Super Smash Bros. Super Show! "Unforgettable"
UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Unforgettable
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Promotion UCCW
Date August 11, 2011
Venue Consol Energy Center
City Pittsburgh, PA
Theme Song "Get Up" by Korn feat. Skillex
Last Event First Super Smash Bros. Super Show
Next Event UCCW & TNXA Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Thunder


UCCW Heavyweight Championship:
Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. Kunzite

Non-Title Tag Team Match:
Nemesis vs. "Z" Warriors

Triple Threat Match for the the #1 Contenership for the UCCW Women's Championship at Elimination Series:
Sailor Moon vs. Sailor V vs. Peach

UCCW United States Championship:
Curtis Sanchez (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Bower's Hardcore Invitational


# Result Stipulation
1 Bowser (c) def. Knuckles Hardcore Invitational Match for the UCCW Hardcore Championship
2 Tomiko Osaka def. Poison Singles Match
3 Rob Van Dam def. © Curtis Sanchez Single Match for the UCCW United States Championship
4 Sailor Moon def. Sailor V and Peach Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contendership for the UCCW Women's Championship
5 "Z" Warriors (Goku & Gohan) (c) def. Nemesis (Super Robots #1 & Super Robot #2) Best 3 out of 5 Match for the UCCW Tag Team Championship
6 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (c) def. Kunzite w/Zoicite Singles Match for the UCCW Heavyweight Championship
  • 2 - Peach attack Tomiko after the match.
  • 3 - Dynamite shockingly returned and distracted Curtis Sanchez.
  • 5 - "Z" Warriors took the lead in the series (1-0) against the Nemesis
  • 6 - TNXA's Timmy Turner and Randy Orton interfered in the UCCW Heavyweight Championship match and started a brawl against the Nemesis Super Robots #1 and #2. After the match, Showdown's GM JBL attacked Stone Cold with the chair along with Bowser and Predator who attacked Timmy Turner and Randy Orton.