UCWL Rise to Glory
UWCL Rise To Glory
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Promotion UCWL
Date December 21, 2016
Venue Resch Center
City Green Bay, WI
Theme Song "Warrior of Light Theme V2" by Kazushige Nojima
Last Event First CPV
Next Event UCWL Cold Day in Hell


UCWL Championship
Green Arrow (c) vs. Nathan Explosion

Semi-Finals & Finals of the UCWL Cyberspace Championship Tournament; Winner becomes the first-ever UCWL Cyberspace Champion.

Monkey D. Luffy vs. Yuri Boyka w/Gaga
Ragnar Lothbrok vs. Skeletor

Winners face each other in a Ladder Match for the title.

The Black Dragon (Kano & Tremor) vs. The Reactors (Tyrone Magnus & Akasan)

Gordon Ramsey vs. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

MI-13 (Captain Britain & Union Jack) vs. The Sith Lords (Darth Maul & Darth Caedus)


# Result Stipulation
P1 Levi Ackerman defeated "The Renegade" Reno Rains Singles Match
P2 Mad Max defeated Pargo Folgore Singles Match
1 Monkey D. Luffy defeated Yuri Boyka w/Gaga UCWL Cyberspace Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
2 MI-13 (Captain Britain & Union Jack) defeated The Sith Lords (Darth Maul & Darth Caedus) Tag Team Match
3 Skeletor defeated Ragnar Lothbrok UCWL Cyberspace Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
4 Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto defeated Gordon Ramsey Singles Match
5 The Reactors (Tyrone Magnus & Akasan) defeated The Black Dragon (Kano & Tremor) Tag Team Match
6 Bo Dennis defeated Bindi Irwin Singles Match
7 Monkey D. Luffy defeated Skeletor UCWL Cyberspace Championship Tournament Finals Ladder Match
8 Green Arrow (c) defeated Nathan Explosion Singles Match for the UCWL Championship
  • 1. Before the match started, Gaga was forced to leave from ringside by order of UCWL General Manager Phil Coulson due to Gaga's action on the previous episode of UCWL.
  • 5. As the referee was making the pinfall, Tremor had his hand on the bottom rope but the referee didn't see it. After the match, The Black Dragon assaulted The Reactors from behind.
  • 6. Bo Dennis opponent was revealed as Bindi Irwin. After the match, Bo was gonna use a steel chair on Bindi, But then DCA Superstar and CAW All-Stars Women's Champion Amber Stevens came into the ring and knocks out Bo with a superkick.
  • 7. As Skeletor was about to reach for the title, a returning Jak ran to the ring, climb up the ladder, and took multiple shots to Skeletor. Jak then superplexes Skeletor from the top of the ladder onto a table that set up earlier in the match.