Tyin' Your Tubes is a Youtube-exclusive show of PW360 as is referred to as the Taped Smackdown to the live tapings of the stream. It is not considered to be an inferior show.

This page will show results from each episode

Episode 1 Results

Beard! Money!

Mike Knox defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.

  • Knox pinned Dibiase after the Knox Out
  • Knox attacked Dibiase during his entrance


Rob Van Dam def. Sabu and Jeff Hardy in a NoDQ match

  • RVD pinned Sabu after Jeff Hardy hit a bulldog on Sabu on steel steps
  • Jeff Hardy failed to break up the pin as he was holding onto steel steps in the match
  • This was the Main event

Hey Look! Continuity

William Regal def. Luke Gallows

  • Regal pinned Gallows after a Hard Chop
  • Regal once again resorted to Brass Knuckles

"The Nickname"

Triple H def. Abyss and Ricky Steamboat in a Triple Threat Match Via Super-Burial

  • This Match had a 15 min. Time limit
  • HHH pinned Dragon after a Pedigree 46 seconds in
  • HHH pinned Monster after a Pedigree 1 minute and 3 seconds in.

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