Payback 2007

Payback 2007
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Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date March 13, 2007
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Theme Song "Are You Ready?" by Hazen Street
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Next Event UWO Showdown


UWO World Championship
The Punisher vs The Black Ranger

Derek Jeter vs Tom Brady

Steel Cage Match
Tommy Vercetti vs Eminem

Loser Wears a Dress on Payback and on the following Chaos
James Bond vs Clifford

Hardcore Match
Croyt vs The Karate Kid


# Results Stipulation
1 Croyt defeated The Karate Kid Hardcore Match
2 James Bond defeated Clifford w/Greg Singles Match; Clifford wears a dress on Payback and the following Chaos
3 Tommy Vercetti defeated Eminem Steel Cage Match
4 Derek Jeter defeated Tom Brady Singles Match
5 The Black Ranger defeated The Punisher Singles Match for the vacant UWO Championship
  • 1. Croyt and The Karate Kid brawled backstage and in the parking lot during the match. After the match, Michael Jackson came out and did dancing in front of both Croyt & Karate Kid until he attacked both of them.
  • 2. Greg helped out Clifford to take down Bond but Mario came out and help Bond out as he took Greg down with a steel chair. After the match, Mario put a dress onto Clifford due to the match's stipulation. Bond & Mario laugh to Clifford as Clifford look distraught and embarrassment as he runs backstage in horror.
  • 5. After the match, The Punisher attack Black Ranger mercilessly including giving Black Ranger a Punishment and a Clothesline.


  • Catwoman announces that she's here to be part of the UWO Roster and she hopes the guys in the back accept her. Then The Jackasses (Johnny Knoxville & Bam Margera) came out and said mean words to Catwoman. Suddenly, the arena lights went out and when the lights came back, The Jackasses were laid out as Catwomen was the only person that's still on her feet.
  • Homer Simpson came out to the ring and told everyone that someone told there were 1 million donuts out in the ring. Homer doesn't see the donuts and decide to sing the American Anthem but failed. Suddenly, David Arquette came out, set a table in the ring and say terrible remarks to Hommer including calling himself an asshole. Homer almost had his hands on Arquette but Arquette trick Homer by telling him that the ref told him that. Homer than attack the referee as Arquette escapes unharmed.

Payback 2010

Payback 2010
Tagline(s) What goes around, comes around...
Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date April 15, 2010
Venue FedExForum
City Memphis, TN
Theme Song "Fire It Up" by Thousand Foot Krutch
Last Event UWO Night Of Glory
Next Event UWO Madness


30 Minute Ironman Match for the UWO Championship
Tommy Vercetti (c) vs. The Rob

UWO Championship #1 Contender's Match
The Black Ranger vs The Punisher

6 Man Tag Team Match
Fry, James Bond, & King Leonidas vs The Super Smash Bros. (Link, Captain Falcon, & Donkey Kong

Classy Ashley & Harleen Quinzel vs Johnny Knoxville & Davide Arquette

UWO Woman's Championship
Rita (c) vs Sabrina The Teenage Witch

UWO Rising Star Championship
Leeroy Jenkins (c) vs. Deadpool

UWO Code Championship
Jackie Chan (c) vs Luke Skywalker


# Results Stipulation
1 Classy Ashley & Harleen Quinzel vs Johnny Knoxville & David Arquette ended in a draw Mixed Tag Team Match
2 Sabrina The Teenage Witch defeated Rita (c) Singles Match for the UWO Women's Championship
3 Leeroy Jenkins (c) defeated Deadpool Singles Match for the UWO Rising Star Championship
4 Luke Skywalker defeated Jackie Chan (c) Singles Match for the UWO Code Championship
5 The Punisher defeated The Black Ranger UWO Championship #1 Contender's Match
6 The Super Smash Bros. (Link, Captain Falcon, & Donkey Kong) defeated Fry, James Bond, & Leonidas 6-Man Tag Team Match
7 Tommy Vercetti (c) defeated The Rob 20 Minute Ironman Match for the UWO Championship
  • 1. The Giant attacked Knoxville & Arquette post-match.
  • 2. Rita threw the match by Sabrina's order.
  • 5. The Spy attacked Black Ranger as The Black Ranger was going for the Mastodon Mega Splash from the top of a ladder onto The Punisher.
  • 6. Samus attacked King Leonidas during the match with a sledgehammer as Leonidas was going for the pinfall on Link.
  • 7. After the event, The Rob got run over by a car.


  • Farnsworth made the #1 Contender's Match between The Punisher and The Black Ranger under NoDQ Rules. Farnsworth also announces that the Six-Man Tag match between Super Smash Bros. and Team UWO under NoDQ Rules as well. And last but not least, Farnsworth cut the Ironman Match from 30 minutes to 20 minutes due to Tommy Vercetti's leg injury.