Night of Champions
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Promotion UCCW
Date February 21, 2010
Venue Amway Arena
City Orlando, FL
Theme Song
Last Event
Next Event UCCW Dooms-Day!

The UCCW (Ultimate Caw Championship Wrestling) Night of Champions is an annual professional wrestling Click-Per-View (CPV).


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Travis Jackson def. "Killer" Jason Singles Match
1 Daisy defeated Peach Single Match for the UCCW Women's Championship
2 Super Mario Bros. X (C) def. The Cobra & The Beast Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
3 Bowser & Ganondorf def. Super Wario Bros. Tag Team Match for a future UCCW Tag Team Championship Match
4 Fox McCloud def. King Dedede, Mario, Darth Vader, Jordan, and Justin Jericho 6-Men Battle Royal for the UCCW Intercontinental Championship
5 Dynamite def. Sonic the Hedgehog, Curtis Sanchez, The King, Goku, and Gohan 6-Men Battle Royal for the UCCW United States Championship
6 The Cobra def. Destructor XCW Xtreme Rules Match for the XCW Championship
7 Dominator def. Captain Falcon Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
8 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Hedge Singles Match for the UCCW Heavyweight Championship
  • 3 - Bowser & Ganondorf will face the "Z" Warriors for the UCCW Tag Team Championship on the next exciting episode on Friday Night Showdown!
  • 4 - Fox McCloud becomes a new Intercontinental Champion
  • 5 - Dynamite becomes a new United States Champion
  • 7 - Mr. President announced that Hulk Hogan can't wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship after he got attacked by Dominator, so he replaced him with the new wrestler.

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