UCWL Unbound
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Promotion UCWL
Date tbd 2017
Venue Bell Centre
City Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Theme Song "Take A Stand" by CFO$
Last Event UCWL Cold Day in Hell
Next Event tba


Triple Threat Match for the UCWL Championship
Green Arrow (c) vs. Nathan Explosion vs. Yuri Boyka

UCWL Cyberspace Championship
Monkey D. Luffy (c) vs. Winner of the Elimination Chase

UCWL Tag Team Championship
The Big Bang Theory (Lenord Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper) (c) vs. Final Fight (Cody & Guy)

UCWL Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders' Match
Rocksteady & Bebop w/Karai vs. MI13 (Captain Britain & Union Jack)

UCWL Crusier-X Championship
Yaiba Kamizaze (c) vs. "Hollywood" Adonis Creed

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