UWO Code Championship
UWO Code Championship V3
Current champion(s) Luigi
Date Won July 5, 2013
League Ultimate Wrestling Online
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Introduced August 21, 2008
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First Champion Jackie Chan
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Luigi (1,687+ days)
Shortest Reign Luke Skywalker (499 days)
Heaviest Champion Luigi
Lightest Champion The Karate Kid
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Past design(s) UWO Code Championship
UWO Code Championship V2

The UWO Code Championship is the tertiary title in Ultimate Wrestling Online. The first champion was determined in a 6-Man Elimination Match. Jackie Chan defeated Leeroy Jenkins, The Karate Kid, Eminem, Mr. X, and Tron to become the first champion on August 21, 2008 at Clash N Smash Ep. 24. The current champion is Luigi, who defeated The Karate Kid on July 5, 2013.

Title History

Wrestler Times Date Won Location Event Notes
Jackie Chan 1 August 21, 2008 UWO Arena UWO Clash N Smash Ep. 24 Chan won the title in a 6-Man Elimination Match by last eliminating Eminem. Other participants were Leeroy Jenkins, The Karate Kid, Mr. X, and Tron.
Luke Skywalker 1 April 15, 2010 Memphis, TN UWO Payback 2010
The Karate Kid 1 August 27, 2011 UWO Arena UWO Clash N Smash Ep. 45 Karate Kid won the title when UWO World Champion distracted Luke Skywalker.
Luigi 1 July 5, 2013 Newark, NJ UWO Enmity

List of individual reigns

As of March 23, 2018

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Luigi 1722+ July 5, 2013 Current champion
The Karate Kid 678 August 27, 2011 July 5, 2013
Jackie Chan 602 August 21, 2008 April 15, 2010
Luke Skywalker 499 April 15, 2011 August 27, 2011