Wrestling Entertainment
Uwe logo
Acronym UWE
Established 2008
Active July 2008-Present
Style CAW Wrestling
Owner DLEuwe
Chairman DLEgodzilla

The Universal Wrestling Entertainment (UWE) is a CAW wrestling promotion. The UWE focuses on presenting itself as an authentic, realistic wrestling league. In its present state, the UWE does not accept members in order to maintain the feeling of televised wrestling. The league is owned by DLEuwe.

League History


The UWE was heavily influenced by the URWL. After the URWL was removed from Youtube, DLEgodzilla decided to make a CAW federation of his own to fill in for the URWL on Youtube. Under the name DLEuwe, the UWE made its Youtube debut on July 26, 2008.


URWL on YouTube Logo (2006-2007)

Episode 1

After the first webcast, the UWE was quickly recognized by the CAW world on Youtube. The league is seen by many as one of the few " Realistic CAW-Feds." One of the very first comments about the league was made by "makedonijanata", also known as Goldash007, the chairman of the URWL. In his comment, he said, "Nice job - I definitely see a URWL influence! Keep up the good work." Episode 1 featured a UWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament throughout the entire show. Kanati, Justin Carter, Tom Bigsow, Nick Hennigan, David Thrasher, and Zach Tomsheck were all participants in the tournament. In the main event, Kanati, Nick Hennigan, and David Thrasher faced off in a "Threefold match" for the vacant UWE World Heavyweight Championship, in which Kanati won by hitting his signature move (The "Vertebreaker") on Nick Hennigan. The show's only flaw was it's slightly dull commentating. But, despite this, it was a formula for future episodes.


Pay Per Views

The UWE holds one major event after every five "episodes".

Current Title Holders

Championship Current champion Date Won Event Location
UWE World Heavyweight Championship Kanati 7/26/2008 The UWE on Youtube episode 1 New York City, NY
UWE International Championship Nick Hennigan 8/2/2008 The UWE on Youtube episode 2 Rochester, NY
UWE World Tag Team Championship Sergio Dominguez & Javier Ramos 8/2/2008 The UWE on Youtube episode 2 Rochester, NY
UWE Hardcore Championship Justin Carter 8/2/2008 The UWE on Youtube episode 2 Rochester, NY

Current UWE Roster


  • Kanati, Nick Hennigan, Justin Carter, Tom Bigsow, David Thrasher and Zach Tomsheck are known as the "signature six", the six wrestlers to appear on the very first UWE on Youtube.
  • Presently, 15 wrestlers are on the current UWE roster.
  • The first UWE on Youtube was held in Madison Square Garden.

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