kick
Full Moon Slam
Wolf Lock
"Hell's Gatekeeper"
Lord Magma
Heel The Depths of Hell Satan Drop
Armageddon Rising
Last Ride to Armageddon
Chokeslam to Hell
Tombstone to Hell
"El Tigre"
Manny Rivera
Face Miracle City, Mexico Tigre Bomb
Tigre Suplex
Tres Tigre Amigos
Miracle City Supreme
"The Shadow Keeper"
Marik Ishtar
Heel The Shadow Realm The Shadow Claw
The Shadow Bomb
The Shadow Driver
The Shadow Mind Control
Matt Hardy Face Cameron, NC Side Effect
Diving Elbow Drop
Twist of Fate
"The Scratch Cat Pokemon"
Heel Parts Unknown Fury Swipes
Cat Claw
Night Slash
Perfect Charm
"The Hardcore Legend"
Mick Foley
Facde Long Island, NY Double Arm DDT Mandible Claw
Raimundo Pedrosa Face Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Karate Chop
450 Splash
Dragon Cutter
"The Viper"
Randy Orton
Face St. Louis, MO Hanging DDT
Punt Kick
"The Leader of the Samurai Society"
Renji Abarai
Heel Japan Sword Kick
The Decapitation
Abarai Bomb
Samurai Cutter
"The Juggernaut"
Roman Reigns
Face Pensacola, FL Superman Punch Spear
The Joker Tweener Arkham Asylum in Gotham City Fall of Humanity
Swinging Neckbreaker
Why So Serious?
Let's Put a Smile In Your Face
"Tha Scorpion"
Trey Suave
Face Memphis, TN Poison Stinger
Venom Cutter
Scorpion Death Lock
Scorpion Death Drop
Wade "Bad News" Barrett Heel Preston, England, UK Winds of Change
Rope Hung Knee Strike
Zak Saturday Face Secret Scientist Saturday Suplex
Secret Submission
The Claw
Secret Elbow
Secret Bomb


Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Inactive Note
Co-General Manager
"The World's Greatest Gal"
Ran Kotobuki
Face Shibuya, Japan N/A N/A
"Ctarl-Ctarl Emperor"
Aisha Clan-Clan
Face Planet Ctarl-Ctarl The Pounce
Beast Lock
Ctarl-Ctarl Chokeslam
Emperor Driver
Amu Hinamori Face Japan Amulet Love
Amulet Armbar
Shugo Chara-canrana
Egg Heart of Love
"Tyranny of Tamara"
Tweener Planet Tamara
Residing: Jump City, CA
Black Walk Slam
The Queen's Stomp
Black Bomb
Royal Scepter
BloodRayne Heel Germany Blood Kick
Decapitation Kick
Rayne Down
Dracula Kiss
Blood Drive
"The Homecoming Queen"
Bonnie Rockwaller
Tweener Middleton
Residing: Indianapolis, IN
Mystical Monkey Flip
Tiara Suplex
Crowning Acheievement
Lemon Bon-Bon
"No Pictures Needed"
Heel Beverly Hills, CA Impeding Scandal
Bevery Hills Jam
Simply Beautiful
Dress Code Violation
Burn Book
"Simply Flawless"
Heel Beverly Hills, CA Cold Shoulder
Rear View
Just Blackmail
Glamour Shot
Burn Book
"The Phenomenal"
Jade Chan
Face Hong Kong, China Liu Kang Kick
Karate Chop from Jackie Chan
Jade Clash
"The Pink Butterfly"
Jessica Pink
Face Chicago, IL Triple German Suplex
Pink Driver
Pretty in Pink
Pink Buster
Jessie Musashi Heel Parts Unknown Seviper Leg Drop
Rocket Locket
Glamour Rocket
Crimson Glamorous
Yanmega's Wing Attack
Kari Kamiya Face Osaka, Japan Gatomon Attack
Kari Kick
Osaka Stampede
"The Beverly Hills Bitch"
Mandy Luxe
Heel Beverly Hills, CA Bitch Slap
Beverly Hills DDT
Beverly Hills Bulldog
Beverly Hills Lock
Glamorous DDT
May Haruka Face Petalburg City, Hoenn Beautifly DDT
Torchic Driver
Blaziken Blaze Kick
Beauty Contest
Mileena Heel Outworld Sai Spear
Outworld Suplex
Be Mine
Rip Off
"The Professional"
Face Mt. Paozu
Residing: West City
Meteor Crash
Prepare to be Punished
Go Home Driver
Pan Time
"The Spellbinder"
Face Planet Azarath
Residing: Jump City, CA
Azarath Metrion Zinthos #1
Old School
Raven's Wings
Raven Effect
Azarath Metrion Zinthos #2
Skarlet Heel Outworld Off With Your Head
Red Driver
Blood Bath
Make It Rain
"Tamara's Finest"
Face Planet Tamara
Residing: Jump City, CA
Whisper in the Wind
Starbolt Splash
5 Star Alien Splash
Star Clash
"The Blind Bandit"
Toph Bei Fong
Face Earth Kingdom Rock Chop
Blind Kick
Driving Richter Scale


Superstars Stable
Name Members Alignment Finishers
Animacion Cielo "El Tigre" Manny Rivera
Ginta Toramizu
Face N/A
Bad News Reapers InuYasha
Wade "Bad News Barrett"
Face/Heel N/A
Dark Magma Lord Magma
Marik Ishtar
Heel N/A
E-Unit Ben Tennyson
Face N/A
Endurance Test Dolph Ziggler
Johnny Test
Face N/A
Team Rocket James Kojiro
Jessie Musashi
Heel N/A
The Hardy's Matt & Jeff Hardy Face Extreme Combination (Matt's Twist of Fate & Jeff's Swanton Bomb)
The New Dangerous Alliance Brock Lesnar
Azrael Sanchez
Paul Heyman (Manager)
Heel N/A
The Samurai Society Renji Abarai
Chase Young
Jack Spicer
Heel N/A
The Scorpion King "Tha Scorpion" Trey Suave
Craig Marduk
Face N/A
Zak 'n Jack Zak Saturday
Jack Evans
Face N/A
Knockouts Stable
Name Members Alignment Finishers
Blood Lust BloodRayne
Heel N/A
Crush Hour Jade Chan
Toph Bei Fong
Face N/A
JusaiaMon Pan
Kari Kamiya
Face N/A
Smooth Queens Blackfire
Bonnie Rockwaller
Tweener N/A
Teen Titan Girls Raven
Face N/A
The Beauty & The Beast May Haruka
Aisha Clan-Clan
Face Assisting Samoan Drop
The Pink BFF's Jessica Pink
Amu Hinamori
Face N/A
The Plastics Mandy Luxe
Heel N/A
Mixed Stable
Name Members Alignment Finishers


Picture Title Names Current Champions Times Days Won Event
Former Champions
TNXA World Heavyweight Championship TNXA World Heavyweight Championship Vacant December 25, 2015 N/A Austin Juhasz
TNXA Legends Championship TNXA Legends Championship Ginta Toramizu 1 September 6, 2015 TNXA Joker's Wild
(Las Vegas, NV)
Cody Rhodes
(aka Stardust)
TNXA American Championship TNXA American Championship Roman Reigns 1 March 28, 2015 TNXA Genesis
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Bandit Keith
TNXA X-Division Championship TNXA X-Division Championship "El Tigre" Manny Rivera 1 June 17, 2014 TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 6
(Indianapolis, IN)
TNXA World Tag Team Championship TNXA World Tag Team Championship Zak 'n Jack 1 December 13, 2012 TNXA House Show
(Pensacola, FL)
Jeff Hardy & Raimundo Pedrosa
TNXA Knockouts Championship (2) TNXA Knockouts Championship Blackfire 1 August 2, 2015 TNXA House Show
(Glasgow, Scotland)
Jessica Pink
TNXA Cuties Tag Team Championship TNXA Knockouts Tag Team Championship The Beauty & The Beast 2 April 18, 2015 TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 8
(Indianapolis, IN)
The New Dangerous Alliance
(Candace Flynn & Kari Kamiya)

TNXA Xplosion


TNXA Xplosion

TNXA Xplosion is a webmatch that features one match in one night every episode.


to be edited

GXV (Generation of Xtreme Violence)

GXV Logo

Generation of Xtreme Violence

TNXA got an idea. They can make a development. TNXA will be developing the next generation of TNXA; GXV, Generation of Xtreme Violence. The game are used for WWE '13 or WWE 2K14 for the Xbox 360 console. And the revenue on Mackey Arena in Purdue University in Lafayette, IN.

The stage for GXV is Custom Arena (WWE '13 or WWE 2K14). It's theme song for GXV is "Holiday" by Bensin.

It premiered in the University of Dayton Arena after TNXA Japanarchy in 2013 before it currently moved to Mackey Arena in Purdue University.



Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Inactive Note
General Manager
El Noveno
Face Tijuana, Mexico Gold Cutter
Tres Amigos
Hell Razor
Ace Walker Face Chicago, IL Triple German Suplex That Ace Clash
Ace Crusher
Bandit Keith Face Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Residing: America
10 Commandments
American Chokeslam
Atomic Bomb
US Constitution
Bully Cutter
Boomer Heel The City of Townsville Townsville Hangover
Misty Blue
Boomin' System
Code Blue
Brick Heel The City of Townsville Red Alert
Brick Layer
Code Red
"The Legendary Super Saiyan"
Face Planet Vegeta YOU! YOU'RE NOTHING!
Legendary Clothesline
Garbage Disposal
Total Mutilation
Butch Heel The City of Townsville Townsville Slam
Butcher Baker
Butcher Cutter
Code Green
David "A-List" Otunga Heel Harvard Law School Belly-to-Belly The Verdict
"Omega Clown"
Devin Spade
Tweener Chicago, IL Omega Lock
Chi-Town Shoutout
Omega Overdrive
Inverted Chicago Wind
Code of Omega
Geo Stelar Face Echo Ridge Plasma Gun
Radar Missile
Cygnus Wing
Synchro Hook
Neo Geo
Gokudo Yuccot Kikansky Heel Eshallatto Kikansky Driver
Eat This!
Flaming Magic Sword
Royal Leglock
"The Esper"
Itsuki Koizumi
Face Japan The Prediction
Koizumi Crusher
ESPer Driver
SOS Faceplant
Justin Gabriel
Also currently known as PJ Black
Face Cape Town, South Africa Spin Sit-Out Powerbomb
Swanton Bomb
450 Splash
Flip Sideway Flapjack
Michinoku Driver
Kam Chin Face Columbus, OH
Residing: Atlanta, GA
Ballin' Elbow
Beethoven Lock
Fur Elise
Piano Twist
"Alpha Clown"
Kevin Spade
Tweener Chicago, IL Alpha Lock
Chi-Town Shoutout
Alpha Overdrive
Chicago Wind
Code of Alpha
"The Japanese Rattlesnake"
Face Japan Lou Thez Press
Mugen Strikes
Japanese Cloverleaf
Nolo Pasaro Face Milan, Italy Road Rash
Breaking Point
High Voltage
Richie Hiroshi Face Frodomar City, Kanto Zippo's Fire Spin
Happy's Stun Spore
Sparky's Thunderbolt
Cruise's Take Down
Shirako Takamoto Face Shibuya, Japan Ignition
Finish Line
Garage Jam
"The Young Gun"
Face Georgiana, AL Fireman's Carry Cutter
Yallin' Elbow
Acid Drop
"The Saiyan Prince"
Face Planet Vegeta N/A Galick Burst
Saiyan Kick
Final Flash
"The One Man Nation"
Vaughn Kreed
Heel Los Angeles, CA High Impact Uppercut
Nation Lock
The Aneurysm
Spine Shatter
Nation Driver
Vicious Heel Parts Unknown Old School
Vicious Footprint
Eternal Rest
The Last Rites
"The Jamaican Kid"
Wayne Marley
Face Kingston, Jamaica Jamaican Neckbreaker
Jamaican Buzzsaw Kick
Jamaican Arrow
Jamaican Wheelbarrow


Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers Inactive Note
"The Killer Bee"
Cammy White
Tweener United Kingdom Killer Bee Kick
Cammy Kick
Gyro Drive Smasher
Spike Cannon
Candace Flynn Heel Danville, CA Diving Headbutt
Spike DDT
Crippler Crossface
Catwoman Face Gotham City The Cat Trap
Cat Scratch Fever
Bad Kitty Kick
Cat Nap
Cat Breaker
Deidre Dennis Heel Gotham City Slingshot Dee Breaker #1
Diving Cross Body
Dee Cutter #1
Figure 4 Leglock
Laughing Pain
Delia Dennis Heel Gotham City Slingshot Dee Breaker #2
Diving Cross Body
Dee Cutter #2
Figure 4 Leglock
Laughing Pain
"The Bludgeoning Angel"
Dokuro Mitsukai
Face Japan Angel Leg Sweep
Halo Lock
Club to Death
Kiss of Death
"The World's Strongest Woman"
Heel Megadozer Chokeslam
KO Punch
Meat Hook Clothesline
Original Sin
"The Dragon Trainer"
Face The Dragon's Villiage in the Unova Region
Residing: Portland, OR
Farmboy Choke
Draco Meteor
Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance
"The Queen of Roses"
Heel Brooklyn, NY E-Cutter #2
Punt Kick
Glorious Envy
Harley Quinn Face Gotham City Why So Serious?
Crazy Dance Leg Drop
Laughing Pain
Laugh Attack
Laughing Medicine
"The Ultra Director"
Haruhi Suzumiya
Face Japan Suzumi-Kick
Haruhi Clutch
Falcon Dropkick
SOS Faceplant
Iima Valentine Tweener Domino City, Japan Chokeslam from the Asylum
Scorpion Death Drop
Scorpion Death Lock
Kudome Valentine
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Face Danville, CA Issy DDT
Submission Patch
Sweet Kiss from Issy
Fireside Jamboree
What'cha Doin'?
Kim Chin Face Columbus, OH
Residing: Atlanta, GA
Kimmy Clash
The Turntable
Final Mix
"Supafly" Kimmy Snuka
"The Fierce Ninja"
Koyuki Azumaya
Face Osaka, Japan Koyuki Bomb
Ninja Kneelock
Ninja Armbar
Ninja Cutter
Ninja Crusher
"The Sexy Succubus"
Kurumu Kurono
Face Japan Sex Sault
Bronco Buster
Lustful Ride
Kidnapped by Graverobber
"The Gothic Lust"
Lauren Griffin
Heel Sin City Tribadism Leg Lock
Sexual Punch
Lust Cutter
Gothic Kiss of Death
Climax Cutter
Marie Kanker Face Peach Creek, TX Rebellious DDT
Kanker Driver
Kanker KO
Kanker Kross Armbreaker
Kanker Kutter
"The Snake"
Medusa Gorgon
Heel Death City Venom Driver
Snake Bite
Vector Blade
Five Star Snake Splash
"The Sweetest Sting"
Face Madrid, Spain
Residing: Queens, NY
Cross Armbreaker
Left-Handed Knockout Hook
Sleeper Choke
Victoria Kick
"The Snow Fairy"
Mizore Shirayuki
Face Japan Ice Claw
Brain Freeze
Mizore Plex
Frost Bite
Below Temperature
Naga the Serpent Heel Holy Kingdom of Sailum Lightning Whip
Serpent Bomb
Freeze Arrow
Serpent Lock
Last Laugh
Poison Ivy Face Gotham City Poison Driver
Poison Kiss of Death
Poison Lock
Poison Cutter
Samus Aran-Juhasz Face Planet Zebes
Residing: Richmond, VA
Light Whip
Ridley Rack
Screw Attack
Zero Lazer
Tootie Face Dimmsdale, CA Fame Asser
Diving Elbow Drop
Very European Uppercut
Busaiku Knee
Vicky the Babysitter Heel Dimmsdale, CA Spear
Curfew Lock
Wendy T.B.
(Real Name: Wendy Testaburger)
Face South Park, CO Wendy By Nature
The Hart Lock
Frog Splash
"The Alien"
Yuki Nagato
Face Japan RIS (Remote Island Syndrome)
Data Overmind
The Final Chapter
Alien Crusher
Bookworm Buster


Superstars Stable
Name Members Alignment Finishers
Ace of Destruction Broly
Ace Walker
Face N/A
Alpha Omega Twinz "Alpha Clown" Kevin Spade
"Omega Clown" Devin Spade
Tweener Alpha Omega Combination
Civil Rights Bandit Keith
Kam Chin
Face N/A
Mystic Rook Itsuki Koizumi
Richie Hiroshi
Face N/A
Snake 'n Wolf Mugen
Justin Gabriel
Face N/A
StarBlast Tarble
Geo Stelar
Face N/A
Teku Force Nolo Pasaro
Shirako Takamoto
Face N/A
The A-Team Gokudo Yuccot Kikansky
David Otunga
Heel N/A
The New Millennium Smokey
Wayne Marley
Ace Walker
Face N/A
The Rowdyruff Boys Brick
Heel N/A
UWA Legends Vaughn Kreed
Heel N/A
Vixens Stable
Name Members Alignment Finishers
Atlantic Hornets Mila
Cammy White
Face N/A
Dee Dee
AKA The Dee Dee Twins
Deidre & Delia Dennis Heel Dee Dee Death Drop
Desecration Samus Aran-Juhasz
Iima Valentine
Face N/A
Gotham City Sirens Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Face N/A
aka Hardcore World Order
Lauren Griffin
Vicky the Babysitter
Heel N/A
Kunoichi Vice Koyuki Azumaya
Face N/A
MarieBella Marie Kanker
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Face N/A
Musical Tundra Kim Chin
Mizore Shirayuki
Face N/A
Serpentine Venom Naga the Serpent
Medusa Gorgon
Heel N/A
SOS Brigade Haruhi Suzumiya
Yuki Nagato
Dokuro Mitsukai
Face N/A
The Hart Attack Kurumu Kurono
Wendy T.B.
Face N/A
The New Dangerous Alliance Candace Flynn
Paul Heyman (Manager)
Heel N/A

Mixed Stable

Name Members Alignment Finishers
Kim & Kam Chin Kam Chin
Kim Chin
Face N/A


Picture Title Names Current Champions Times Days Won Event
Former Champions
GXV World Heavyweight Championship (1) GXV World Heavyweight Championship Broly 1 October 21, 2014 GXV Ep. 4: Takeover Special
(Frat Row, Stilwater)
Wayne Marley
GXV International Championship GXV International Championship David Otunga 1 October 21, 2014 GXV Ep. 4: Takeover Special
(Frat Row, Stilwater)
Ken Shamrock
GXV Underground Championship GXV Underground Championship Kam Chin 1 June 26, 2015 GXV Ep. 5
(Lafayette, IN)
GXV Tag Team Championship (1) GXV Tag Team Championship Alpha Omega Twinz 1 April 13, 2013 GXV Ep. 1
(Dayton, OH)
GXV Vixens Championship GXV Vixens Championship Kim Chin 1 December 23, 2015 GXV Ep. 6
(Lafayette, IN)
GXV Women's Tag Team Championship (1) GXV Women's Tag Team Championship MarieBella 1 April 13, 2013 GXV Ep. 1
(Dayton, OH)

TNXA Thunder (defunct brand)

TNXA Thunder Logo (2)

TNXA Thunder

On later time, after the Draft, Torrin also posted TNXA Thunder! The revenue, Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN. All games used for SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 and WWE 2K14 for the Xbox 360 console.

The stage for TNXA Thunder is WWE Unforgiven (SvR 2010) or Custom Arena (WWE 2K14) that look similar like WCW Thunder. It's theme song is "Feed" by Sevendust.

And on March 31, 2015 according to TNXA on Facebook, TNXA Thunder is hereby cancelled because TNXA is the TNA of CAW Wrestling League.


Superstars and Knockouts

They're all in TNXA iMPACT! after Thunder is cancelled.

Defunct Champions

TNXA Championship - Azrael Sanchez

TNXA Intercontinental Championship - Matt Hardy

TNXA Universal Championship - Andre Black

TNXA Tag Team Championship - Team Rocket (James Kojiro & Meowth)

TNXA Hardcore Championship - "El Tigre" Manny Rivera

TNXA & GXV Alumni

click here

TNXA CPVs & Specials (w/ GXV Takeover Special)

TNXA Click-Per-View

TNXA Japanarchy

TNXA Extreme Uncensored

TNXA Genesis

TNXA Joker's Wild

TNXA Victory Road

TNXA Bound for Glory

TNXA Specials

TNXA Draft 2010

TNXA CAWnspiracy

GXV Takeover Specials

GXV Takeover

GXV Takeover II



UCCW logo
TNXA New logo

TNXA: Total Nonstop Xtreme Animation *Like No Other*

In UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! "Unforgettable", during UCCW Championship match between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Nemesis member, Kunzite, Super Robot #1 from out of nowhere is helping Kunzite attacks Stone Cold then Zoicite using her Crystal to distract the Referee. And suddenly from under the ring, TNXA's roster, Timmy Turner, surprised appearance (or debut in the future time) attacks Super Robot #1 for putting virus on both TNXA and Torrin's Windows Vista. But Timmy was cornered by Super Robots #1 and #2, Timmy wished "The Viper" Randy Orton was here to save him. The Wishmaster (Timmy Turner) and The Viper (Randy Orton) hit The Super Robots a Double RKO. That's why TNXA saved UCCW, but it turned out ugly by Nemesis after Stone Cold retains UCCW Champion.

Then on UCCW & TNXA Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Thunder, Team TNXA's Timmy Turner and Randy Orton were lost to The Nemesis' Super Robots #1 and #2. After the match, Team NCA's Graverobber and William Wallace got involved to attack The Super Robots, until Bowser and Predator got involved to attack Timmy and Orton. Until "Stone Cold" Steve Austin came to the end of The Nemesis. Afterwards, Stone Cold, Randy Orton, Timmy Turner, Graverobber, and William Wallace are celebrating so they'll ready to war at UCCW Elimination Series.


to be edited

TNXA Links

TNXA on Dailymotion
TNXA on Facebook

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