Super Smash Bros. Super Show! Thunder
UCCW & TNXA Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Thunder
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Promotion UCCW and TNXA
Date November 9, 2011
Venue Conseco Fieldhouse
City Indianapolis, IN
Theme Song "Change Me" by Phather, Sun and the Holy Ghost
Last Event UCCW: UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! "Unforgettable"
TNXA: TNXA Draft 2010
Next Event UCCW: UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Super Smashdown!
TNXA: TNXA CAWnspiracy


Extreme Rules Tag Team Match:
Team TNXA (Timmy Turner & Randy Orton) vs. Nemesis (Super Robot #1 & Super Robot #2)

Shadow Queen vs. Dokuro Mitsukai

Kunzite w/Zoicite vs. Haru Glory

Evan Bourne vs. Rob Van Dam

Jeff Hardy vs. Raiden

Hardcore Match for the UCCW Hardcore Championship:
Hedge (c) vs. The Miz


# Result Stipulation
1 Bowser def. Hedge (c) and The Miz Hardcore Triple Threat Match for the UCCW Hardcore Championship
2 Jeff Hardy def. Raiden Singles Match
3 Rob Van Dam def. Evan Bourne Singles Match
4 Haru Glory def. Kunzite w/Zoicite Singles Match
5 Dokuro Mitsukai def. UCCW Women's Champion Shadow Queen Non-Title Match
6 Nemesis (Super Robot #1 & #2) def. TNXA (Timmy Turner & Randy Orton) Extreme Rules Tag Team Match
  • 5 - Sailor Moon was late to the match. During the match, Sailor Moon arrives to distract Shadow Queen.
  • 6 - After the match, NCA's Graverobber and William Wallace attack The Super Robots. Bowser and Predator attacked Randy Orton and Timmy Turner. Stone Cold Steve Austin attacked Nemesis. Afterwards, BPA addresses before the end of the show.

Miscellaneous Facts