Super Smash Bros. Supershow! December to Dismember
UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! December to Dismember
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Promotion Ultimate CAW Championship Wrestling
Date December 25, 2015
Rescheduled: April 17, 2016
Venue Giant Center
City Hershey, PA
Theme Song "Beautiful People" by Marylyn Manson
Last Event ACW vs. UCCW Supershow: War of the World
Next Event UCCW Super Smash Bros Supershow! G1 Climax Finals

Welcome to UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! December to Dismember! Live at Hershey, PA in Giants Center.


- Nintendo World Order (Mario & Luigi, ???????) vs. Proto Man's tag team (6-Men Tag Team match)

- Deviluke Sisters (Lala, Momo, Nana) vs. Futami Twins (AmI Futami, Mami Futami, ????????)

- Daisy awaits to Sailor Moon to show up from her challenge she requested for Night of Champions 2

- Preston Pearce will square off against El Blaze

- Broly will take on the WWE-TV Authority's The Big Show

- Main Event: Bullet Club (Cade Skywalker & Austin Juhasz) with w Ryoko Hakubi vs. Phantom Blood (Captain Spaudling & Psycho Mantis) with Kurumi Tokisaki (Extreme Rules Tag Team match)



# Results Stipulation
1 Nintendo World Order (Super Mario Bros. (Mario & Luigi) & Las Vegas Link) defeated Proto Man & Cult of the Damned (Ghost Rider & Dante) 6-Men Tag Team match
2 Erza Scarlet defeated "Lighting Flash" Asuna Yuuki Singles match
3 The Futami Twins (Mami & Ami Futami) & "The Idol Master" Akizuki Ritsuko defeated The Deviluke Twins (Momo & Nana Deviluke) & NXT Womean's Champion Lala Six-Women Tag Team match
4 Myst Motone defeated El Blaze Singles match
5 Broly defeated The Big Show Singles match
6 Bullet Club (Cade Skywalker & Austin Juhasz) w/Ryoko Hakubi defeated Phantom Blood (Captain Spaulding & Psycho Mantis) w/Kurumi Tokisaki Tag Team Extreme Rules match
  • 1 - Mario & Luigi's partner was revealed to be Las Vegas Link and Proto Man's partners were revealed as Cult of the Damned's Ghost Rider & Dante.
  • 2 - Erza Scarlet was making her UCCW in-ring debut.
  • 3 - Akizuki Ritsuko was making her UCCW in-ring debut and all six ladies wore Christmas attires for the match. After the match, The New Dangerously Alliance applauded The Futami Twins.
  • 5 - Siege assaulted Broly with a steel chair post-match.
  • 6 - Ryoko and Kurumi disappeared before the match. After the match, Phantom Blood attacked Bullet Club until Hotsuma forced them to retreat from the ring.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Princess Daisy issued a challenge to Sailor Moon to face her for the VGWGP Women's World Championship at Night of Champions 2. Sailor Moon accepted.