Night of Champions 2
UCCW Night of Champions 2
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Promotion UCCW
Date October 9, 2016
Venue Wells Fargo Center
City Philadelphia, PA
Theme Song "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed
Last Event UCCW SummerSmash
Next Event UCCW Dooms-Day! 2


VGWGP World Heavyweight Championship
Graverobber (c) vs. King

UCCW World Championship
Hedge (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

VGWGP Women's World Championship
Sailor Moon (c) vs. Princess Daisy

UCCW Intercontinental Championship
"Y3J" Justin Jericho (c) vs. Predator w/Black Lady

Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage match for the vacant UCCW United States Championship
"The Wishmaster" Timmy Turner vs. Johnny Cage vs. Prince Seiya vs. Kirito Kirigaya

VGWGP World Tag Team Championship
Wario Ware Inc (Wario & Waluigi) (c) vs. Nintendo World Order (Mario & Luigi)

VGWGP World Women's Tag Team Championship
Sailor Foundation (Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) (c) vs.The Puma Warriors (AnnaPuma & UniPuma)

VGWGP Hardcore Championship
Cobra (c) vs. K'Dash


# Results Stipulation
Preshow Siege defeated Travis Jackson Singles match
1 Timmy Turner defeated Johnny Cage, Prince Seiya, and Kirito Kirigaya Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage match for the VGWGP United States Championship
2 K'Dash defeated Cobra (c) Hardcore match for the VGWGP Hardcore Championship
3 Kisshu defeated K'Dash Hardcore match for the VGWGP Hardcore Championship
4 Sailor Foundation (Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) (c) defeated The Puma Warriors (AnnaPuma & UniPuma) Tag Team match for the VGWGP World Women's Tag Team Championship
5 Predator defeated Justin Jericho (c) Singles match for the UCCW Intercontinental Championship
6 Hedge (c) defeated Rob Van Dam Singles match for the UCCW World Championship
7 Nintendo World Order (Mario & Luigi) (with Las Vegas Link) defeated Wario Ware Inc (Wario & Waluigi) (c) (with JBL) Tag Team match for the VGWGP Tag Team Championship
8 Sailor Moon (c) defeated Princess Daisy Singles match for the VGWGP World Women's Championship
9 King defeated Graverobber (c) Singles match for the VGWGP World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1. Before the match, Ami Mizuno announced that there will be a new title design for the UCCW United States Championship that will revealed before the match starts and that title is now known as the VGWGP United States Championship.
  • 3. Kisshu made his shocking UCCW debut.
  • 4. During the match, Sailor Pluto distracted the referee as Black Lady assaulted UniPuma at ringside. UniPuma then retaliated as UniPuma spears Black Lady through the security barricade.
  • 5. Fulgore distracted the referee as Predator assaulted Jericho from behind.
  • 8. After the match, the replay showed Daisy's right foot under the bottom rope but the referee didn't see it. Princess Daisy attacked Sailor Moon out of frustration of not ending her undefeated streak.
  • 9. During the match, The Largos assaulted King as Graverobber distracted and attacked the referee. After scaring the Largos off, Sailor Pluto ordered another referee to the ring to do a fast count for Graverobber but was unsuccessful. Graverobber tossed the second referee across the ring. Amber Sweet tried to interfere in the match, but she was stopped by Kurumu Kurono. Sailor Pluto then came out but was stopped by Ami Mizuno. At the end of the match, Graverobber teleported to the outside of the ring and walks right into a Wish Cutter by Timmy Turner.


  • VGWGP President Mike Haggar announced that the UCCW separate brands will continue. He also announced that Black Lady is banned from ringside during the UCCW Intercontinental Championship match. Finally, Hedge will defend the UCCW World Championship against Rob Van Dam and if Hedge used any cheating or interference, there will be consequences for Hedge from the UCCW Committee.
  • Jackal Tojo announced that she's throwing out a invitational to any women in the UCCW Women's roster to face her at the second-ever DCA Queens of Wrestling, which was accepted by Himari Noihara.