Uwo madness2
Tagline(s) This Place Will Be Never Be The Same...
Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date October 21, 2010
Venue Wachovia Center
City Philadelphia, PA
Theme Song "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins
Last Event Payback 2010
Next Event UWO Royal Showdown


3 vs 3 Elimination Chamber Match
James Bond, Philip J. Fry, & King Leonidas vs The Super Smash Bros. (Link, Captain Falcon, & Donkey Kong)

UWO Championship
Tommy Vercetti (c) vs. The Punisher

The Black Ranger vs The Spy

No Disqualification Match
The Karate Kid vs. Bane

UWO Woman's Championship
Sabrina The Teenage Wich (c) w/Rita vs. Samus Aran

UWO Tag Team Championship
Tom Brady & Derek Jeter (c) vs. Operation Halo (Master Chief & Sarge)

UWO Code Championship
Luke Skywalker (c) vs. George Jetson


# Results Stipulation
1 Luke Skywalker (c) defeated George Jetson Singles Match for the UWO Code Championship
2 Samus defeated Sabrina The Teenage Witch (c) Singles Match for the UWO Women's Championship
3 Operation Halo (Master Chief & Sarge) defeated Tom Brady & Derek Jeter (c) Tag Team Match for the UWO Tag Team Championship
4 Bane defeated The Karate Kid No Disqualification Match
5 The Black Ranger defeated The Spy Singles Match
6 Tommy Vercetti (c) defeated The Punisher Singles Match for the UWO Championship
7 James Bond, Philip J. Fry, & King Leonidas defeated The Super Smash Bros. (Link, Captain Falcon, & Donkey Kong) 3 vs 3 Elimination Chamber Match

  • 1. Luke almost nailed Jetson with a steel chair but Jetson blocked it at the last second.
  • 2. Sabrina uses magic throughout the match.
  • 4. Karate Kid and Bane fought everywhere throughout the entire arena.

3 vs. 3 Elimination Chamber Results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Philip J. Fry 1 Donkey Kong
2 Captain Falcon 2 King Leonidas
3 Donkey Kong 3 King Leonidas
4 James Bond 4 Link
5 King Leonidas - SOLE SURVIVOR
6 Link 5 King Leonidas


  • Rita told Sabrina that Farnsworth she's banned from ringside. Sabrina was about to reveal Rita's secret but decided not to as Sabrina attacked Rita.
  • Donkey Kong and King Leonidas brawled in the parking lot.
  • Sherlock Holmes Jr. questions Biff Tannen and Shredder to find out about who ran down The Rob after Payback.
  • The Black Scorpion did more of his black magic and announce that the next cpv is called Royal Showdown, where he will part of a 16-person tournament where the winner gets a shot at the UWO World Championship at the next event after Royal Showdown. He also announces that he hire enforcements to assure victory after victory in the tournament and those enforcements are called Black Scorpius.
  • Philip J. Fry and Captain Falcon brawled backstage.