UWF World Heavyweight Championship
Ultimate Championship
Current champion(s) Mr. Sokolov
Date Won August 6, 2014
League UWF
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Introduced June 4, 2005
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Mario, Joe Fixit, Captain Ginyu, The Punisher, Thor, Mr. Sokolov (2 Reigns)
First Champion Mario
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Thor (139 Days)
Shortest Reign Mario (21 Days)
Heaviest Champion Joe Fixit (900 lbs.)
Other Name(s) World Heavyweight Championship, UWF Championship
Past design(s) UWF Championship HCTP
UWF 06
UWF 07

The UWF World Heavyweight Championship is the top championship in the Ultimate Wrestling Federation. It was the first World Championship in UWF and began June 4, 2005 at UWF Inauguration Day. The first champion, Mario was awarded the championship to him by winning a 30-Man Royal Rumble by last eliminating Rhino. The current champion, Mr. Sokolov won the title by defeating Thor in a No Holds Barred Match at UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014.

Being a professional wrestling championship, it is not won via direct competition; it is instead won via a predetermined ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a wrestling angle. There have been 18 reigns by 12 wrestlers with one vacany.

Stats and Info

  • The UWF Ultimate World Heavyweight Championship has been active for 1088 days.
  • There have been a total of eighteen different reigns
  • There have been a total of twelve different people to hold the UWF Championship.
  • Mario, Joe Fixit, Captain Ginyu, The Punisher, Thor, & Mr. Sokolov hold the record for most reigns with 2.
  • Thor holds the record for the longest reign with 139 days.
  • Mario holds the record for the shortest reign with 21 days.
  • Thor holds the record for the longest combined reigns with 181 days.
  • Radioactive Man holds the record for most successful title defenses with 6.
  • The first World Championship in CAW to have a woman as champion.

Title History

UWF World Heavyweight Championship Name Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1. Mario Mario 1 June 4, 2005 21 days UWF Inauguration Day Became Inaugual Champion by winning a 30-Man Royal Rumble by last eliminating Rhino; Title became vacated due to Mario suffering an injury by the hands of Link on UWF Pain #6.
2. Mario Mario 2 July 14, 2005 34 days UWF Pain #15 Defeated the Punisher in tournament finals for the vacated championshp.
3. Linku Link 1 August 17, 2005 40 days UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005 Defeated Mario and The Punisher in a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match.
4. Hulk The Incredible Hulk 1 September 26, 2005 44 days UWF Pain #41
5. Radioactive Man Radioactive Man 1 November 9, 2005 110 days CAW World War One Defeated Hulk in a Hardcore Match.
6. Punisher The Punisher 1 February 27, 2006 36 days UWF Inferno dark match Defeated Radioactive Man in a Barroom Brawl; Cashed in his Money In The Bank Briefcase at a bar after Inferno.
7. Captain Ginyu Captain Ginyu 1 April 4, 2006 59 days UWF Voltage #14 Defeated the Punisher in a 2 out of 3 Falls No DQ Match.
8. Thor Thor 1 June 2, 2006 139 days UWF The Final Countdown Defeated Captain Ginyu, Radioactive Man, The Punisher, The Incredible Hulk, and Rhino in an Elimination Hell in a Cell; Title inactive (7/20/2006) - (3/27/2007) and an additional 285 days.
9. Joe Fixit Joe Fixit 2 April 5, 2008 26 days UWF Dirtier Deeds Joe Fixit was formeraly as The Incredible Hulk.
10. Captain Ginyu Captain Ginyu 2 May 1, 2008 72 days UWF Shockwave #13 Defeated Joe Fixit in an Open Challenge.
11. Johnny Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 1 July 12, 2008 73 days UWF's Crazy Saturday Event Thing Defeated Captain Ginyu in a No Disqualifications Match.
12. Dark Tornado Dark Tornado 1 September 23, 2008 77 days UWF Pain #84 Defeated Johnny in a No Disqualifications Match.
13. Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel 1 December 9, 2008 64 days UWF Pain #92 Ms. Marvel became the first woman World Champion in CAW History.
14. Captain Marvel Captain Marvel 1 February 11, 2009 43 days UWF The Final Pain Defeated Ms. Marvel, Thor, and The Punisher in a Fatal 4-Way Match; Title then retired (2/12/2009) - (11/16/2012)
15. Mr. Sokolov Mr. Sokolov 1 December 28, 2012 79 days UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012 At the time, Mr. Sokolov held the title at same as he held the NoDq Championship.
16. Punisher The Punisher 2 March 17, 2013 128 days UWF Dirty Deeds Returns Defeated Mr. Sokolov, Thor, Link, Joe Fixit, and Marv in an Elimination Chamber Match. Title then unified with the NoDQ Championship; Title inactive (4/8/2013) - (3/11/2014)
17. Thor Thor 2 June 25, 2014 42 days UWF The Unforgiven Part Two Defeated Punisher & Joe Fixit in a Trilple Threat Ladder Match.
18. Mr. Sokolov Mr. Sokolov 2 August 6, 2014 1 day UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014 Defeated Thor in a No Holds Barred Match. Season break (8/7/2014) - present