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Promotion UCCW
Date November 21, 2014
Venue American Airlines Arena
City Miami, FL
Theme Song "Fire It Up" by Thousand Foot Krutch
Last Event UCCW Killer Instinct
Next Event UCCW Night of Champions 2


Extreme Rules mMatch for the UCCW World Championship
Hedge (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

VGWGP World Heavyweight Championship
Ogre (c) vs. Graverobber

VGWGP World Tag Team Championship
Wario Ware Inc. (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock

Bowser vs. Captain Falcon

UCCW United States Championship
Curtis Sanchez (c) vs. Prince Seiya

UCCW Intercontinental Championship
Justin Jericho (c) vs. Ghost Rider

VGWGP Women's World Tag Team Championship Finals
Sailor Outer Senshi vs. The Puma Warriors

Jackal Tojo vs. TBA


# Results Stipulation
Preshow The Bullet Club (Austin Juhasz & Broly) defeated The Largos (Luigi Largo & Pavi Largo) Tag Team match
1 Rito Yuuki defeated Preston Pearce (c), Dustin Jones and Evil Broseph Tables, ladders & chairs match for the VGWGP Hardcore Championship
2 Prince Seiya defeated Curtis Sanchez (c) Singles match for the UCCW United States Championship
3 Sailor Outer Senshi (Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) defeated The Puma Warriors (AnnaPuma & UniPuma) Tag Team match for the Inaugural VGWGP Women's World Tag Team Championship
4 Justin Jericho (c) defeated Ghost Rider Singles match for the UCCW Intercontinental Championship
5 Bowser defeated Captain Falcon by count-out Singles match
6 King defeated Destructor Singles match
7 Asuka Kazama def. Jakal Tojo Singles Match
8 Hedge (c) defeated Rob Van Dam Extreme Rules match for the UCCW World Championship
9 Wario Ware Inc. (Wario & Waluigi) (c) defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock Tag Team match for the VGWGP World Tag Team Championship
10 Graverobber defeated Ogre (c) Singles match for the VGWGP World Championship
  • 2 - Justin Roberts was the special guest ring announcer.
  • 4 - After the match, Justin Jericho got attacked by Dante from behind. Then Dante and Ghost Rider gave Justin a con-chair-to.
  • 5 - After the match, Captain Falcon was stretchered out of the arena to a nearby hospital.
  • 6 - King and Destructor made their official returns to UCCW for this match. During the match, Trista threw a chair into the ring and distracted the ref as Destructor tried to hit King with the chair, but King took the chair, smacked it on the mat so the ref can hear it, threw it to Destructor and dropped on the mat as the ref turned around and caught Destructor with the chair.
  • 7 - Jackel Tojo's mystery opponent was revealed as Asuka Kazama, who making her UCCW debut.
  • 8 - Bane returned and chokeslamed Rob Van Dam through a table, costing him the match.
  • 9 - During the match, JBL came down to the ring and distracted Stone Cold. Later in the match, Super Mario Bros. X made their return and brawled with JBL and Waluigi at ringside and on the entrance way.
  • 10 - Iron Mouse and Mecha Zangief attempted to intervene on Ogre's behalf, but were quickly ejected.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Two unannounced broadcasts were aired before the event started.
  • Chibiusa came out and apologised to VGWGP President Mike Haggar for her actions against Sailor Moon, Dominator, Captain Falcon, and Justin Jericho. Chibiusa begged Mike Haggar for a second chance, but Haggar declined. Chibiusa transformed into Black Lady while Haggar ordered her to leave the arena , but was attacked by a returning Predator before being stopped by Sailor Moon.

Black Lady returned to the ring and attacked Sailor Moon until Voltage General Manager Trista Meioh took the chair from her, only to attack Sailor Moon herself. Trista told Sailor Moon that she created the war to fight for world domination. Sailor Moon kicked Trista in the stomach before the Outer Sailor Senshi grabbed her arms and forcefully pushed her to one of the corners and held her as Trista slapped her repeatedly.

  • Kirito Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki were sitting in the front row during the show. While Kirito was not seen, Asuna was shown slapping Trista in the face following King's win over Destructor.