Ultimate Wrestling Championship (UWC)

UWC Armegeddon is commencing on YouTube in 2009. UWC uses only user created characters and does not use any real life characters. Roster: Paulie Johnson Finishers: London Bridge (Mick Kick) The Paulie Johnson Bandwagon (Sweet Chin Music)

Reaper Finishers: Gravestone Reap (Tombstone Piledriver) Reaperbreaker (Vertabreaker)

KTJ Finisher: TNT (Batista Bomb) Plot Twist (Extreme Twist of Fate)

Drake Commando Finishers: The Drake Dominator (Dominator) Warzone Wrecker (Stunner)

Jimmy James' Finishers: Hard Yard (Pedigree) Adults Only (Rated RKO)

Master Satoshi Finishers: Sushi Swipe (Scissors Kick) Tokyo Kick (Buzzsaw Kick)

Devin Strong Finishers: Ice Cold Gold (Cool Shot) Gold Medal Grapple (World's Strongest Slam)

Sal Ebrity Finishers: Hollywood Plunge (Green Bay Plunge) Star's Cross (Celtic Cross)

Sin Enima Finishers: Britteny Spears Breaker (Widowmaker) Hollywood Plunge (Green Bay Plunge)

CJ Thomas The Row of Saints (Sweet Chin Music) Style Bomb (Swantom Bomb)

Yoshi X Shining X (Shining Wizard) Senton X (Flip Senton Attack)

Evan X Shining X Combo (Shining Wizard Combination) Diamond X (Dimanond Dust)

Cecil Finishers: Cecil's Dream (The Shattered Dreams) Lockup (Ankle Lock)

Sam Patroit Finishers: Pride and Joy (Stunner) Patroit's Elbow (People's Elbow)

Callum Johanson Finishers: Leap of Callum (Leap of Faith) Diving Sunsault (Diving Moonsault)

Sampson Sampson Spike (Samoan Spike) Critical Damage (Brain Chop)

UWC Armeggdon is made by UWC Entertainment. UWC Entertainment is also the creators of LEGO Stop-Animation series such as Stormtrooper Hospital, Donny and Juno, The Banker, Donny versus the Dragon and UWC HLW. Visit their YouTube page and be the first to see UWC by subscribing!

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