UWF American Championship
New American Championship
Current champion(s) Man-Villain
Date Won August 6, 2014
League UWF
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Introduced June 4, 2005
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Gary Lewis, Tornado (3 reigns)
First Champion Gary Lewis
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Cody Lewis (170 Days)
Shortest Reign Tornado (7 Days)
Heaviest Champion ( lbs.)
Lightest Champion ( lbs.)
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) American Championship HCTP
American 06
American 07

The UWF American Championship is one of the mid-tier championships in the Ultimate Wrestling Federation. It was the first mid-tier title in UWF and began on June 4, 2005 at Inauguration Day.

Stats and Info

  • The UWF American Championship has been active for 1088 days.
  • There have been a total of twenty different reigns
  • There have been a total of thirteen different people to hold the UWF American Championship.
  • Gary Lewis & Tornado hold the record for most reigns with 3.
  • Cody Lewis holds the record for the longest reign with 170 days.
  • Tornado holds the record for the shortest reign with 7 days.
  • Gary Lewis & Cody Lewis hold the record for the longest combined reign length with 170 days.
  • Gary Lewis holds the record for most successful title defenses in one reign with 7.
  • Tornado is the only man to hold the title in all four of its different designs.
  • When Ness held the title, he modified it into a blue version of the normal title belt since he was a member of the Blue World Order.

Title History

UWF American Championship Name Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1. Gary Lewis Gary Lewis 1 June 4, 2005 47 Days UWF Inaguration Day Defeated Thor, Punisher, Darth Sidious, Superman and The Mask in a 6-Man Battle Royal.
2. Hitler Hitler 1 July 21, 2005 27 Days UWF Pain #19
3. Johnny Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 1 August 17, 2005 52 Days UWF Extreme Pain Fest Delux 2005 Defeated Hitler, Dark Tornado and Charlie Chaplin in a Fatal 4-Way Match.
4. Dark Tornado Dark Tornado 1 October 8, 2005 46 Days UWF Pain #48
5. Tornado Tornado 1 November 23, 2005 7 Days UWF Dirty Deeds Defeated Dark Tornado's team in a 6-Man Tag Team Match.
6. Recoome Recoome 1 November 30, 2005 62 Days UWF Voltage #1
7. Ness Ness 1 January 31, 2006 27 Days NoDQ Action #8
8. Zatoichi Zatoichi 1 February 27, 2006 132 Days UWF Inferno Defeated Ness, REcoome, Rhino, Gary Lewis, and Pink Panter in an American Championship Open Invitation. Zatoichi vacated the title to focus on the NoDQ CAW Championship.
9. Johnny Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 2 April 3, 2007 83 UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007 Defeated Marv in a Hardcore Match for the vacated title. Title became inactive for 285 days.
10. Gary Lewis Gary Lewis 2 April 5, 2008 69 Days UWF Dirtier Deeds Defeated Johnny, Luke Bearl, and Marv in a Fatal 4-Way Match.
11. Tornado Tornado 2 June 13, 2008 61 Days UWF Shockwave #18
12. Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch 1 August 13, 2008 79 UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008
13. Recoome Recoome 2 October 31, 2008 11 Days UWF Shockwave #32 Defeated Scarlet Witch and Gary Lewis in a Triple Threat Match.
14. Ben Reilly Ben Reilly 1 November 11, 2008 73 Days UWF Pain #90 Reilly became the first man to hold both the title and UWF International Championship at the same time.
15. Spider-manamer Spider-Man 1 January 23, 2009 1 19 Days UWF Shockwave #40 Defeated Ben Reilly in a Steel Cage Match. Spider-Man held the title and International title at the same time.
16. Gary Lewis Gary Lewis 3 February 11, 2009 54 Days UWF The Final Pain Title retired from 2/12/2009 to 11/16/2012.
17. Ben Reilly Ben Reilly 2 January 8, 2013 37 Days UWF Indemnity #6 Reilly held both the title and International Championship for a second time in his UWF career.
18. Tornado Tornado 3 February 14, 2013 31 Days UWF Beginning of the End
19. Cody Cody Lewis 1 March 17, 2013 170 Days UWF Dirty Deeds Returns Defeated Tornado and Gary Lewis in a Triple Threat Match. Title then became inactive from 4/8/2013 to 3/11/2014.
20. Man-Villain Man-Villain 1 August 8, 2014 1 Day UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014 Title is on Season break (8/7/2014) - present.


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