Trey Owens
Names Trey Owens
Bone Thugs Guy
Height 6'1
Weight 245 lbs
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Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Houston, Texas
Billed from Houston, Texas
Trained by Booker T
Debut 2011
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Trey Owens is an American professional wrestler, known by his real name and as Bone Thugs Guy. He is well known in New-TNA, where he is the inaugural and reigning TNA X-Division Champion. He also participated in the second CAW Young Lions Cup tournament.


In the e-fed version of New-TNA, Trey Owens was shortly known as Bone Thugs Guy. He was entered into a tournament for the X-Division Championship and would eventually go on to the finals to defeat Matt Eichorn in an Ultimate X match to become the first X-Division Champion under the New-TNA banner.

When New-TNA changed into a CAW format, Owens began competing under his real name.

Finishers and Signatures:

  • The T.O. Show / The Highlight Reel (Lifting sit-out double underhook facebuster)
  • Axe Kick / Scissors Kick ; adopted from trainer Booker T
  • Harlem Sidekick (Jumping calf kick) ; adopted from trainer Booker T
  • Harlem Hangover (Somersault leg drop) ; adopted from trainer Booker T
  • Clothesline, with theatrics
  • Diving leg lariat
  • Running knee facebuster
  • Suplex lifting neckbreaker
  • Spinebuster

Championships and Accomplishments


Theme Song:

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