US-DOJO and CCL Present Otherland
US DOJO-CCL Otherland-0
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Promotion US-Dojo
CAW Champions League
Date November 22, 2012
Venue Tokyo Dome
City Tokyo, Japan
Theme Song
Last Event tbd
Next Event tbd

US-DOJO and the CAW Champions League is proud to present this collaboration. From the famed Tokyo Dome, the best of US-DOJO and CCL compete for pride and bragging rights. Two of the videos for the event was taken down on YouTube due to copyright issues.


The Great Muta vs. Armageddon

Blaine vs. Hayabusa II

Six Man Tag
The McMillan Enterprise (Aaron Alexander, Leonidas Gonzalez, & Kevin McMillan) vs. XtremeTony, Tommy Kazarian, & Suspect

CCL National Championship
The Great D (c) vs. TBD

Michael Heinman vs. Uno Sin De Talento

The Great One vs. Sherman Samson

Prince Chong vs. TBD

US-DOJO Valiant Championship
Suicido (c) vs. Matt Phoenix

CCL Tag Team Championship
The Freemans (c) vs. The Butcher & Overkill

No. 1 Contender's Turmoil Match for the US-DOJO Valiant Championship


# Match Stipulation
1 Mind Machine is the winner #1 Contender's Turmoil Match for the US-DOJO Valiant Championship
2 The Butcher & Overkill defeated The Freemans (Huey & Riley Freeman) (c) No DQ Tornado Tag Team match for the CCL Tag Team Championship
3 Suicido (c) defeated Matt Phoenix via KO Singles match for the US-DOJO Valiant Championship
4 Masked Man defeated Prince Chong Singles match
5 Sherman Samson defeated The Great One Singles match
6 Michael Heinman (with Meiyo) defeated Uno Sin De Talento Singles match
7 The Great D (c) defeated Metalcore Holly Singles match for the CCL National Championship
8 The Great D (c) defeated Masahiro Chono Singles match for the CCL National Championship
9 XtremeTony, Tommy Kazarian, & Suspect defeated The McMillan Enterprise (Aaron Alexander, Leonidas Gonzalez, & Kevin McMillan) Six Man Tag Team match
10 Blaine defeated Hayabusa II US-Dojo Special Attraction Rules (20 count, NoDQ)
11 The Great Muta defeated Armageddon Singles match
  • 1 - After the match, Caesaro Augustine came down to the ring then demanded Mind Machine give up his #1 contendership shot to him. when Mind Machine refused, Caesaro hit Mind Machine with a steel chair.
  • 3 - Prince Chong took on a creepy voodoo-like masked guy that attacked him at US-Dojo Sudden Madness. After the match, the Masked Man ran around the ring until the lights went out and when the lights came back on, the Masked Man disappeared.
  • 8 - Great D wasn't satisfied by beating Metalcore Holly and made another challenge for his championship, which was answered by Masahiro Chono.
  • 11 - After the match, Blaine & Suicido of The Terror Train came out and stared down both Muta and Armageddon. Chono & Hayabusa II came down to the ring as Terror Train ran into the crowd. The Undertaker appeared in the ring with Muta and the two stared eachother down.

Tag Team Turmoil Results

Draw Team Order Eliminated by
1 El Lucador 1 Kenny Omega
2 Kenny Omega 2 Mind Machine
3 Mind Machine WINNER
4 James "Lionheart" Florence 3 Mind Machine

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