Super Smash Bros. Super Show! Draft
UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Draft
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Promotion UCCW
Date December 10, 2013
Venue Ceasars Palace
City Las Vegas, Nevada
Theme Song "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson
Last Event UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Rage in the Cage
Next Event UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! Bash at the Beach

UCCW is starting an new era by the Video Game Wrestling Grand Prix. Mike Haggar, the President of the VGWGP is now taking over UCCW as a governing body. Also, we will kick things off with the draft picks from Warzone GM, Daniel Tosh and the NEW GM of Showdown, Trista Meioh.


# Results Stipulation/Title
1 Travis Jackson def. Curtis Sanchez (US Champion) Non-Title Match
2 Super Mario Bros. X (Mario & Luigi) def. "Z" Warriors (Goku & Gohan) Tag Team Match for the VGWGP World Tag Team Championship
3 Dynamite def. Mega Man (Intercontinental Champion) Non-Title Match
4 Mr. Capitol def. Wild Lobo Singles Match
5 Hedge def. Raiden Singles Match
6 Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, & Hedge vs. El Blaze, Wild Lobo, Travis Jackson ended in no contest 6-Men Tag Team Match
7 Captain Falcon (c) def. Predator Last Man Standing Match for the VGWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Draft Results

Superstars Drafted To
Rob Van Dam Monday Night Warzone
Captain Falcon Friday Night Showdown
Hedge Monday Night Warzone
Travis Jackson Friday Night Showdown
Stone Cold Steve Austin Monday Night Warzone
Wild Lobo Friday Night Showdown
Gohan Monday Night Warzone
Mech Zangief Friday Night Showdown
Orge Friday Night Showdown
Dominator Friday Night Showdown