Elimination Series
UCCW Elimination Series
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Promotion UCCW
Date December 26, 2011
Venue Verizon Center
City Washington D.C.
Theme Song "Let Me Hear You Scream" by Ozzy Osbourne
Last Event UCCW Dooms-Day!
Next Event UCCW Road to Glory

Match Card

3-on-3 Traditional Elimination Series Match:
Nemesis (Super Robot #1, Super Robot #2, ???????) vs. CAW Alliance (SMF: The Rock, UCCW: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, ???????) - If the Nemesis loses the match, the Nemesis will be disband for GOOD!

World Heavyweight Championship:
Dominator (c) vs. Predator w/Rini

No Disqualification Match for the UCCW Womens Championship:
Shadow Queen (c) vs. Sailor Moon (6-0)

3 on 3 Traditional Elimination Series Match:
Hardcore Boyz (Cobra & The Beast) vs. D.W.O (Hitman, "Killer" Jason, & Destructor)

Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Justin Jericho vs. Jax vs. Wild Lobo

UCCW Intercontinental Championship:
Wolf (c) vs. Fox McCloud


# Results Stipulations
Pre-Show Randy Orton def. Browser (c), Kunzite and Broly Fatal Four-Way Interpromotional Match for the UCCW Hardcore Championship
1 Fox McCloud def. Wolf (c) Singles Match for the UCCW Intercontinental Championship
2 Hardcore Boyz (Cobra, The Beast, & Travis Jackson) def. Doom World Order (Hitman, "Killer" Jason, & Destructor) 3 on 3 Elimination Series Match
3 Predator w/Rini def. Dominator (c) Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
4 Justin Jericho def. Jax and Wild Lobo Triple Threat Match (Winner face the World Heavyweight Champion @ Road To Glory)
5 Sailor Moon def. Shadow Queen (c) NoDQ Match for the UCCW Women's Championship
6 Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock & Angry Video Game Nerd def. Nemesis (Robots #1 & #2) & John Cena 3 on 3 Elimination Series Match (Stone Cold,The Rock & AVGN wins, the Nemesis are gone for good.)
  • Preshow - Kunzite throw Bowser out of the Nemesis and Broly came a member of the Nemesis.
  • 2 - Travis Jackson is the mystery partner and new member of the Hardcore Boyz.
  • 3 - Rini attack Dominator during the match. Sailor Moon came down the ring and she try to stop Rini but Rini knocked her out with a Go To Sleep.
  • 5 - Zoycite try to interfered in that match but she failed.
  • 6 - AVGN and John Cena were the mystery tag team partners for both teams.