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Promotion UWO: Ultimate Wrestling Online
Date May 11, 2008
Venue Madison Squre Garden
City New York, NY
Theme Song "Find The Real" by Alter Bridge
Last Event Random Verdict 2007
Next Event UWO Summer Turmoil

UWO Championship:
The Punisher (c) vs. Tommy Vercetti

No. 1 Contender's Match for the UWO Championship:
The Black Ranger vs James Bond

UWO Rising Star Championship:
David Arquette (c) vs The Karate Kid; If Arquette losses, he remains an 8 year old forever!

Best of 3 Series:
Bret Hart vs AJ Styles

The Rob vs The Undertaker

UWO Tag Team Championship:
Team Jackass vs Rush Hour

10 Woman's Gauntlet Match For the Woman's Title

Extreme Rules Match:
Croyt vs "Angry German Kid" Leopold

# Results Stipulations
1 Croyt defeated Leopold Extreme Rules Match
2 Catwoman eliminated Xena last to win 10 Woman Battle Royal for the vacant UWO Women's Championship
3 The Undertaker defeated The Rob Singles Match
4 Bret Hart defeated AJ Styles Singles Match
5 Jackass (Johnny Knoxville & Bam Margera) defeated Rush Hour (Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan) Tag Team Match for the vacant UWO Tag Team Championship
6 David Arquette (c) defeated The Karate Kid Singles Match for the UWO Rising Star Championship
7 James Bond defeated The Black Ranger No. 1 Contender's Match
8 The Punisher (c) defeated Tommy Vercetti Singles Match for the UWO Championship
  • 1 - Leeroy Jenkins convinced Croyt and Leopold to form a faction with him.
  • 8 - Tom Brady attacked Vercetti.

Ten Woman Battle Royal

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 April O'Neil 2 Dana
2 Lonely Girl 1 April and Scully
3 Dana Scully 6 Xena
4 Rita X 5 Catwoman
5 Classy Ashley 3 Scully and Rita
6 Xena 9 Catwoman
7 Jennifer Lopez 4 Xena
8 Catwoman N/A WINNER
9 Joy Giovanni 7 Xena
10 Sabrina 8 Xena and Catwoman

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