UWO Final Judgment
UWO Final Judgement
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Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date January 7, 2015
Venue United Center
City Chicago, Illinois
Theme Song "Showdown" by Pendulum
Last Event UWO Enmity
Next Event UWO Fear
# Results Stipulation/Title
1 Bane def. The Shredder (c), Deadpool and The Giant Fatal 4 Way for the UWO Rising Star Championship
2 Princess Zelda (c) def. Wonder Woman Steel Cage Match for the UWO Women's Championship
3 Phillip J. Fry def. Captain Falcon Grudge Match
4 The Zack Ranger def. Sherlock Holmes Jr. Street Fight
5 Luke Skywalker (current holder) def. King Leonidas via DQ Singles Match for the UWO Gold Insured Championship
6 Luigi (c) def. George Jetson Singles Match for the UWO Code Championship
7 Link (c) def. The Karate Kid via ref stoppage Singles Match for the UWO Championship
  • 2 - After Wonder Woman hit the Wonder Bomb, the lights went out and when the lights came back, Samus Aran was in the cage and prevented Wonder Woman from escaping the cage. CCL's Christie Monteiro tried to help her tag team partner, but she got attacked from behind by Princess Peach.
  • 3 - Fry dressed as Donkey Kong and attacked the unaware Captain Falcon from behind.
  • 5 - Chewbacca slid a chair into the ring and then distracted the ref. Skywalker took it from Leonidas and smacked it on the mat, threw it back into Leonidas' hands and played possum. The referee turned around and caught Leonidas with the chair and disqualified him.
  • 7 - Link attacked the ref. Dr. Wiley took the referee's spot until Daniel took him out with 3 Superkicks. In the final moments of the match, Link locked The Karate Kid in the Sharpshooter and after nearly 2 minutes in the hold, Daniel passed out and the referee stopped the match.

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