Random Verdict 2007

Random Verdict
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Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date September 1, 2007
Theme Song "Headstrong" by Trapt
Last Event UWO Showdown
Next Event UWO Slamboree

Hell In A Cell Match for the UWO World Championship:
The Punisher (c) vs. The Black Ranger

Michael Jackson vs Croyt

Tommy Vercetti vs Eminem

Tom Brady vs Derek Jeter

Jackass vs TMNT

UWO Rising Star Championship Finals:
David Arquette vs The Karate Kid


# Results Stipulations
1 David Arquette defeated The Karate Kid Ladder Match for the vacant UWO Rising Star Championship
2 Tommy Vercetti defeated Eminem W/Tony Montana 24/7 Match
3 Jackass (Johnny Knoxville & Bam Margera) defeated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michaelangelo & Raphael) Steel Cage Match
4 Derek Jeter defeated Tom Brady Submission Match
5 Croyt defeated Michael Jackson Last Man Standing Match
6 The Punisher (c) defeated The Black Ranger Hell in a Cell Match for the UWO Championship

Random Verdict 2012

Random Verdict 2011
UWO Random Verdict Poster
Tagline(s) Any match could take place. Will the event in a whole be random? Random Commentators, Arenas, Wrestlers... I don't know it's going to be random.
Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date June 21, 2012
Venue TD Garden
City Boston, Massachusetts
Theme Song
Last Event UWO Derailed
Next Event UWO Enmity

The Card:

Icon vs Icon:
Link vs. Babe Ruth

UWO World Championship:
Tommy Vercetti (c) vs. The Black Ranger

Gold Insured Title Belt; Who ever wins can cash in for a world title shot at any time:
The Punisher vs. Fry vs. The Spy vs. Luke Skywalker

UWO Women's Championship:
Wonder Woman (c) vs. Princess Peach

UWO Rising Star Championship:
Deadpool (c) vs. The Shredder

UWO Code Championship:
The Karate Kid (c) vs. Sam Fisher

Harley Quinn vs. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

James Bond vs. Capt Falcon


# Results Stipulations
1 Captain Falcon defeated James Bond 24/7 Match
2 Wonder Woman (c) defeated Princess Peach Singles Match for the UWO Women's Championship
3 The Karate Kid (c) defeated Sam Fisher Submission Match for the UWO Code Championship
4 The Shredder defeated Deadpool (c) Steel Cage Match for the UWO Rising Star Championship
5 Harley Quinn defeated Sabrina The Teenage Witch Last Woman Standing Match
6 Link defeated Babe Ruth No Disqualification Match
7 Luke Skywalker defeated The Punisher, Fry and The Spy Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Gold Insured Title Belt
8 Tommy Vercetti (c) vs. The Black Ranger was a no contest Ladder Match for the UWO Championship
  • 1 - Donkey Kong help Capt. Falcon to beat James Bond.
  • 5 - Rita turned on Sabrina and allow Harley to win the match. After the match, Sabrina told the crowd Rita's secret about what happened to Rita's boyfriend years ago.
  • 7 - NCA's William Wallace interfered and cost The Punisher the match.
  • 8 - Link came out and took the belt down during the match.

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