"Tha Scorpion"
Trey Suave
Tha Scorpion with the Kendo Stick
Birth name Trey Suave
Resides Memphis, Tennessee, USA MiniUnitedStatesFlag
Professional wrestling career
Debut 12/22/2010
Retired N/A

Trey Suave is created by Torrin Fluker in 2010


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CAW Wrestling Careers

TNXA Career (2010 - present)

In the first episode of TNXA iMPACT!, Trey Suave made his shocking debut as he jumped the first TNXA Hardcore Champion, Cody Rhodes, backstage while interviewing with John the Intern. And Trey fought Cody and won the Hardcore Championship via knockout.

On TNXA CAW[n]spiracy, Trey Suave fights Vaughn Kreed for TNXA Hardcore Championship backstage, and he retains his title.

On TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 2, Vaughn Kreed issues a rematch against Trey Suave for TNXA Hardcore Championship, and Trey agrees. And Trey retains his Hardcore Title.

On TNXA Japanarchy pre-show, Trey Suave lost his TNXA Hardcore Title to Jadeite backstage.

ON TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 5, the new Hardcore Champion, Jadeite, got jumped by Trey Suave at the parking lot and smash Jadeite's head to the window of the car. Plus, Trey won back his Hardcore Title via knockout.

On TNXA Extreme Uncensored, Trey Suave challenging Jadeite in a Hardcore Match for Hardcore Title, and retains his title.

On GXV Ep. 3, Trey Suave making his appearance while interviewing with Lita, until Meowth jumps Trey from behind and Meowth giving Trey a concussion as he DDT'd him to the concrete floor and Trey lost his Hardcore Title via knockout.

On TNXA Webmatch Ep. 4, Trey Suave won back his TNXA Hardcore Championship after he pinned Meowth outside of the ring during the Hardcore Thanksgiving Scramble Match, and Trey defeated Meowth, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, and Ezekiel.

On TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 6, Trey Suave and Azrael Sanchez are duking it out backstage for Hardcore Championship, and Trey lost his title via knockout as Sanchez tossed Trey through the glass window.

On TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 7, Trey Suave fought Chase Young and KO'd Chase through the glass window and win back his TNXA Hardcore Title.

On TNXA Genesis, Trey Suave retains his TNXA Hardcore Championship against Chase Young, Vaughn Kreed, and Ken Shamrock in a Fatal 4-Way Hardcore Elimination Match. But after the match, Wade "Bad News" Barrett ambushes Trey and hits him with Bullhammer twice, and Trey lost his Hardcore Title to Barrett via pinfall.

On TNXA iMPACT! Ep. 9, Trey Suave fought Jack Spicer backstage and win back his TNXA Hardcore Championship.

On TNXA Joker's Wild, Trey Suave entered #9 during 30-Men Joker's Wild Gauntlet Battle Royal, and eliminated Azrael Sanchez, but Trey was eliminated by Ben Tennyson.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves:
    • Scorpion Death Lock (Sharpshooter)
    • Scorpion Death Drop (Inverted DDT)
  • Signature Moves
    • Poison Stinger (Adjustment Piledriver)
    • Venom Cutter (The Face Lift)

Entrance Theme Songs

Championships and Accomplishments

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