Super Smash Bro Supershow! G1 Climax Finals
UCCW Road to G1 Climax logo
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Promotion UCCW
Date September 10, 2016
Venue Heinz Field
City Pittsburgh, PA
Theme Song "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson
Last Event UCCW Super Smash Bros. Supershow! December to Dismember
Next Event tba

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls true of all ages! Welcome to the first time ever Super Smash Bros. Supershow! G1 Climax! at Heinz Field in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania! The landmark of the first ever Supershow in UCCW History. This season, we will be crowning ourselves a first ever UCCW G1 Climax winner in history in the playoffs!


G1 Climax Finals
?????? vs. ??????

Austin Juhasz w/Broly vs. Captain Spaudling w/Siege

Sailor Moon & Daisy vs. Sailor Foundation (Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune)

G1 Climax Semi-Finals
Dominator vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
King vs. Ogre


# Result Stipulation
1 Dominator defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin G1 Climax Semi-Final match
2 Sailor Moon & Daisy defeated Sailor Foundation (Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune) Tag Team match
3 King defeated Ogre G1 Climax Semi-Final match
4 Justin Jericho (c) defeated The Miz Single match for the UCCW Intercontinental Championship
5 Austin Juhasz w/Broly defeated Captain Spaudling w/Siege Singles match
6 King defeated Dominator G1 Climax Finals; Special Referee: ????
  • 1 - The Rock turn on Steve Austin during the match and the two brawled on the outside.
  • 4 - After the match, Justin and Predator stared down to one another.
  • 5 - During the match, all four individuals brawled on the outside. Later, Austin used a steel chair on Capt. Spaudling as the referee was distracted by Broly.
  • 6 - After the match, King declared that he's going for the VGWGP World Heavyweight Championship against Graverobber at Night of Champions 2..


  • UCCW World Tag Team Champions Wario & Waluigi claimed they are the best team in the video game wrestling world until Video Game World Grand Prix President Mike Haggar announced that The Warios will face the Super Mario Bros. for the UCCW World Tag Titles at Night of Champions 2.