xXx was a TNE CAW who's gimmick was based on hardcore.

Triple X
Names Triple X
Height Who cares
Weight Who cares
Born Who cares
Birthplace Who cares
Died November 27,2012
Who cares
Resides Who cares
Billed from Who cares
Trained by Who cares
Debut Who cares
Retired November 27,2012

Total Non-Stop Enteratinment

xXx was signed to TNE with promos with the xXx bible. X made his debut in episode 4 in a #1 Contenders 6 man turmoil match where he lost to Chris Jorgsten. The following week xXx earned a spot in the TNE World Heavyweight Championship match at TNE Violence after he defated Chris Jorgsten. X defeated Monzer Mazaydeh and Chris Jorgsten in a TLC match to become the new TNE World Heavyweight Champion. After the match X was attacked by Dude. The next night xXx was attacked by Monzer Mazaydeh in their match for the TNE World Heavyweight Championship, Monzer won easily. In episode 7 X teamed up with Devon Aarons defeating the Coolest Kids in School. At TNE Bash xXx turned heel after losing to Gaz Tower in a #1 Contenders match by giving him a low blow. The next night on RAW X lost to Gaz Tower again but this time in a hell in a cell match, after the match he cut a heel promo and was chokeslammed by the Lord of Darkness in his debut setting the ring in a blazing inferno. In the episode 9 Gauntlet X defeated the Lord of Darkness by count out and defeated Ross Samuel Jones by a chairshot but lost to Poison Bee. At TNE Summerslam X lost to Lord of Darkness in a ring of Fire match where X got thrown into the fire. In episode 10 xXx competed in a battle royal but lost. In episode 11 X defeated RSJ by DQ with interference by Tyson. At TNE Lockdown X was the first man eliminated. In episode 13 RAW X defeated Gaz Tower to qualfly for TNE King of the Ring. In episode 15 X defeated Lewis Parks. In episode 18 X lost a tables match to Tyson due to interfernce by Ross Samuel Jones.

Season 2

At TNE Wrestlemania a 4 way ladder match will take place for the Vacant TNE Intercontinental Championship between xXx, Tyson, Chris Jorgsten & Lewis Parks.


On November 27, 2012, xXx would look up "Hardcore Pornography" on Google and it would lead to him masterbating to a point were he lost every form of fluid in his body and died.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves
  • In XXX (low blow hold piledriver)

Signature Moves

  • One-Handed Spinebuster

Championships and Accomplishments

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

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