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Promotion URWL
Date August 23rd, 2011
Venue URWL Arena
City Orchard Park, NY
Theme Song "White Limo" - Foo Fighters
Next Event Discontent'11

# Results Stipulations
1 Fusion def. Seth Stern, Shane B. Perkins, and Cory Jones 4-Way Dance, Winner Faces Jaime Emo Later That Night For The URWL Championship
2 Aleksandar "AK47" Kuleshov defeats Scorpion to retain Singles Match for the URWL "Russian" Championship
3 E.O.E and Victor Cordaro def. G.W.N and Trent Tail Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
4 Akina def. !nterogative If Akina Loses His Undefeated Streak is Over
Main Event Jaime Emo retains by def. Fusion No Disqualification, Best of 3 Falls

Link To Watch Event

If you would to watch the event click the link below.

Aftermath of Matches

The aftermath of the Emo and Fusion match was severe as Shane B. Perkins was attacking his former mentor and trainer Barry White

During the Emo and Fusion match, Seth Stern became involved by attacking both men while in the ring. But, Teamwork by Fusion and Emo got rid of Stern

The aftermath of the Kuleshov and Scorpion match was a suprise to most URWL fans as Alumni "Spector" came out to do something but Kuleshov started attacking before he could get to the ring, Spector fought off Kuleshov and got a standing ovation. There will probably be a feud in the future.

The aftermath of the Akina and !nterogative was Cory Jones attacking Akina in the ring with a steel chair. He put Akina in a leg lock and probably broke Akina's leg.