Royal Showdown
UWO Royal Showdown
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Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date August 12, 2011
Venue NA
City Las Angelas, NV
Theme Song "My Turn" by Hoobastank
Last Event UWO Madness
Next Event UWO Derailed


# Results Stipulation
1 Luke Skywalker defeated Shredder Royal Showdown quarterfinals
2 Fry defeated James Bond Royal Showdown quarterfinals
3 The Karate Kid defeated Captain Falcon Royal Showdown quarterfinals
4 Link defeated The Black Ranger Royal Showdown quarterfinals
5 Luke Skywalker defeated Fry Royal Showdown semifinals
6 The Karate Kid defeated Link Royal Showdown semifinals
7 Luke Skywalker defeated The Karate Kid Royal Showdown finals
8 Tommy Vercetti (c) defeated The Punisher Steel Cage match for the UWO Championship
  • 3. Captain Falcon attacked Karate Kid after the match for being a sore loser.
  • 4. Link uses a steel chair on The Black Ranger as the referee was down. After the match, The Black Ranger assaulted the referee for bad officiating.
  • 6. After the match, Link beat the referee out of frustration due to Link losing to the Karate Kid.
  • 7. After the match, Farnsworth congrats Luke for winning the Royal Tournament as Cleopatra crowns Skywalker as she put a white robe and crown on Skywalker. Skywalker then celebrates in the ring in his new attire as the King of UWO.
  • 8. At the final moment of the match, both men climbed the cage, escaped the cage, and landed on the floor at the same time. Replay shows that Vercetti landed the floor first. After the match, Vercetti was celebrated on the entranceway until Luke Skywalker attacked Vercetti from behind. Skywalker continues to attack Vercetti until he hit a Tombstone onto Vercetti. Skywalker then put Vercetti in a Boston Crab and continue put Vercetti in complete and agonizing pain until the screen goes black.