Road to Glory
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Promotion UCCW
Date November 25, 2013
Venue Scotiabank Saddledome
City Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Theme Song "Whisper in the Dark" by Skillet
Last Event UCCW Elimination Series
Next Event UCCW Arcademania

Match Card

30-Men Over the Top Battle Royal Road to Glory Match (Winner will get the World Title shot at Arcademania)

World Heavyweight Championship:
Justin Jericho vs.Predator (c) w/Rini

UCCW World Championship:
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin (c) vs. JBL

TLC Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship:
Sonic & Knuckles (c) vs. Super Mario Bros. X

Triple Threat Match for the UCCW United States Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Raiden vs. Curtis Sanchez

UCCW Women's Championship:
Sailor Moon (c) vs. Princess Peach w/Poison

Extreme Rules Tag Team Match:
Hardcore Boyz (The Cobra & The Beast) vs. Shadow Galatica (Ogre & Mech Zangief)


# Results Stipulations
Pre-Show Jax defeated Kunzite /w Zoicite Qualifying Road to Glory match
1 Hardcore Boyz (Cobra & The Beast) defeated Shadow Galactica (Ogre & Mech Zangief) Extreme Rules tag team match
2 Sailor Moon (c) defeated Princess Peach /w Poison Single match for the UCCW Women's Championship
3 Curtis Sanchez defeated Raiden and RVD (c) Triple Threat match for the UCCW United States Championship
4 Super Mario Bros. X defeated Sonic & Knuckles (c) Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship
5 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (c) defeated John Bradshaw Layfield No Disqualification match for the UCCW World Championship
6 Predator (c) /w Rini defeated Justin Jericho by disqualification Single match for the World Heavyweight Championship
7 King won by last eliminating Dynamite Road to Glory match
  • 2 - Poison attacked Sailor Moon from behind after Peach lost.  Haruka and Michiru and into the ring to help Sailor Moon, After that, Peach and Poison got attack by the SMF Women's Champion: Julie the Rampage.
  • 4 - After the match, Super Mario Bros. X has been challenged by the "Z" Warriors at Arcademania for the first time ever UCCW Unified Tag Team Championship.
  • 5 - John Bradshaw Layfield was distracted by her new opponent at Arcademania.
  • 6 - Justin Jericho gets disqualified for a incident springboard attack on Rini.  After the match, BPA attacked Predator and challenges his world title.
Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 S.S. Broly 3 Patrick Sander & Cobra
2 Cobra 9 Captain Falcon, Gohan, and Boba Fett
3 Wario 1 Cobra & S.S. Broly
4 Ogre 2 Cobra
5 Wild Lobo 4 John Morrison & Cobra
6 John Morrison 6 Cobra & Patrick Sander
7 Patrick Sander 11 Boba Fett
8 Fox McCloud 5 Patrick Sander
9 Bowser 7 Cobra
10 King Dedede 8 Cobra
11 Captain Falcon 14 Rob Van Dam
12 Boba Fett 17 Raiden
13 Gohan 12 Captain Falcon
14 Goku 10 Captain Falcon, S.S. Broly, Gohan
15 Raiden 18 Dominator, MVP, The Miz
16 Rob Van Dam 15 Dominator
17 Waluigi 13 Raiden
18 Dominator 22 Mech Zangief
19 Randy Orton 16 Dominator
20 The Miz 19 Dominator, MVP
21 MVP 20 Jax
22 The Rock 24 The King
23 Jax 23 Hitman, Mech Zangief
24 Mech Zangief 25 The King, Hitman, Daniel Tosh
25 The Hitman 27 The King, Nicor Berith
26 Wolf 21 The Rock
27 King N/A WINNER
28 Daniel Tosh 26 The King, Hitman
29 Nicor Berith 28 Dynamite
30 Dynamite 29 The King
  • 27 - King will be the first wrestler ever to win the Road to Glory match in his very own hometown of Calgary.