Uto Ganta (pronounced Oo - toe) was bred to wrestle, known for his quick and aggressive style of wrestling he was given the nickname of 'El Diablo Lucha' roughly translated as the 'The Devils Wrestler' 

UTO "EL Diablo Lucha" Ganta
Names UTO "EL Diablo Lucha" Ganta
Height 5'9
Weight 212lb
Born January 24, 1992
Birthplace Undisclosed Area of Japan
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Undisclosed Area of Japan
Billed from Undisclosed Area of Japan
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
Debut 2009
Retired {{{retired}}}


Uto made his name debuting in the Smackdown vs Raw 2009 video game (Winning his first match) and then moving onto the Legends of Wrestlemania video game. He was also featued in the Smackdown vs Raw 2010 video game but due to a botched suicide plancha during his first match he injured his knee and was sidelined for the remainder of his contract. He now plans to make his debut on Smackdown vs Raw 2011 game.While wrestling in 2009 Uto was teamed with another masked luchador by the name of Crazy Mask, where they formed the tag team Reckless Insanity.

Personal Life

Uto was born in a undisclosed area in Japan where he was literally bred to wrestle. Scientist gave him speed and strength far better then most wrestlers in the area along with other traits. The scientist put a mask on him and from the time he was a baby has been trained to wrestle. Even though he was given the nickname of 'Diablo'  he  wears a predominately white attire to show that he was raised as a 'pure' and 'uncorrupt' wrestler. He also says that he will never except the responsibilty of World Champion in any organization as this will likely corrupt his career and make him do things that he will ultimately regret. Uto in all of his greatness does have his flaws. He is widely confused about what the hell he actually is. He knows he was born in Japan but  gives himself a spanish name and a Italian theme. It has been confirmed that Uto never takes off his mask. EVER. His mask is one size fit all so he never can grow out of it and he refuses to take it off. It is rumored that even Uto HIMSELF doesn't know what he looks like without the mask, but if he is like all the other masked wrestlers he must be pretty damn ugly. 

Finishers and Signatures


  • Corkscrew Neckbreaker
  • Diablo Legsweep (Legsweep Facebuster)

Signature Moves

  • Kneel for Uto (Uto kicks the opponent in the gut and then while the opponent is on one knee he runs and jumps on thier knee and boots them in the face)
  • TKO (Firemans Carry Spinning Facebuster)
  • Backbreaker transitoned into a Neckbreaker (while opponent is running)

Entrance Theme

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