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Promotion UCCW
Date January 23, 2011
Venue United Center
City Chicago, IL
Theme Song "Another Way To Die" by Disturbed
Last Event UCCW Night of Champions
Next Event UCCW Elimination Series

The UCCW (Ultimate Caw Championship Wrestling) "Dooms-Day!" is an annual professional wrestling Click-Per-View (CPV).

UCCW Dooms-Day 2010


# Results Stipulations
Preshow "King Koopa" Bowser def. King, Mega Man, Ganondorf, and "Killer" Jason Championship Scramble Match for the UCCW Hardcore Championship
1 Wolf def. Fox McCloud (c) Single Match for the UCCW Intercontinental Championship
2 Curtis Sanchez def. Dynamite (c) Single Match for the UCCW United States Championship
3 Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles def. Wario & Waluigi Steel Cage Tornado Tag Team Match for the #1 Contendership for the World Tag Team Championship
4 Shadow Queen def. Daisy (c) Single Match for the UCCW Women's Championship
5 Destructor def. Cobra (c) Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the XCW Championship
6 Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) def. T-3000 by via countout Single Match for the UCCW Heavyweight Championship
7 Dominator (C) def. Captain Falcon Last Chance Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Pre - Bowser is responsible for the threat to attack UCCW along with SMF outsiders, Osama Bin Laden & KKKramer
  • 3 - Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles get the tag team title shot on Monday Night Warzone
  • 4 - The Mysterious woman who attack Daisy and the WarZone General Manager: Queen was actually Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door.
  • 5 - Destructor won the XCW Championship by Hitman's Interference.
  • 6 - Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner T-3000 on the announce table, and made it to the ring before the countout.
  • 7 - Dominator defeated Captain Falcon for his last chance, so that means Captain Falcon is suspended from UCCW.