Cold Day in Hell
UCWL Cold Day in Hell
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Promotion UCWL
Date June 9, 2017
Venue Frank Erwin Center
City Austin, TX
Theme Song "Fateful Fight" by yayoo
Last Event UCWL Rise to Glory
Next Event UCWL Unbound


UCWL Championship
Green Arrow (c) vs. Yuri Boyka

UCWL Cyberspace Championship
Monkey D. Luffy (c) vs. Mad Max

Tag Team Turmoil Match to crown the first ever UCWL Tag Team Champions
The Reactors vs. The Black Dragon vs. MI-13 vs. The Sith Lords vs. The Wing Commanders vs. 5 Other Teams

Hell's Kitchen Street Fight
Chef Gordon Ramsey vs Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

Jak vs Skeletor

Grudge match
Daisy "Quake" Johnson vs. Bo Dennis

UCWL Championship #1 Contender's match
Nathan Explosion vs. Levi Ackerman

PSPower vs. Keith Apicary


# Result Stipulation
P1 Batsu Ichimonji defeated Kung Fury Singles match
P2 Shimmer & Shine defeated Bindi Irwin & Quiet Tag Team match
P3 William Wallace defeated Android 13 Singles match
1 Monkey D. Luffy (c) defeated Mad Max Singles match for the UCWL Cyberspace Championship
2 Jak defeated Skeletor Singles match
3 Nathan Explosion defeated Levi Ackerman #1 Contender's match for the UCWL Championship
4 PSPower defeated Keith Apicary Singles match
5 Chef Gordon Ramsey defeated Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto Hell's Kitchen Street Fight
6 Bo Dennis defeated Daisy "Quake" Johnson Singles match
7 The Big Bang Theory (Leonard Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper) defeated Final Fight (Cody & Guy), Bebop & Rocksteady, The Reactors (Tyrone Magnus & Akasan), The Black Dragon (Kano & Tremor), MI-13 (Captain Britain & Union Jack), The Sith Lords (Darth Caedus & Darth Maul), The Wing Commanders (Christopher Blair & Todd Marshall), The Rogues (Captain Cold & Heat Wave), and ¡Mucha Lucha! (Rikochet & The Flea) Ten Team Tag Team Turmoil match to crown the first ever UCWL Tag Team Championship
8 Green Arrow (c) defeated Yuri Boyka w/Gala Singles match for the UCWL Championship
  • P1. After the match, Batroc the Leaper stare down Batsu from the entrance stage.
  • P2. Shimmer & Shine made their UCWL in-ring debuts.
  • P3. William Wallace made his UCWL in-ring debut. After the match, Wallace celebrated with Justin Reed, the former owner of NCA.
  • 2. Skeletor assaulted Jak post-match out of frustration by hitting the Eternia Breaker then followed it up with the Serpent Skull. Suddenly, Ragnar Lothbrok made his shocking return as he and Skeletor brawled in the ring until Ragnar throws Skeletor out of the ring.
  • 4. An unknown person helps out PSPower by tripping up Apicary's feet after PSPower Irish whips Apicary to the ropes. That person was later revealed as Light Yagami. Postmatch, Light assaulted onto Keith Apicary including giving Apicary the Death Note and a Rope-Hung Death Note.
  • 5. During the match, Ramsey and Morimoto fought in the crowd. After the hellacious match, Ramsey put Morimoto in the ring and got a table from under the ring. Ramsey then uses the table onto Morimoto and also hit the Ride to Hell's Kitchen onto Morimoto. Ramsey then set the table up in the ring and lit it up in flames. Ramsey put Morimoto on the top rope and hit a superplex through the flaming table!!!
  • 6. Bo Dennis and Daisy brawled onto each other post-match until a masked woman attack Daisy. Then the masked woman unrevealing herself as Faith Connors. Faith Connors then lay the smackdown onto Daisy until she lay a Moonsault into a Double Foot Stomp from the top rope. Bo Dennis and Faith Connors then celebrate together in the ring as a powerful alliance has been forged.
  • 7. The Big Bang Theory, Final Fight, Bebop & Rocksteady, The Rogues and ¡Mucha Lucha! made their UCWL in-ring debuts.
  • 8. During the match, the referee throws Gaga out of ringside. Nathan Explosion interfered in the final moments of the match and nails both Green Arrow & Yuri Boyka with a steel chair. After the match, Yuri attacks Green Arrow and smashes the UCWL Championship onto Green Arrow. Then Nathan and Yuri having an intense stare down as another great CPV for UCWL come to an end.

Tag Team Turmoil Results

Draw Team Order Eliminated by
1 The Sith Lords
(Darth Caedus & Darth Maul)
2 MI-13
2 ¡Mucha Lucha!
(Rikochet & The Flea)
1 The Sith Lords
3 MI-13
(Captain Britain & Union Jack)
5 Bebop & Rocksteady
4 The Rogues
(Captain Cold & Heat Wave)
3 MI-13
5 The Black Dragon
(Kano & Tremor)
4 MI-13
6 Bebop & Rocksteady 8 Final Fight
7 The Wing Commanders
(Christopher Blair & Todd Marshall)
6 Bebop & Rocksteady
8 The Reactors
(Tyrone Magnus & Akasan)
7 Bebop & Rocksteady
9 Final Fight
(Cody & Guy)
9 The Big Bang Theory
10 The Big Bang Theory
(Leonard Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper)


  • The match between Nathan Explosion and Levy Ackerman change into a #1 contender's match for the UCWL Championship by orders of UCWL General Manager Phil Coulson.
  • UCWL General Manager Phil Coulson met with the new Second-In-Command Kendall Morgan, who will starting working for UCWL on Episode 15.
  • During the commercial break, Morimoto was stretched out of the arena and escorted to a nearby hospital.
  • Yaiba Kamakazie came out and talk about of how he will become the first ever Cruiser-X Division Champion at the DCA vs. UCWL show. But then Adonis Creed came down to the ring and attack Yaiba until Yaiba have enough of Adonis as the two having an intense stare down between them.