UCW WAR is the main face brand of the UCW. It is similar to Monday Night RAW of the WWE during the time period of 2002-2004. The theme song for WAR is duality by Slipknot.


UCW WAR originated form an old wrestling promotion SCW(Sinc Championship Wrestling). When UCW owner Vern Mongo changed SCW to UCW he kept the WAR brand and dropped UCW Velocity.


Current Champions

World Champion

Rob Aikens

UCW Canadian Champion

Rob Aikens

UCW Tag Team Champions

The M.A.R.K& Jim Jocko

Tag Teams
  • The Legacy (Cody& Devin Fame)
  • The Diciples (Moses& Abram)
  • The Dudleyz (Devin& Travis Dudley)
  • The M.A.R.K& Jim Jocko

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