Ultimate Wrestling Federation
Acronym UWF
Establishment June 4, 2005
Owner(s) Joe Evenson, Dennis Kunshier
Staff Random Interns
Formerly UWF

The Ultimate Wrestling Federation (a.k.a. UWF) is a CAW league created by Joe Evenson. It is currently owned and run by Dennis Kunshier. It began on June 4, 2005. It is known for being different and strange. It currently recognizes five championships. The UWF Championship, American Championship, NODQ International Championship, Jobber Championship, and the Tag Team Championship.

Current Champions

Here are all the current champions in UWF:

Championship Name Date won Notes
UWF Ultimate World Heavyweight Championship Mr. Sokolov 8/6/2014 defeated Thor in a No Holds Barred Match at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014
UWF American Championship Man-Villain 8/6/2014 defeated Cody Lewis at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014
UWF International Championship Harima Kenji 8/6/2014 defeated Amadeus Jones at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014
UWF Tag Team Championship Justice Society of America [Green Lantern & Flash] 8/6/2014 defeated Mortal Kombatants at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014
UWF Jobber Championship Spider-Man 8/6/2014 lost a Here Comes the Pain Street Fihgt to Ben Reilly at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014


Pre-Season One

UWF started when Joe Evenson watched an episode of NODQ CAW for the first time in January 2005. He had already done some CAWesque things by recording matches and having storylines but he never edited the shows and had commentary. Using Smackdown!: Shut Your Mouth for the Playstation 2, he started his own CAW league called UWF. At the time he had a dial-up connection and couldn't plausibly upload the shows for people to watch. He saved all his SYM matches onto DVD's and let his friends watch. Once he got highspeed internet, he felt like it was time to start posting the shows.

He posted the first SYM show on the NODQ CAW forums in May 2005. However, seeing that this was the first show he had made months ago, it wasn't very good. It had much negative feedback due to the horrible looking CAWs, bad commentary, bad editing, and bad music choices. Joe took the advice and got Smackdown!: Here Comes the Pain. With this game, the matches were better quality and CAWs looked better. He decided also to edit it better and make some music changes.

Season One

Start of current UWF

After his failure with SYM, Joe had gotten HCTP for UWF. He edited his first Mega Event, Inaguration Day, and posted it on June 4, 2005. UWF began on the same day as CAW Underground. The First Season spanned from Inaguration Day through Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005. It was a total of 34 episodes.

Inaguration Day crowned the first UWF Champions. Mario became the first UWF Champion, Gary Lewis became the first American Champion, and the Mortal Kombatants became the Tag Team Champions. After that UWF started with its regular shows.

UWF's regular shows were called UWF Pain. The shows consisted of one match and sometimes a interview segment hosted by Eric Bischoff called RAW. The shows were posted four times a week, on: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Joe himself commentated these early shows. Starting with Pain 24, Veg-O-Man began commentating UWF.

UWF Championship tournament

Mario, the UWF Champion, had to vacate the title on June 25, 2005, after being injured at the hands of Link on Pain 6. It was revealed, however, during a tournament to crown a new UWF Champion that Mario faked the injury to get a match against Link in the tournament. Mario defeated Link in the first round. Also in the first round: Punisher defeated the American Champ Gary Lewis, Thor defeated the Incredible Hulk, and Satan defeated Rhino. In the second round, Punisher defeated Satan and Mario defeated Thor. On Pain 15, on July 14, 2005, Mario defeated Punisher to become the champion again. Link, however, would attack both men after the match.

Road to Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005

The second Mega Event for UWF was called Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005. After the UWF tournament, Satan interfered in a Link and Punisher match; supposedly because the Punisher defeated him in the tournament. However, it was revealed that Link sold his soul to Satan to get at the UWF Championship. Link and Satan were trying to take out the competition, mainly Punisher and Mario. Satan was attacking Punisher in a match they had when suddenly Radioactive Man debuted in UWF by attacking Satan. He attacked Satan a few weeks later and a match was made between the two at EPFD05. Link and Punisher, meanwhile, fought for number one contendership for the UWF Championship. Both men were counted out and a triple threat Hell in a Cell match was made for the title at EPFD05.

Gary Lewis had become American Champion at Inaguration Day. He was cocky backstage and few people liked him. On Pain 19, July 21, 2005, he lost the title to a man ever fewer people liked. That man was Hitler. The next man to go for the title was Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. But Hitler had befriended Dark Tornado and Dark Tornado screwed Johnny. When Gary Lewis had a rematch for the title he was screwed by Jay Leno, the man he defeated to get the rematch. Lewis fought Leno in a match but was defeated by Leno. Leno suggested that at EPFD05 they should fight again but if Lewis lost, he should get a sex change. Lewis accepted but only if Leno put his manhood on the line too. Meanwhile, Dark Tornado laid down for Hitler in a title match. Immediately after the match Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Charlie Chaplin jumped Hitler and Dark Tornado. A fatal four-way match was made between the four of them for the title.

The Mortal Kombatants had dominated the UWF Tag Team Division. After becoming the Tag Team Champs at Inaguration Day, they had defeated everyone in their way. They mostly faced the Spiderz and the Little People. They were getting heat though because they would use weapons and outside interference to keep their titles. The Spiderz had become irritated and proposed a Tag Team Gauntlet match for the Tag Team titles at EPFD05. The match was made.

Muhammed Hassan was kicked off of WWE television after The Great American Bash 2005. He had some men dressed like terrorists attack the Undertaker on an episode of Smackdown! Unfortunately, England had a train bombing the day the show aired and there wasn't enough time to edit the show. There was a media backlash and UPN told WWE that he wasn't welcome on TV anymore. At the Great American Bash 2005 he was powerbombed through the stage by the Undertaker. This would be his last WWE appearance. Due to his anger with WWE, he left and appeared on UWF two days later. His challenged any current WWE superstar to a match at EPFD05.

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005 was the Season One finale of UWF. It was posted on August 17, 2005. It was live from Madison Square Garden.

  • Radioactive Man vs. Satan w/Anti-Christ
    • Radioactive Man pinned Satan at 6:18
  • Muhammed Hassan vs. WWE Superstar(Edge w/Lita)
    • Muhammed Hassan pinned Edge at 6:18
      • Matt Hardy interfered in this match
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Tag Team Gauntlet
    • Mortal Kombatants(c) vs. Spiderz
      • Scorpion made Spider-man submit at 5:01
    • Mortal Kombatants(c) vs. Little People
      • Reptile pinned Justin X at 4:53
    • Mortal Kombatants(c) vs. Tornado & Superman
      • Tornado pinned Reptile at 3:11
    • Tornado & Superman vs. Thor & Rhino
      • Thor pinned Tornado at 3:10
    • Thor & Rhino vs. Empire
      • Darth Sidious pinned Rhino at 4:24
    • Empire vs. Bones
      • Darth Sidious pins Fone Bone at 2:52 to win the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Liu Kang debuts on RAW
    • Bischoff tries to attack Kang but Kang kicks Bischoff's head off
  • Loser gets a gender change: Gary Lewis vs. Jay Leno
    • Gary Lewis pins Leno at 4:13
  • UWF American Championship
  • Charlie Chaplin vs. Johnny vs. Dark Tornado vs. Hitler(c)
    • Johnny pinned Chaplin at 4:44 to become the new American Champion
  • UWF Championship: Hell in a Cell Match
  • Punisher vs. Link vs. Mario(c)
    • Link pins Punisher at 12:26 to become the new UWF Champion

Season Two

After Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005, UWF took a couple weeks hiatus. Season Two began with Pain 33 and lasted through Dirty Deeds. The second season is notable for having quite a few title changes, the on screen appearance of UWF Owner Joe Evenson, CAW World War One, and building the Johnny vs. Hitler feud. The first week involved title matches where the fans had chosen who would face the champions.

Road to CAW World War One

Link was the UWF Champion after EPFD05. He was defending his title and successfully defended it against Mario and Punisher. This wouldn't last, however, because The Incredible Hulk would pull out an upset win and become UWF Champion on Pain 41. Hulk would later successfully defend the title in Link's rematch.

Hulk tried to give himself an easy title defense when he declared Ness his next challenger. Joe Evenson came out and changed all that. The Owner of UWF, Joe Evenson, made his on screen UWF debut by telling the Hulk that he would defend the title against UWF's commentator and EWE Owner, Veg-O-Man. Hulk dominated Veg until Thor came out and saved Veg but causing Hulk to win by disqualification.

Joe Evenson helped to keep the title around Hulk's waist. Joe and Veg also had bad blood and decided to have a Cage match at the upcoming multi-league event CAW World War One. Radioactive Man during this time was feuding his Satan's group and had secured himself a UWF title shot at CAW World War One by defeating Link.

During a segment involving Joe Evenson and Hulk making fun of Veg-O-Man, Radioactive Man came out and fought the Hulk out of the arena. Veg-O-Man then grabbed Joe Evenson and powerbombed him through his own announcer's table.

CAW World War One

CAW World War One

The UWF Outcomes at CAW World War One were as follows: Joe Evenson and Veg-O-Man fought inside of a steel cage. The two were bloodied and when it looked like Veg was going to escape the lights went out. When the lights came back on Veg found himself face to face with an OC(Orangefish Coalition) member. At the time the Orangefish Coalition was a CAW faction that was making an impact and led by then CUWL Champion, Simon Orangefish. Veg was destroyed by the OC member and Joe Evenson climbed over the cage for the win.

In the UWF Championship match, the Incredible Hulk defended his title against Radioactive Man in a hardcore match. This fight was bitter and hate filled and the two destroyed each other. They dragged on the fight out of the arena and refused to pin one another. Radioactive Man managed to hit the Meltdown followed by a Radioactivesault off a building to secure the championship.

Road to Dirty Deeds

During Season Two Muhammed Hassan dominated against many opponents. He seemed unstoppable. He was given a match against Luigi at Dirty Deeds to further show his dominance.

The Empire started Season Two off as the tag team champions. They defeated a couple teams but lost the titles back to the Mortal Kombatants on Pain 42. Darth Maul took his frustration out on Sub-Zero by putting him though a car(which he did to Darth Vader in EWE). The Empire were unsuccessful in regaining the tag team titles. The Spiderz were also unsuccessful in gaining the titles. The Bones, however, became the tag team champions on Pain 59 in a shocking upset. This infuriated the Spiderz who had a personality change and attacked the Bones in a match against the Empire.

Throughout Season Two, Liu Kang was defeating opponents left and right. But suddenly he was grabbed by Scorpion and Sub-Zero. They said that Reptile had been kidnapped and they blamed Kang. When Kang wouldn't say he kidnapped Reptile the two challenged him to Mortal Kombat.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac was a fighting American Champion. His reign came to a sudden halt when Hitler screwed him over and Dark Tornado became the champion on Pain 48. The following show Johnny and Hitler started fighting backstage and the fight escalated until Johnny threw Hitler off of Time Square and jumped after him. With no Hitler or Johnny, Dark Tornado got to change his focus. When Veg was making random title matches he gave Tornado a title shot. Tornado almost became the champion but got noticed by Joe Evenson and was given another title shot.

After CAW World War One, Joe announced a Money in the Bank Elimination Chamber at Dirty Deeds. There was a set of qualifiers the week before Dirty Deeds. Mario defeated Anti-Christ to qualify. Link & Satan defeated the Little People to qualify. Punisher and Thor defeated Jay Leno & Rhino to qualify. Jay Leno left this match and quit UWF. Gary Lewis defeated Charlie Chaplin to qualify.

After his win at CAW World War One, Joe decided to play more mind games with Veg-O-Man. He told him that he would fight for his job at Dirty Deeds and he chooses his opponent. Veg is given the choice of door 1,2,or 3. Joe also gave the Incredible Hulk a rematch at the UWF Championship. Joe claimed that Radioactive Man's win was a fluke and to prevent any such luck that the rematch was a 2-out-of-3 falls match.

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds was the Season Two Finale of UWF. It was first posted on November 23, 2005.

  • If Veg loses he is fired
  • Veg-O-Man vs. Veg's Random Choice(Eric Bischoff)
    • Veg chose door number two and got Eric Bischoff. Doors one and two had Anti-Christ and Justin X respectively
    • Veg pins Bischoff at 3:00
      • Joe screwed Bischoff and fires him. Joe and Veg bury the hatchet and dance in the middle of the ring.
  • Muhammed Hassan vs. Luigi
    • Muhammed Hassan pins Luigi at 5:19
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Liu Kang vs. Sub-Zero & Scorpion
    • Liu Kang defeats Sub-Zero at 2:46
    • Liu Kang defeats Scorpion at 5:54
      • Scorpion was crushed and killed between two spiked walls.
  • UWF American Championship
  • Team Tornado vs. Team Dark Tornado(c)
  • Tornado, Rhino, & Johnny vs. Dark Torndao(c), Hitler & The Undertaker
    • If Team Tornado wins Tornado becomes champ. If Team Dark Tornado wins he stays champ.
    • Johnny is eliminated 15:38 by DQ
    • Tornado eliminates Hitler at 16:39 by pinfall
    • Tornado eliminates Dark Tornado at 20:43 by pinfall
    • Undertaker eliminates Tornado at 21:27 by pinfall
    • Rhino pins the Undertaker at 21:39 to win Tornado the American Championship
      • After the match Hitler and Dark Tornado attack the Undertaker but the Undertaker chokeslams both of them.
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Ladder Match
  • Spiderz vs. Empire vs. Bones(c)
    • Fone Bone grabs the belts at 12:57 to retain the Tag Team Championship
  • Money in the Bank: Elimination Chamber
  • Mario vs. Punisher vs. Link vs. Gary Lewis vs. Satan vs. Thor
    • Mario and Link start the match
    • Satan enters at 1:13
    • Gary Lewis enters at 2:13
    • Satan eliminates Link at 3:09 by pinfall
    • Thor enters at 3:13
    • Punisher enters at 4:13
    • Punisher eliminates Mario at 6:35 by pinfall
    • Punisher eliminates Satan at 9:17 by pinfall
    • Gary Lewis eliminates Thor at 11:48 by pinfall
    • Punisher pins Gary Lewis at 11:57 to win the Money in the Bank contract
  • UWF Championship: 2-out-of-3 falls Match
  • The Incredible Hulk vs. Radioactive Man(c)
    • Radioactive Man pins Hulk at 5:32 to score the first fall
    • Hulk pins Radioactive Man at 8:41 to score the second fall
    • Radioactive Man pins Hulk at 13:55 to retain the UWF Championship

Season Three

After Dirty Deeds, UWF took one week off before returning to action. Season Three marked UWF's change from HCTP to SvR06. It also had the last episode of Pain and began the UWF Voltage shows(shows with multiple matches in them). UWF Season Three lasted from Voltage #1 through the Mega Event Inferno. It is notable for the many production errors, Joe's feud with CUWL Superstar Exodecai, the beginning of the faction war between the bWo and Ginyu Force, and Radioactive Man's tenure as UWF Champion.

Road to CAW World War Three

At Dirty Deeds, Veg-O-Man announced that he would be getting a partner in commentating UWF. He announced that the commentary partner would be Exodecai. From his part time in UWF Exodecai made it clear that he was not happy with how Joe Evenson ran UWF. This all came to a head when he walked out during commentary on Voltage #4.

The next week Joe Evenson was in the ring to interview the Punisher. However, Exodecai came out and gave Joe a demonslay. After this a last man standing match was made between the two at CAW World War 2. The next week Joe gave Exodecai a match against Thor. Exodecai had the match won but he chose to get himself disqualified as a message to Joe Evenson. On Voltage #8, Joe brought out a midget Exodecai and destroyed him in a match. Joe infuriated Exodecai when he defeated the midget with the demonslay.

CAW World War Two

CAW World War Two

Joe Evenson faced Exodecai at CAW World War Two in a Last Man Standing match. The two beat each other senseless in the match and fought all over the arena. Exodecai's then tag team partner Delexus came out to help Exodecai in the match. After Joe had been double teamed by the former CUWL Tag Team Champions, UWF Superstar Thor came out to help Joe. Thanks to Thor's interference, Joe was able to defeat Exodecai.

Road to Inferno

Following his win over Exodecai at CAW World War Two, Joe Evenson addressed controversy over the match. Many believed that Joe Evenson used his backstage powers to make Exodecai job. Joe said that the only reason why he won was because Thor interfered. Joe made a tag team match for Inferno with him and Thor going against the former CUWL Tag Team Champions, Destruction Force (Exodecai and Delexus).

At Dirty Deeds, Dark Tornado made a huge mistake by attacking the Undertaker after their match. The Undetaker started to haunt Dark Tornado. On the final Pain, the Undertaker entered into the Royal Rumble unexpectedly and eliminated Dark Tornado. He continued to interfere in Dark Tornado's matches and playing mind games with him. A match between the two at Inferno was made.

Johnny and Hitler had a bitter rivalry going on. After they returned at Dirty Deeds after being thrown off of a building, Johnny's hatred got the better of him and he was disqualified. Johnny was still angry and went out and killed the Anti-Christ and Justin X. On Voltage #3 Johnny was given a match against Guldo. He was still feeling bitter and got himself disqualified and followed it up by killing Guldo. Joe suspended Johnny but as a little bit of niceness he gave him a match against Hitler. Hitler wanted no part of Johnny and got himself disqualified. A few weeks later, Johnny returned and attacked Hitler after Hitler had a match. The two were given a hardcore match at Inferno.

The Ginyu Force made a huge impact on UWF when they first debuted. On Voltage #1 Recoome challenged Tornado for the American Championship and won it. However, another faction in UWF had risen. Link turned his back on Satan for eliminating him in the Elimination Chamber and joined with Mario and Luigi to form the bWo. The Ginyu Force screwed the bWo in many tag team matches until Jeice and Burter became the Tag Team Champions. Jeice and Burter even helped the Spiderz defeat the Marios in a match. However, the following week, the Spiderz were supposed to lay down for the Ginyu Force but refused and won the Tag Team Championship. Ness joined the bWo secretly and surprisingly defeated Recoome for the American Championship. So two matches were made from this, Ness would defend the American Championship in an open match and the Ginyu Force would face the bWo in an elimination tag team match.

The Spiderz had become the Tag Team Champions finally by refusing to lay down for the Ginyu Force. The Mortal Kombatants returned after a while of mourning the death of Scorpion and became the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship. The Spiderz revealed to the Mortal Kombatants that they were the ones that kidnapped Reptile which led to the death of Scorpion. Since the two teams had been warring since Season One and the Spiderz caused the death of their partner, the match at Inferno was made into a steel cage match.

Radioactive Man was a fighting UWF Champion and had been undefeated since his debut in UWF. He defended the UWF Championship many times and it looked like he wouldn't lose the title any time soon. However, there were two other men in UWF that also had undefeated streaks. Muhammed Hassan and Liu Kang had been undefeated since their debut in UWF. While Joe Evenson was announcing matches for Inferno, Hassan came out and demanded a title shot that night. Joe instead gave Liu Kang a title shot. While Kang was entering to the ring, Hassan came out and attack Liu Kang. Radioactive Man tried to save Kang but was also beaten down by Hassan. A triple threat match was made for Inferno with only one man leaving as the UWF Champion and undefeated superstar.


Inferno was the Season Three Finale for UWF. It also featured a Dark match which took place after the event for anybody who left feedback. It was originally posted on February 27, 2006.

  • Joe Evenson & Thor vs. Destruction Force
    • Exodecai pins Joe at 11:48
  • Dark Tornado vs. Undertaker
    • Undertaker pins Dark Tornado at 8:28
      • After the match a promo said that Undertaker would pay for what he did last summer.
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Steel Cage Match
  • Mortal Kombatants vs. Spiderz(c)
    • Spider-man escapes the cage at 8:26
    • Sub-Zero escapes the cage at 9:11
    • Scarlet Spider escapes the cage at 10:53 to retain the Tag Team Championship
  • UWF American Championship Open
  • Ness(c) vs. Recoome vs. Gary Lewis vs. Rhino vs. Pink Panther vs. Zatoichi
    • Zatoichi pins Ness at 6:16 to eliminate him
    • Recoome makes Rhino sumbit at 8:30 to eliminate him
    • Gary Lewis pins Pink Panther at 9:17 to eliminate him
    • Zatoichi pins Recoome at 11:43 to eliminate him
    • Zatoichi makes Gary Lewis submit at 13:01 to become the new American Champion
      • None of Ness's opponents were revealed before the match
      • Zatoichi debuts in this match and brings the NODQ Championship with him
  • Hardcore match
  • Adolph Hitler vs Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
    • Johnny pins Hitler at 16:46
  • Elimination 6-man Tornado Tag Team Match
  • bWo vs. Ginyu Force
    • Burter pins Bluigi at 7:43 to eliminate him
    • Captain Ginyu pins Blue Vegas Link at 9:11 to eliminate him
    • Jeice pins Bluio at 10:02 to win the match for his team
  • UWF Championship
  • Liu Kang vs. Muhammed Hassan vs. Radioactive Man(c)
    • Radioactive Man pins Muhammed Hassan at 23:13 to retain the UWF Championship

Dark Match

  • Marv vs. Tornado
    • Marv pins Tornado at 3:06
      • This is Marv's debut match
  • UWF Championship
  • Punisher vs. Radioactive Man(c)
    • Punisher pins Radioactive Man to become the new UWF Champion
      • Punisher attacked Radioactive Man at a bar while Radioactive Man was celebrating his victory and cashed in his Money in the Bank

Season Four

After Inferno, UWF took off a week before returning to action. Season Four has been the only season with a person besides Joe Evenson running UWF. Simon Orangefish, the leader of the OC, became the owner. Season Four ran from Voltage #11 through The Final Countdown. Season Four is notable for the UWF branch of the OC, the Johnny and Dark Tornado feud, the death of Liu Kang and Zatoichi reign as the UWF American Champion.

Road to The Final Countdown

Joe Evenson was not happy about his loss at Inferno. He, however, was able to get past that with Exodecai and Exo was able to continue commentating. There was trouble brewing though. The leader of the OC and former CUWL Champion, Simon Orangefish, used the money he got from his short run in CCW to but up a lot of outstanding UWF stock. Joe didn't see it coming and shortly Simon Orangefish was the majority stock holder. Simon made this known on Voltage #12 and he fired Joe and Veg-O-Man. He also revealed the Ginyu Force as the UWF members of the OC.

Zatoichi was the NODQ Champion when he came to UWF. He had defeated Superman for the title at the last NODQ show at the time, Fully Charged. He had gone throughout his entire NODQ career undefeated. When he came to UWF he looked to be continuing that streak. He was the American Champion an kept defending the title with ease. Marv had debuted at Inferno during the dark match. He too had an incredible streak going. Throughout the season Marv went undefeated and gained an American Title shot at The Final Countdown.

After losing at Inferno, the bWo was angry. Ness, Bluigi, and Bluio kicked Blue Vegas Link out of the bWo after he led them to losses. The following weeks the bWo members faced Link. Due to run-ins by the other members, Link lost all the matches. The bWo was not finished with Link, however, and a match was made at The Final Countdown with the bWo vs. Link and two partners of his choosing.

At Dirty Deeds, Liu Kang caused the death of Scorpion. When Liu Kang was facing Punisher for the UWF Championship, Scorpion returned and killed Liu Kang. Scorpion explained that he was already dead and that you can't kill a dead person. In the weeks to come, Scorpion and the rest of the Mortal Kombatants made fun of Liu Kang until Kang returned as one of the undead. A match was set for the two at The Final Countdown. And it would be a three out of five deaths Mortal Kombat match.

The Undertaker had a decisive victory over Dark Tornado at Inferno. After the match a video played telling the Undertaker "I know what you did last summer and you are going to pay for it". Throughout the season the video played during Undertaker's matches and caused him to lose the matches. During one match, however, masked men came out and attacked the Undertaker. Then Muhammed Hassan came out and revealed that it was him who wanted revenge. The summer before at The Great American Bash, The Undertaker Last Rided Hassan through the stage and ended Hassan's WWE career. A buried alive match was made between the two.

Johnny had gotten revenge against Hitler at Inferno. He still wanted revenge on Dark Tornado for taking his American Championship from him. Johnny stated that he planned on killing Dark Tornado. Dark Tornado used this threat to stay away from UWF. He said that since his life was threatened that he didn't have to come to work. He also told Johnny that Johnny couldn't hurt him but that he could still hurt Johnny. Hitler then attacked Johnny. One day Johnny addressed Dark Tornado and told him that he had kidnapped Hitler. Johnny challenged Dark Tornado at The Final Countdown and if Dark Tornado didn't show then Hitler would die.

The Spiderz had finally defeated their longtime rivals, the Mortal Kombatants, at Inferno and were the UWF Tag Team Champions. This happiness was short lived, however, since they would lose their titles to the Bones. Then during the rematch between the two teams, the Ginyu Force attacked both teams and with Simon's power they put themselves into the match and became the new tag team champions. The Mortal Kombatants faced the Ginyu Force for the titles next. Scarlet Spider was able to put the past behind him and help the Mortal Kombatants become the new tag team champions. Immediately following the match, the Mortal Kombatants returned the favor by attacking Scarlet Spider. The Bones faced the Spiderz for the number one contendership but the Mortal Kombatants attacked both teams. Due to the match not having any winner, a triple threat hardcore match between the three teams was made for The Final Countdown.

The Punisher had become the UWF Champion when he turned in his Money in the Bank contract in a bar after Inferno. The Punisher also injured Radioactive Man in this encounter. The following weeks saw Punisher defend his title until Simon Orangefish gave Captain Ginyu a title shot. The Punisher pinned Ginyu and the other members of the Ginyu Force proceeded to attack the Punisher. Simon then came out and stated that the match was a two-out-of-three falls No DQ match. Captain Ginyu gained an easy victory and became the UWF Champion. The Punisher demanded a rematch but Thor and Rhino also demanded title shots. The three fought in a triple threat match with Rhino coming out on top.

Punisher and Thor continued to face each other over the weeks in some intense matches. Rhino faced Ginyu for the UWF Championship. However, Ginyu first made Rhino fight all the rest of the Ginyu Force first. Rhino beat them and then beat Ginyu for the UWF Championship. Simon then came out and stated that Rhino cheated by hitting Ginyu with the title belt during the match. He then reversed the decision and fired Rhino. Simon Orangefish also wanted a great match for the main event of The Final Countdown. He decided to have a six man elimination Hell in a Cell for the UWF Championship. It would be Captain Ginyu defending the title against Thor and the Punisher. Also, Radioactive Man would return in the match. The final two people would be mysteries with one being a person Simon recently signed to UWF and the other being a person Simon would reveal at The Final Countdown.

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown was the Season Four finale of UWF. It was originally posted June 2, 2006.

  • UWF American Championship
  • Marv vs. Zatoichi(c)
    • Zatoichi KO's Marv at 6:08 to retain the American Championship
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac vs. Dark Tornado
    • Dark Tornado wins by DQ at 11:02
      • After the match Johnny keeps attacking Dark Tornado and then rips off his head
  • Three Man Elimination Tag Team Match
  • bWo vs. Link & two partners (Jeice & Burter)
    • Jeice pins Ness at 9:48 to eliminate him
    • Jeice pins Bluigi at 11:22 to eliminate him
    • Bluio makes Jeice submit at 13:10 to eliminate him
    • Bluio makes Burter submit at 13:46 to eliminate him
    • Bluio makes Link submit at 21:29 to win the match for his team
      • After the match Link attacks the Ginyu Force and rejoins the bWo. This reveals that the bWo planned this entire thing to get back at the Ginyu Force
  • Simon comes out to announce another person in the HIAC
    • Joe comes out and reveals that he was able to buy stock to become owner once again. Simon is fired and Rhino returns and is entered into the HIAC. Veg-O-Man also returns
  • Mortal Kombat: Three-Out-Of-Five Deaths Match
  • Scorpion vs. Liu Kang
    • Scorpion rips off Liu Kang's head at 1:43 for a point
    • Liu Kang blows Scorpion up at 4:06 for a point
    • Liu Kang possesses Scorpion and rips off his head at 5:26 for a point
    • Scorpion kicks Liu Kang into a firepit at 7:13 for a point
    • Scorpion crushes Liu Kang in a press at 9:55 to win the match
  • Marv beats up Tornado backstage because he was upset over his loss
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Hardcore Match
  • Spiderz vs. Bones vs. Mortal Kombatants(c)
    • Sub-Zero pins Scarlet Spider at 9:24 to retain the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Johnny kills Hitler backstage
  • Buried Alive Match
  • The Undertaker vs. Muhammed Hassan
    • The Undertaker buries Muhammed Hassan alive at 14:15
  • UWF Championship: Elimination Hell in a Cell Match
  • Captain Ginyu(c) vs. Thor vs. The Punisher vs. Rhino vs. Radioactive Man vs. new talent(Incredible Hulk)
    • Rhino pins The Punisher at 6:36 to eliminate him
    • Captain Ginyu pins Rhino at 7:32 to eliminate him
    • The Incredible Hulk pins Captain Ginyu at 17:28 to eliminate him
    • Thor pins The Incredible Hulk at 23:00 to eliminate him
    • Thor pins Radioactive Man at 35:09 to become the new UWF Championship

Season Five

UWF took a week off before returning for Season Five. Season Five is notable for not having that many shows. Season Five also had the Ultimate UWF Tournament, a tournament involving almost every UWF Superstar. The Season also included appearances on other shows including COH and CWWIII. UWF Season Five ran from The Ultimate UWF Tournament to Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007.

The Ultimate UWF Tournament

The Ultimate UWF Tournament was a tournament involving almost every UWF Superstar. The winner would get a UWF Championship match at the next Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe.. The tournament was a single elimination tournament with the last UWF Champion and the American Champion getting byes. Three people also had to face each other in a triple threat match. The tournament also marked the debuts of Ash Williams and NODQ International Champion, Chef. The first round was first posted on June 20, 2006. The Second and Third rounds were first posted on June 22, 2006. The last rounds were on Voltage #21 and was posted June, 27, 2006.

  • Round One
  • Bye: Captain Ginyu
  • Bye: Zatoichi
  • Burter defeats Pink Panther
  • Fone Bone defeats Ness
  • Liu Kang defeats Reptile
  • Rhino defeats Jeice
  • The Punisher defeats Smiley Bone
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac defeats Sub-Zero
  • Marv defeats Gary Lewis
  • Link defeats Scarlet Spider
  • Bluigi defeats Bluio
  • Ash Williams defeats Radioactive Man
  • The Incredible Hulk defeats Recoome
  • Chef defeats Scorpion & Spider-man
  • Round Two
  • Captain Ginyu gets another bye when Zatoichi refuses to fight
  • Burter defeats Fone Bone
  • Rhino defeats Liu Kang
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac defeats The Punisher
  • Marv defeats Blue Vegas Link
  • Ash Williams defeats Bluigi
  • The Incredible Hulk defeats Chef
  • Round Three
  • Captain Ginyu defeats Burter
  • Rhino defeats Johnny
  • Marv defeats Ash Williams
  • Bye: The Incredible Hulk
  • Semi-Finals
  • Rhino defeats Captain Ginyu
  • The Incredible Hulk defeats Marv
  • Finals
  • Rhino defeats The Incredible Hulk to win the tournament and an opportunity for a UWF Championship match

Road to CWWIII

Since Rhino had already locked in a title match other people tried getting a UWF Championship match. CWWIII was announced and a UWF title match would take place there. Who the match would involve would be determined at the COH Crowning Glory Anniversary show. Captain Ginyu and Radioactive Man faced each other in one of the most famous UWF matches. The two flew around the arena until Radioactive Man pinned Captain Ginyu. The match for CWWIII was set as Radioactive Man vs. Thor.

Many changes in UWF occurred on Voltage #22. Zatoichi defended the American Championship against Marv. Zatoichi walked away and vacated the title. He decided to focus on his NODQ Championship that he had not yet defended. Chef was the NODQ International Champion when NODQ had folded the year before. He brought the title with him and lost it to Ash Williams on Voltage #22. Also, The Punisher challenged Radioactive Man for the title shot at CWWIII. The two had screwed each other over in the Ultimate UWF Tournament. Radioactive Man was happy to face the man that stole his title and injured him. The Punisher managed to win the match and got to face Thor for the UWF Championship in a cage match at CWWIII.

CAW World War Three

CAW World War Three

The Punisher faced Thor at CAW World War Three for the UWF Championship inside of a steel cage. It was a brutal and close match. In the end Thor managed to come out on top and keep his UWF Championship. Also at CWWIII, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac represented UWF in the multi-league Royal Rumble. Johnny entered mid-match but was eliminated in the match. Thor would go on to defend his title once more before Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. He defended it against Captain Ginyu at COH Crowning Glory 2. Thor won the match and kept the title.

Road to Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007

The Mortal Kombatants were now three time UWF Tag Team Champions. They had been dominate and defeated every team that came in front of them. Believing themselves unbeatable, they challenged any team that they had never beaten to a match for the titles. However, there were very little teams that could say that the Mortal Kombatants had never beaten them. The Spiderz and Bones had both lost to them so they faced got a match against each other at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007 for #1 contendership.

The bWo had gotten some revenge against the Ginyu Force when they duped everyone by making them think that Link had been kicked out of the bWo. This was used in order to jump Ginyu Force members Burter and Jeice. The Ginyu Force had also been kicked out of the OC due to losing. Joe was sick of all this bWo vs. Ginyu shit going on and made a bWo vs. Ginyu Force match at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. The losing team would be forced to disband.

The American Championship had been vacant ever since Zatoichi had vacated the title. The title needed a new champion and a tournament was held for it. The tournament was held at a house show and wasn't aired. The finals, however, were to take place at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac was finished with his revenge against Hitler and Dark Tornado for stealing the American Championship from him that he now seeked to reclaim it. Marv also seeked to become the champion after losing to Zatoichi at The Final Countdown. The two men were to face each other in Johnny's specialty: a hardcore match!

The NoDQ International Championship came to UWF with a bang when Ash Williams defeated Chef for the title. Ash hoped to be a great International Champion and proved this when his first title defense was announced. He would defend the title against 5 men all with history in a ladder match: Chef, Captain Ginyu, Scorpion, Link, and Liu Kang. Captain Ginyu and Link had been feuding ever since the Ginyu Force came to UWF. Liu Kang and Scorpion had been killing each other left and right. Everything was in place to make a spectacular match.

Radioactive Man and Punisher were two men who could have been friends in the past. They were both fan favorites. This all changed when Punisher attacked Radioactive Man. Minutes after Inferno, The Punisher attacked an exhausted Radioactive Man in a bar and cashed in his Money in the Bank to become the new UWF Champion. Radioactive Man's hamstring was injured and he couldn't return until The Final Countdown. Radioactive Man got some revenge by outlasting Punisher and almost winning the UWF Championship. But during the UWF Ultimate Tournament, The Punisher speared Radioactive Man and caused him to be eliminated in the first round. Radioactive Man then did the same to the Punisher in the next round. The two met again when Punisher challenged Radioactive Man to a match with the winner getting a UWF title shot at CWWIII. Punisher won the match. Radioactive Man was given another chance at revenge when he was given a match against the Punisher at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007.

Zatoichi was the current NoDQ CAW Champion. He had defeated Superman at Fully Charged for the title. NoDQ then disbanded and Zatoichi came to UWF months later. He became the American Champion and focused on keeping the title. After a while he was getting sick of the American Championship. He was also angry at the owner of the old NoDQ Aaron Rift for having a Zatoichi look alike job. Zatoichi then vacated the American Championship to go back to the NoDQ CAW Championship. Zatoichi had never lost a match in his entire CAW career. He challenged any former NoDQ superstar that he had never beaten in a match. He would defend the NoDQ CAW Championship against them at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007.

Rhino became the #1 contender for the UWF Championship by winning the Ultimate UWF Tournament. He got a title shot against Thor at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. Thor had been defending his title left and right against all challengers that came to him. He would face this challenge too. The match between the two would be brutal when it was made a 15-minute Ironman Tables match.

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe was the 5th season finale for UWF. The show was originally posted on April 3rd, 2007.

  • Three-on-Three Tag Team Match: Losers disband
  • bWo vs. The Ginyu Force
    • Recoome pins Ness at 11:56 to win the match for the Ginyu Force
  • UWF Tag Team Championship #1 contender: Tornado Tag Team Match
  • Bones vs. Spiderz
    • Scarlet Spider pins Smiley Bone at 14:17 to become the #1 contender
  • UWF American Championship: Hardcore Match
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac vs. Marv
    • Johnny pins Marv at 12:54 to become the new UWF American Champion
  • Radioactive Man vs. The Punisher
    • Radioactive Man pins The Punisher at 12:18
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Mortal Kombatants(c) vs. any team they've never beaten (Mario Brothers)
    • Luigi pins Sub-Zero to win the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • NoDQ International Championship: Ladder Match
  • Chef vs. Link vs. Liu Kang vs. Scorpion vs. Captain Ginyu vs. Ash Williams(c)
    • Ash Williams grabs the belt at 15:04 to retain the NoDQ International Championship
  • NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Zatoichi(c) vs. any former NoDQ superstar he's never beaten(Mr. Clean & Jason Voorhees)
    • Jason Voorhees pins Zatoichi at 9:31 to become the new NoDQ CAW Champion
  • UWF Championship: 15 Minute Ironman Tables Match
  • Rhino vs. Thor(c)
    • Thor puts Rhino through a table at 3:59 0-1
    • Rhino puts Thor through a table at 4:54 1-1
    • Rhino puts Thor through a table at 7:06 2-1
    • Rhino puts Thor through a table at 7:57 3-1
    • Rhino puts Thor through a table at 9:57 4-1
    • Thor puts Rhino through a table at 10:54 4-2
    • Thor puts Rhino through a table at 11:43 4-3
    • Thor puts Rhino through a table at 12:17 4-4
    • Rhino puts Thor through a table at 12:39 5-4
    • Thor puts Rhino through a table at 13:53 5-5
    • Thor puts Rhino through a table at 14:48 5-6
    • Thor wins 6-5 to retain the UWF Championship

Season Six

UWF took about two months off before returning with the beginning of Season Six. Season Six was a long season and lasted until May 2008. Season Six also featured POD7 as the commentator until Deathsplosion. After that Project was the commentator but then he left and Joe became the commentator. Season Six is notable for having three mega events, starting the UWF Women's division, the Chamber of Hell match, and UWF's switch to Smackdown vs. RAW 2007. Season Six lasted from UWF Ultimate Shockwave #1 through Super Wrestlemania.

Road to Deathsplosion

Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl made his UWF debut during a Royal Rumble. He started his career greatly with some wins. Ash Williams won the NoDQ International from Chef. When Ash defended the title against Chef, both Luke Bearl and Marv interfered and caused a no contest. Two matches were then made for Deathsplosion. Luke would try and kick start his career by facing Chef in a match and Marv would try and finally win a championship by facing Ash for the NoDQ International Championship.

Johnny became the only two-time American Champion by beating Marv at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. He would defend the title against anybody. Recoome, a former American Champion, had been embarrassed since he lost his title to Ness. Recoome defeated five other men in order to get a title shot and try and win back the title. A match between the two was made at Deathsplosion.

The Spiderz were granted a title shot against the Mario Brothers by beating the Bones at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. The match was made for Deathsplosion but there was still time before the match. In the weeks leading up to Deathsplosion, Spider-man was able to get a win over Luigi. The following week, Mario was able to beat the Scarlet Spider. Both teams had wins and their match could go either way.

Mr. Clean came to UWF at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007 in Zatoichi's NoDQ Championship challenge. Mr. Clean didn't win the title but Zatoichi still lost the title. Zatoichi was bitter about this and showed it. The two men were partners in a match and when Mr. Clean went to tag Zatoichi, Zatoichi stepped away. Mr. Clean was double teamed by the other team and was pinned as Zatoichi watched. The next week, the two faced but Zatoichi got himself disqualified. The two continued to beat each other down after the match. They were given a match at Deathsplosion. The match would be a No Disqualifications match so that they could beat each other as much as they want.

UWF threw a Royal Rumble to start off the sixth season of UWF. The winner of the match would get title shot for either the NoDQ CAW Champion or the UWF Champion at Deathsplosion. It would be the winner's choice for whichever title they wanted. Captain Ginyu became the winner and challenged Jason Voorhees for the NoDQ CAW Champion. Jason was able to beat Ginyu in a non-title match but Ginyu struck back by beating Jason in a tag team match. The title match was made and the two men would fight.

Thor was the UWF Champion and was defending the title left and right. Link was able to eliminate Thor in the Royal Rumble and challenged him for the UWF Championship. Thor told Link that he had not earned a one on one title shot. Joe Evenson then came up with the idea for a Chamber of Hell match. It was essentially a Hell in a Cell inside of an Elimination Chamber. Thor would defend his title against Link, The Punisher, Radioactive Man, Rhino, and one other man. The other man would have to earn the spot. First he would have to team up with his enemy then beat them. Zatoichi and Mr. Clean teamed up to face Liu Kang and Scorpion. Zatoichi screwed Mr. Clean to give Liu Kang and Scorpion the win. The following week, Scorpion beat Liu Kang for the spot in the Chamber of Hell. Scorpion then made Thor tap out in a three man tag team match. All six men battled after the match but Scorpion had the most momentum going into the match.


Deathsplosion was the first Mega Event of UWF's sixth season. It was originally posted on October 24th, 2007.

  • Chef vs. Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl
    • Luke Bearl pins Chef at 4:22
  • NoDQ International Championship
  • Marv vs. Ash Williams(c)
    • Ash Williams pins Marv at 8:19 to retain the NoDQ International Championship
  • UWF American Championship
  • Recoome vs. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac(c)
    • Johnny pins Recoome at 9:15 to retain the UWF American Championship
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Spiderz vs. Mario Brothers(c)
    • Lugi pins Spider-man at 9:54 to retain the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Joe Evenson announces that the winner of the Mr. Clean/Zatoichi match will get a NoDQ title shot at the next Mega Event, Dirtier Deeds
    • The Incredible Hulk comes out demanding a match. Joe tells him he will never have another match since he embarrassed Joe
  • NoDQ CAW Championship #2 contender: No Disqualifications Match
  • Mr. Clean vs. Zatoichi
    • Mr. Clean pins Zatoichi at 13:36 to become the #2 contender for the NoDQ CAW Championship
  • NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Captain Ginyu vs. Jason Voorhees(c)
    • Jason pins Ginyu at 9:21 to retain the NoDQ CAW Championship
  • UWF Championship: Chamber of Hell Match
  • Radioactive Man vs. Rhino. vs. The Punisher vs. Link vs. Scorpion vs. Thor(c)
    • Radioactive Man and The Punisher start the match
    • Scorpion enters at 1:01
    • Thor enters at 2:02
    • Link enters at 3:02
    • Rhino enters at 4:02
    • Thor pins Punisher at 4:29 to eliminate him
    • Radioactive Man pins Link at 10:25 to eliminate him
    • Thor pins Radioactive Man at 11:05 to eliminate him
    • Thor pins Rhino at 12:54 to eliminate him
    • Thor pins Scorpion at 13:51 to retain the UWF Championship

Road to Dirtier Deeds

UWF had never had a Women's division before. There were rumors that UWF was getting a new title. When it was announced that UWF was getting a women's division, everyone was excited. The first Women's Champion would be crowned at Dirtier Deeds in a five person elimination match.

The first Shockwave since Deathsplosion featured a mini tag team tournament with the winners facing the Mario Brothers for the UWF Tag Team Championship at Dirtier Deeds. The Spiderz were defeated in the first round by the Ginyu Force. The Mortal Kombatants were defeated by the Bones in the first round. The Ginyu Force faced the Bones but then the lights went out and when they came back on Fone Bone was missing. The Mortal Kombatants had taken him backstage and attacked him. Smiley Bone lost the match but was furious that his partner was injured. He challenged the Mortal Kombatants to a tag team match where he could choose any partner and the winning team would be the #2 contenders for the UWF Tag Team Championship.

The Ginyu Force defeated the Bones in the finals of the tag team tournament to get a tag team title shot. The following week, Burter was able to defeat Mario in a match. Then Jeice and Burter started attacking Luigi backstage in the weeks after. They claimed that Mario was the weak link in the team so they had to attack the stronger member. They continued to wear down Luigi before their match at Dirtier Deeds.

After their loss at Deathsplosion and the tag team tournament, the Spiderz decided that it would be best to disband. They then faced each other in a friendly match with Scarlet Spider winning. Meanwhile, Ash Williams was defending his International Championship against all challengers. He was the most successful International Champion in the history of the title. Back in NoDQ, the title was known as being meaningless since it changed hands too much, but Ash was able to bring meaning back to the title. Spider-man and Scarlet Spider faced each other for #1 contendership for the International Championship. Scarlet Spider beat Spider-man again and the match against Ash was set at Dirtier Deeds.

Captain Ginyu and Radioactive Man had faced each other a couple times in the past with Radioactive Man always getting the win. Ginyu was defeated by Radioactive Man back when RM was the UWF Champion. Radioactive Man also defeated Ginyu during the flying UWF match. In a match with Mario vs. Burter, Captain Ginyu came out to help Burter. Radioactive Man wouldn't let this stand and he came out to stop Ginyu. The two fought outside of the ring and anger ensued. When the two faced a few weeks later, Captain Ginyu got himself disqualified and then beat down on Radioactive Man. A grudge match between the two was set for Dirtier Deeds.

Johnny kept his American Championship against Recoome at Deathsplosion. Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl was on a roll ever since he came to UWF. Marv was always able to get title matches but just could never win them. So Luke and Marv faced each other for the #1 contendership for the American Championship. Recoome came out during the match and attacked both men. Joe was going to make it a triple threat for #1 contendership but then Johnny came out and attacked people. Joe was angry and made it a fatal fourway for the American Championship at Dirtier Deeds. The competitors were supposed to team up and face each other in a tag team match. When Recoome no-showed, Johnny was left to a double team by Luke and Marv. Joe proceeded to kick Recoome out of the match and fill his spot with a different person. The last competitor was not revealed until Dirtier Deeds.

Mr. Clean became the #1 contender for the NoDQ CAW Championship when he defeated Zatoichi at Deathsplosion. He was ready to face Jason Voorhees for the title at Dirtier Deeds. Mr. Clean then showed his true colors when he faced Jason in a non-title match. He attacked Jason with the belt and was able to pin Jason. Then he wore Jason's title to disgrace him. These two men had faced each other once in a one-on-one before for the NoDQ CAW Championship. In the match Mr. Clean was able to beat Jason. Mr. Clean hoped for history to be repeated at Dirtier Deeds.

The weeks following Deathsplosion featured videos saying "Joe Fixit is coming to UWF" and that "He was going to fix the problem" with the UWF Championship. Joe Evenson put Joe Fixit into a match for #1 contendership for the UWF Championship. He figured that if Joe Fixit was strong it would be good or if he was weak then he would be hilarious to see get destroyed. When Joe Fixit came out it was revealed that he was the Hulk but gray. Evenson was furious because he told the Hulk that he would never have another match. The Hulk embarrassed Joe when Hulk had lost the UWF Championship. Joe Fixit became #1 contender then showed his dominance over Thor when the two brawled. Both men had defeated each other before and their match at Dirtier Deeds would be a rubber match.

Dirtier Deeds

Dirtier Deeds was the second UWF Mega Event of the sixth season. It also featured a pre-show with was up two days beforehand. Dirtier Deeds was originally posted April 5, 2008.

  • Dirter Deeds
  • UWF Women's Championship
  • Sonya Blade vs. Honey Ryder vs. Scarlet Witch vs. Delia vs. Power Girl
    • Scarlet Witch pins Honey Ryder at 5:16 to eliminate her
    • Scarlet With pins Power Girl at 7:46 to eliminate her
    • Delia pins Sonya Blade at 8:49 to eliminate her
    • Scarlet Witch pins Delia at 9:14 to become the first UWF Women's Champion
  • Punisher gets into Jason's face backstage and Jason gives him a Crystal Lake Slam
  • UWF American Championship
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac(c) vs. Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl vs. Marv vs. another person(Gary Lewis)
    • Gary Lewis pins Marv at 7:04 to become the new UWF American Champion
  • Delia seduces Chef backstage
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Ginyu Force vs. Mario Brothers(c)
    • Luigi pins Jeice at 9:11 to retain the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Zatoichi attacks Mr. Clean backstage
  • NoDQ International Championship
  • Scarlet Spider vs. Ash Williams(c)
    • Ash pins Scarlet Spider at 9:36 to retain the NoDQ International Championship
  • Joe Evenson comes out
    • Joe announces that Chef is dead
    • Joe also announces that Mr. Clean is in no shape to compete and thus will be replaced in his match
    • Joe also announces that Zatoichi is suspended
  • Captain Ginyu vs. Radioactive Man
    • Radioactive Man pins Ginyu at 13:45
  • NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Jason Voorhees(c) vs. Mystery Opponent(Spider-man)
    • Spider-man pins Jason at 13:45 to become the new NoDQ CAW Champion
  • Joe tells Link to prove himself worthy of a title shot
  • UWF Championship
  • Joe Fixit vs. Thor(c)
    • Joe Fixit pins Thor at 16:50 to become the new UWF Champion

Road to Super Wrestlemania

The UWF Women's Division was off to a great start after Dirtier Deeds. Scarlet Witch was the first champion and would go on to defend her title against Delia. But then tragedy struck. The third episode of the UWF Women's show was set to have a 30 woman Royal Rumble with the winner getting a title shot at Super Wrestlemania. The driver for the bus got lost and wound up crashing the bus in a plane killing all onboard. Scarlet Witch and Delia were the only two not dead and the women's division in UWF was officially over.

Ash Williams was the greatest NoDQ International Champion of all time. He defended the title left and right against all challengers. One man seemed to have Ash's number though. Scorpion was able to pin Ash in a tag team match and then made Ash tap out the following week in a non-title match. Scorpion was given a title shot at Super Wrestlemania for Ash's NoDQ International Championship.

Smiley Bone had gotten revenge when he and Liu Kang defeated the Mortal Kombatants at the Dirtier Deeds pre-show. They were now the #1 contenders for the UWF Tag Team Championship and were set to face the Mario Brothers at Super Wrestlemania. The two teams were talking in the ring when Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl came to the ring. He challenged the Mario Brothers for the UWF Tag Team Championship. The Marios reluctantly agreed and Luke's partner was revealed to be Marv. Luke and Marv defeated the Marios and were the new UWF Tag Team Champions. Smiley Bone and Liu Kang had new opponents at Super Wrestlemania.

Johnny lost the American Championship to the returning Gary Lewis at Dirtier Deeds. Johnny got a rematch and was about to win but got screwed over by Lewis's new girlfriend, Scarlet Witch. Gary Lewis then defended his title against two random jobbers. While he and Scarlet Witch celebrated in the ring, Johnny attacked both of them. Johnny was irate over being screwed out of his title. He then slaughtered Delia and strangled referee Kevin Johnson to death. Recoome forfeited a #1 contenders match against Johnny since he didn't want to be killed and Johnny was set to face Gary Lewis at Super Wrestlemania.

Joe Fixit was the new UWF Champion after he defeated Thor at Dirtier Deeds. He was cocky when he became champion and wanted to prove how great he was. Joe Fixit challenged every person. On UWF Shockwave #13, the UWF Championship would be on the entire show. If someone could pin or submit him anywhere, they would be the new UWF Champion. Anyone, that is, except Thor. During the challenge, Thor knocked out Mr. Fixit in the ring and caused him to lose the title. Fixit got his revenge when he caused Thor to lose a UWF Championship #1 contenders match. The two were given a hardcore match at Super Wrestlemania to settle the score.

Captain Ginyu lost to Radioactive Man at Dirtier Deeds but would still go up in rank. During Joe Fixit's UWF Championship challenge, Captain Ginyu managed to pin the knocked out Joe Fixit. Radioactive Man immediately challenged Captain Ginyu for the UWF Championship since he beat Ginyu at Dirtier Deeds. Ginyu said no since in his contract he got to choose one man not to defend the title against and he chose Radioactive Man. The Punisher and Thor faced each other for the title shot at Super Wrestlemania and Punisher won after Joe Fixit screwed over Thor. The Punisher had a title shot against the man that stole his first UWF Championship.

Mr. Clean was supposed to face Jason Voorhees for the NoDQ Championship at Dirtier Deeds but was attacked by Zatoichi. Mr. Clean was unable to compete and Spider-man replaced him. Link wanted to know why he wasn't chosen for the spot and Joe told him to prove himself. Spider-man became the new NoDQ Champion and Mr. Clean felt like he deserved it. Mr. Clean attacked Spider-man and Link came out for the save. The next week, Mr. Clean faced Spider-man and got himself DQ'd. He continued to attack Spider-man but then Link came out for the save again. Jason then came out and attacked Link. Joe decided to make a triple threat match at Super Wrestlemania. Spider-man would choose one opponent out of Link, Mr. Clean, and Jason Voorhees while the two not chosen would fight for the last spot. Spider-man chose Mr. Clean after Clean beat him down during the UWF Challenge. Link faced Jason and beat him after Punisher attacked Jason. Punisher attacked Jason since Jason Crystal Lake Slammed him at Dirtier Deeds. Jason was set to face The Punisher but the match was delayed due to Punisher's title shot. Spider-man was set to face Mr. Clean and Link at Super Wrestlemania for the NoDQ Championship. The match was then turned into a Triforce TLC match.

Super Wrestlemania

Super Wrestlemania was the third Mega Event of Season Six of UWF. It was also the Season Finale. It was originally poste May 21, 2008.

  • NoDQ International Championship
  • Scorpion vs. Ash Williams(c)
    • Ash pins Scorpion at 8:50 to retain the NoDQ International Championship
  • UWF American Championship
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac vs. Gary Lewis(c)
    • Gary Lewis pins Johnny at 9:45 to retain the UWF American Championship
    • During and after the match, a man with a mannequin head attacked Johnny
  • Hardcore Match
  • Thor vs. Joe Fixit
    • Punisher interferes and helps Joe Fixit
    • Joe Fixit pins Thor at 15:08
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Tag Team Elimination Match
  • Smiley Bone & Liu Kang vs. Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl(c) & Marv(c)
    • Marv pins Liu Kang at 9:47 to eliminate him
    • Smiley Bone pins Marv at 11:05 to eliminate him
    • Luke Bearl pins Smiley Bone at 14:21 to retain the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • UWF Championship
  • The Punisher vs. Captain Ginyu(c)
    • Captain Ginyu pins the Punisher at 14:10 to retain the UWF Championship
    • After the match, Radioactive Man comes out and tell Ginyu that's he's the new #1 contender
  • NoDQ CAW Championship: Triforce TLC Match
  • Link vs. Mr. Clean vs. Spider-man(c)
    • Link grabs the title at 16:29 to become the new NoDQ CAW Champion

Season Seven

UWF took off only about a week before returning with its seventh season. Season Seven of UWF ran throughout the summer of 2008. It also featured the debut of the Joebot aka J.O.D.O.C. (Joe Organism Designed Only for Commentating) as the commentator. The Joebot was a robot based upon the personality of the UWF Owner, Joe Evenson. The Seventh Season also featured the return of UWF Pain and a new way that shows were aired. UWF Pain mainly featured higher card people and matches and UWF Shockwave mainly featured mid to lower card people and matches. UWF's seventh season ran from UWF Pain #71 through UWF Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008.

Road to Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008

Mr. Clean has been after Spider-man ever since Dirtier Deeds. He attacked him in the weeks leading up to Super Wrestlemania and the two even battled bitterly at Super Wrestlemania. Neither man left the Triforce TLC Match as the champion. Mr. Clean still wanted the title badly and attacked Link following a match. Mr. Clean then faced Spider-man and battered him greatly during the match. Mr. Clean lost against Link. When Mr. Clean and Spider-man fought once again, Spider-man remembered the beating he had taken. Spider-man and Mr. Clean both wound up getting disqualified. Then during a number one contender's match, they focused mostly on each other that Zatoichi was able to pick up the victory. When Mr. Clean had a non-title match against Link, Spider-man came out and went after Mr. Clean. It was clear that these two needed a fight. A match was made for Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008 and it would be a no disqualifications match. However, Spider-man declined the opportunity for it to be a number one contender's match. Spider-man knew that Mr. Clean wanted the NoDQ Title so Spider-man wanted Mr. Clean to know that there was no chance he would get a title shot and that the reason was because of Spider-man.

Ash Williams was able to leave Super Wrestlemania as the NoDQ International Champion. Scorpion couldn't believe and went on a trip to a cabin in the woods. At this cabin, he found a tape player and took it with him. Scorpion demanded that Ash defends the title against him or else the tape would be played. Ash obliged and lost the title in an impromptu match. Scorpion showed his dishonesty and played the tape anyways. Ash would take a leave of absence in order to fight deadites. Sub-Zero betrayed his truce with the Mortal Kombatants in order to try and win the title but Scorpion killed him in Mortal Kombat. Scorpion would go on a rampage as the champion and would defeat everyone in his path. A new Sub-Zero even emerged. He was the younger brother of the other Sub-Zero. Scorpion looked dominant until Zatoichi returned from his suspension and became the new NoDQ International Champion. Recoome would win a number one contender's match and attacked Zatoichi. After a few weeks Zatoichi vacated the title. Furious that he wasn't awarded the title, Recoome interfered in a title match between Mario and Scorpion. The following week Scorpion defeated Mario in a rematch to win the vacant title. Recoome stayed after Scorpion and cost him a match against Jeice one week before Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008 and then wore the title around the ring. Recoome made it obvious that he planned on becoming the new champion at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008.

An alliance was formed between Joe Fixit and the Punisher at Super Wrestlemania. They had worked together and Thor was now on the injured list. The Punisher then focused on Jason Voorhees who had screwed him out of the UWF Championship at Super Wrestlemania. The Punisher challenged Jason to a no disqualifications match but Fixit came out and it became a two on one affair. The Punisher knew Jason would want revenge so he and Joe challenged Jason to a tag team match. But, as Jason's partner was coming out, they attacked Jason's partner and it was two on one once again. When it finally was even odds they still managed to defeat Jason. The two then focused on becoming the UWF Tag Team Champions and even defeated the champions, Luke Bearl and Marv. They faced the Bones for the number one contender's spot. Just as Joe was about to win the match, Thor's music started to play. Joe was scared and he ran out of the arena. The Punisher went on by himself and still managed to have the advantage. But then Jason came out and cost the Punisher the match. Joe Fixit and the Punisher got into an argument backstage and their alliance was ended. Jor Fixit would then challenge any one hundred jobbers at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008. Blaming him for the loss, The Punisher challenged Jason Voorhees. This match would end everything that had been escalating since Dirter Deeds. Then, since Spider-man turned down the offer, it was announced that the winner of this match would get a title match for the NoDQ CAW Championship.

Thanks to help from a mysterious man with a mannequin head, Gary Lewis left Super Wrestlemania as the American Champion. Gary Lewis' ego became even larger and he started his American Champion Challenge. Lewis would defend his title against all former American Champions until he had beaten them all. He would then, with help from his girlfriend Scarlet Witch, defeat Johnny again and Ness. Lewis was incredibly confident when the shortest reigning champion, Tornado, answered the challenge. But then Tornado would go after both Lewis and Scarlet Witch on his way to pinning Gary Lewis. Gary Lewis was furious but waited on the sidelines while Tornado defended the American title against Recoome a couple times. Immediately following a title defense, Tornado was ambushed by Lewis and Scarlet Witch. Tornado fought back and got a hold of Scarlet Witch. Lewis walked away to save himself while his girlfriend was put into an ankle lock. The following week, Tornado defeated Lewis in a ladder match. Gary Lewis was set to face his girlfriend with the winning getting a title shot at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008. As Gary Lewis talked about how he would defeat Tornado, Scarlet Witch hit him with the Lewis Cutter and pinned him. She didn't forget how he left her in the ring. Lewis was furious and the next belittled Scarlet Witch in the ring. She tried to go after him again but he hit her with the Lewis Cutter first. Gary Lewis would then announce that he was going to be the special referee in the title match. Tornado came out to help Scarlet Witch but she took him down showing that she wanted to win the title.

Luke Bearl and Marv were the tag team champions and they wanted everyone to know it. They flaunted the fact that they held the titles. After losing at Super Wrestlemania, Smiley Bone and Liu Kang tried once more to win the titles. After coming up short, they split up and Smiley went on a singles career. After losing easily, Smiley realized that he was a tag team wrestler and the only partner for him was the injured Fone Bone. Smiley decided to wait until Fone would be healthy again. While he waited, Luke and Marv defeated every team that came in front of them. With every win, their heads grew even bigger. But then they were defeated by Joe Fixit and the Punisher. They could tell that Fixit and the Punisher had their number. Fone Bone would return and he and Smiley went against Joe Fixit and the Punisher for a tag team title shot. Due to many circumstances, the Bones were able to pull off the win and the tag team champions, Luke and Marv, were relieved. Luke and Marv made fun of the Bones and their victory. The two teams brawled in the arena as the feud between the the two escalated. Fone Bone was then set to face Marv with the winner's team getting the opportunity to pick the match stipulation at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008. After being dominated, Fone Bone pulled off a shocking victory. The match the Bones chose for their title shot was an elimination tables match.

Link had always been considered one of the greatest NoDQ CAW Champions of all time and he wanted to prove it once again. There was another man who claimed to be the NoDQ Champion, Luigi. When Zatoichi brought the title to UWF, Aaron Rift made a new NoDQ title and that was the title Luigi held. Link defeated Luigi and made the NoDQ Championship undisputed for the first time in almost two years. Link then went on to beat every man that came in his way. Watching all this was the last man before Link to be considered the Undisputed NoDQ Champion. Zatoichi returned from his suspension with an impact and became the NoDQ International Champion. He then went on to impress many by lasting fifty minutes in a Royal Rumble and defeated Spider-man and Mr. Clean to become the number one contender for Link's title. Zatoichi vacated the NoDQ International Championship in order to focus on the NoDQ CAW Championship. Link was not impressed. He never respected Zatoichi and felt that Zatoichi was a weak champion. Zatoichi responded by attacking Link from behind and refusing to let go of submission maneuvers. After making Link tap out twice while not in matches, Zatoichi very well could have gotten into Link's head. But Link, being the smart champion he is, didn't let it get to him and stayed focused going into his title defense at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008.

Johnny was screwed out of becoming the American Champion at Super Wrestlemania by a mysterious man with a mannequin for a head. The same man would screw over Johnny once again in a rematch. The man then revealed himself to be Dark Tornado, the very same man that had fought Johnny in the past and who had his head ripped of at The Final Countdown. Dark Tornado let everyone know that Johnny had never defeated him in a one on one match. This was proven as Dark Tornado defeated Johnny three more times. Many wondered how Dark Tornado had returned but it soon became clear that he had made a deal with Mephisto and is focused on keeping Johnny away from every becoming a champion again.

After announcing that he was the number one contender at Super Wrestlemania, Radioactive Man wanted to prove that he was going to become the UWF Champion. He showed video clips comparing his title reign with Captain Ginyu's and it was evident that Radioactive Man was the better champion. Ginyu fought back the next week with having the Ginyu Force go after Radioactive Man but they were all defeated. When Radioactive Man finally got his chance, he was about to pin Captain Ginyu when Recoome interfered. Recoome attacked Radioactive Man and Captain Ginyu got the victory. Radioactive Man wanted a rematch but the Ginyu Force's new agent, Dennis Kunshier, would not give him after. After a confrontation with Joe Evenson, Dennis allowed Radioactive Man a rematch. But a clause was thrown in and after Radioactive Man defeated Burter he was allowed to pick the match stipulation. Radioactive Man faced Captain Ginyu in a Steel Cage Match for the UWF Championship. The steel cage wasn't enough though as Recoome still managed to interfere and cost Radioactive Man the match. Captain Ginyu was still the UWF Champion.

During a Royal Rumble, Dark Tornado and Johnny fought on the outside of the ring. Dark Tornado managed to take Johnny out. At the same time, Captain Ginyu, who wasn't in the match, beat up Radioactive Man outside the ring. Radioactive Man and Johnny both managed to get back to the ring. With the last of his strength, Johnny won the match and a title opportunity. He chose to face Captain Ginyu. The match would be no disqualifications and the Ginyu Force were all banned from ringside. However, nothing was said about Dark Tornado so he came out and attacked Johnny. Dark Tornado and Ginyu doubled teamed Johnny until Radioactive Man came out to even things up. Radioactive Man gave the meltdown to Captain Ginyu and fought Dark Tornado to the back. Johnny then fought Ginyu some more and became the new UWF Champion. All three of the other men involved in the title match all wanted to face Johnny. Ginyu felt that Radioactive Man screwed him over. Radioactive Man felt that he deserved the title after what the Ginyu Force did to him. Dark Tornado felt that he deserved a title match because Johnny had never defeated him. Joe Evenson put an end to all the arguing and a match was made for Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008. All four men would battle in an elimination style match.

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008 was the season seven final of UWF and the ninth mega event overall. It was originally aired August 13, 2008.

  • No Disqualifications Match
  • Spider-man vs. Mr. Clean
    • Spider-man pins Mr. Clean at 7:06
  • UWF American Championship
  • Scarlet Witch vs. Tornado(c)
  • Special Referee - Gary Lewis
    • Scarlet Witch pins Tornado at 5:35 to become the new American Champion
  • Joe Fixit's 100 Jobber Challenge
    • Fixit pins Random Jobber #2 at 1:09 | 1
    • Fixit pins Don Explosion at 2:30 | 2
    • Fixit pins Bimmy P. at 3:18 | 3
    • Fixit pins Dr. Mitch at 4:22 | 4
    • Fixit pins Bramfreg at 4:50 | 5
    • Fixit pins 3 Train at 5:45 | 6
    • Fixit pins Sup at 7:14 | 7
    • Fixit pins Frank at 7:37 | 8
    • Fixit pins Romeo Highland at 8:29 | 9
    • Fixit pins Ness at 9:58 | 10
    • Fixit pins Draque at 12:35 | 11
      • Thor pins Fixit at 13:23 to win the Jobber Challenge
  • NoDQ International Championship
  • Recoome vs. Scorpion(c)
    • Scorpion pins Recoome at 8:14 to retain the International Championship
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Tables Match
  • Bones vs. Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl(c) & Marv(c)
    • Marv eliminates Smiley Bone at 3:24
    • Fone Bone eliminates Marv at 4:50
      • Fone Bone puts Luke Bearl through a table at 9:19 to win the UWF Tag Team Championship
      • After the match, Luke and Marv attack each other
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Zatoichi vs. Link(c)
    • Zatoichi submits Link at 13:18 to become the new NoDQ Champion
  • NoDQ Championship #1 contender
  • The Punisher vs. Jason Voorhees
    • Jason pins the Punisher at 10:18 to become the #1 contender for the NoDQ Championship
  • UWF Championship
  • Captain Ginyu vs. Radioactive Man vs. Dark Tornado vs Johnny the Homicidal Maniac(c)
    • Ginyu pins Radioactive Man at 4:23
    • Johnny pins Ginyu at 6:59
      • Johnny pins Dark Tornado at 19:14 to retain the UWF Championship

Season Eight

UWF took a few weeks off before returning for its eighth season. Season eight ran throughout the fall of 2008. The Eighth Season was the season where the majority of the main event talent was gone because they were on tour in Asia. This gave many lower tier guys a chance to step up. Also, UWF had an Acting Owner who made the decisions will Joe Evenson was in Asia. UWF's eighth season ran from UWF Pain #81 through UWF Detainment.

Road to Detainment

At Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008, a tour of Asia was announced for many UWF Superstars. Joe Evenson was not happy about the decision but still had to go along with it. Superstars who signed up to go included: Thor, Joe Fixit, Radioactive Man, Link, The Punisher, Spider-man, and the Ginyu Force. Dennis Kunshier, who had brought up the idea to the Board of Directors had hoped to become the Acting Owner in Joe's absence. Joe, however, saw that Dennis was going for a power play and instead put the power up in a match. Reptile won the Acting Ownership in a ladder match. Ms. Marvel attacked him after he refused to give her an International Championship match against Scorpion. Reptile then stepped down and made Mr. Clean the Acting Owner.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero used to have an alliance. They had set their past differences aside and allied themselves with Reptile in order to dominate UWF. Sub-Zero broke the truce in early June when he challenged Scorpion for Scorpion's International Championship. They fought in Mortal Kombat and after Scorpion used a loophole, he killed Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero's younger brother took his place in the Mortal Kombatants. However, the elder Sub-Zero was not finished with Scorpion. He returned as the undead Noob Saibot and screwed Scorpion out of the International Championship. Noob Saibot would then challenge Scorpion at Detainment and Scorpion accepted.

Luke Bearl and Marv were the Tag Team Champions all summer long. They dominated the tag team division. That all came to an end when they lost to the Bones at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008. The two then attacked each other after the match. Due to the fact that they broke up, they had a bloody match against each other where the winner would get the title shot. Luke won and shocked everyone when his surprise partner was Marv. The Bones were not expecting Luke & Marv to reteam and the titles changed hands. The Bones were then granted a rematch but Luke & Marv purposefully got themselves diqualified in order to keep the titles. The Bones were then granted another match where if Luke & Marv were DQ'd or counted out then they would lose the titles. In the match, both the Bones and Luke & Marv were counted out. Luke & Marv lost the titles but since the Bones didn't beat them, the titles were vacated. A tournament was announced between Luke & Marv, the Bones, the Mario Brothers, and the Mortal Kombatants for the titles where the losers of the final match would be fired. The Mortal Kombatants beat the Bones in the first round and Luke & Marv got themselves counted out against the Mario Brothers. The Mortal Kombatants would then defeat the Mario Brothers to win the titles and kick the Mario Brothers out of UWF. It was the first time that the Mortal Kombatants had held the titles since Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007. Luke & Marv would then win a number one contenders match and a match between the teams was set up for Detainment.

Scarlet Spider used to be a great champion in CAW. He was a former UWF Tag Team Champion and even was a former nCw and CCW Champion. He had fallen recently. He had been stuck with the humiliating Jobber Championship. It was a title where whoever loses the match with the Jobber Champion would get the title. He seemed to be harboring a lot of anger now. But all that could change when he and Spider-man teamed back up for the first time in months to challenge for the Tag Team Championship. But then Scarlet Spider shocked everyone when he betrayed Spider-man and attacked him during the match. Scarlet Spider declared that Spider-man used him to further his own career. Scarlet Spider took off his mask since it represented Spider-man and went by his true name, Ben Reilly. Reilly then hired Dennis Kunshier and quickly got rid of the Jobber Championship. Since Spider-man was on the tour of Asia, he could do nothing but watch.

Scorpion was the International Champion when season eight began. He found a new challenger in Ben Reilly. Reilly was angry and wanted a title to prove all his doubters wrong. A match was set-up between the two. However, everything would change when Ash Williams returned. Scorpion had goaded Ash into a match in order to become the International Champion months ago and Ash had been away fighting Deadites that Scorpion had released ever since. Since Ash was never given a rematch he was put into the ladder match with Scorpion and Reilly. Ash would then grab the title and become the International Champion again. Ben Reilly was furious and felt that Ash took away what was his. Reilly defeated Scorpion thanks to a little help from Noob Saibot and now had a one on one match with Ash for the International Championship at Detainment.

Scarlet Witch broke many barriers in UWF at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008 when she became the American Champion. She was the first woman in UWF to hold a major title. But her ex-boyfriend, Gary Lewis, wanted to see it all end. He faced her for the American Championship but came up short. She would go on and defend her title successfully for weeks. Then Recoome showed up. He had been kicked off the tour of Asia and made it clear that he wanted the American Championship. In a triple threat match also involving Gary Lewis, Recoome got what he wanted and became the American Champion. Scarlet Witch was granted her rematch at Detainment. Since Dennis Kunshier represented both the Ginyu Force and Ben Reilly, he had both Recoome and Ben Reilly in the ring the night before Detainment to talk about their matches. Things broke down and Recoome decided to put his title on the line against Ben Reilly. Reilly won the match and became the new American Champion the night before Detainment. He would now had double duty at Detainment and even had a chance to become the first person to hold two titles simultaneously in UWF.

Joe Fixit and Thor had never gotten along in UWF. Years ago they battled for the UWF Championship. A few months ago they once again battled for the UWF Championship. Joe Fixit lost the title to Captain Ginyu due to interference by Thor and they faced at Super Wrestlemania. Then, thanks to interference by the Punisher, Joe Fixit injured Thor and Thor was put on the shelf for months. Joe Fixit laughed about what happened to Thor. At Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008, Joe Fixit was beating up Jobbers when Thor returned and attacked Joe Fixit. Joe signed up to go on the tour of Asia but then heard that Thor was also going. Suddenly Joe Fixit dropped out of the tour. Many thought he was now afraid of Thor but Joe Fixit got very defensive when that was said. He was adamant that he was not afraid of Thor. So then, since the tour was ending, it was announced that at Detainment Thor would have his first match in UWF since Super Wrestlemania against Joe Fixit in a No Disqualifications match.

Johnny defeated three men at Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2008 in order to keep his UWF Championship but Dark Tornado was not finished. After he kidnapped Jason Voorhees and gave him to Mephisto, Dark Tornado now had his real head back and quickly went after Johnny again. Not only that but Dark Tornado had formed an alliance with the Acting Owner of UWF, Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean then granted Dark Tornado a title shot against Johnny but Johnny got himself disqualified and ripped off Dark Tornado's head. It was the second time that Johnny had decapitated Dark Tornado. Dark Tornado then showed up the next week with his head intact. Due to helping out Mephisto, Dark Tornado was given his head back again. He faced Johnny again for the title and this time he won. Johnny kept attacking Dark Tornado after that happened. Dark Tornado realized that Johnny would not stopped and decided to grant him a title shot at Detainment.

Mr. Clean had one goal in UWF: to become the NoDQ CAW Champion. When Reptile was still the Acting Owner, he granted Mr. Clean a title shot against Zatoichi. Thanks to interference by Dark Tornado, Mr. Clean became a four-time NoDQ CAW Champion. Ms. Marvel was gaining ground in UWF. She was piling up wins and even defeated the International Champion, Scorpion. When Reptile refused to give her an International Championship match, she attacked him. Reptile handed the Acting Ownership job to Mr. Clean in response. Ms. Marvel asked him for an International Championship match but he instead gave one to his new buddy David Green. Ms. Marvel wasn't happy with his decision. When Zatoichi had a NoDQ Championship match, Ms. Marvel interfered and cost Mr. Clean the championship. However, Mr. Clean quickly reversed the decision with his power as Acting Owner and he was given back the championship. Mr. Clean then decided to teach Ms. Marvel a lesson and set up a match between the two. Things did not go as planned when Ms. Marvel defeated Mr. Clean. Now she wanted his NoDQ Championship. Instead Mr. Clean granted Zatoichi another match at Detainment. Ms. Marvel once again wasn't happy and defeated Mr. Clean in another match. Dark Tornado knew that Ms. Marvel wouldn't stop going after Mr. Clean and suggested a match. Dark Tornado versus Ms. Marvel where if Ms. Marvel wins, she gets put into the NoDQ Championship match. Dark Tornado then got himself counted out. He realized that since the tour was ending and Joe Evenson was returning shortly that Mr. Clean was losing with power and Dark Tornado had no more use for him. Joe Evenson then added one more stipulation to the match, it was now a Hell in a Cell Match.


Detainment was the eighth season finale of UWF and the tenth mega event overall. It was originally aired November 11, 2008.

  • American Championship
  • Scarlet Witch vs. Ben Reilly(c)
    • Ben Reilly pins Scarlet Witch at 4:34 to retain the American Championship
  • Noob Saibot vs. Scorpion
    • Noob Saibot pins Scorpion at 6:14
      • Scorpion attacks the masked referee after the match and blames him for the loss
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Luke Bearl & Marv vs. Mortal Kombatants(c)
    • Sub-Zero pins Luke at 9:07 to retain the Tag Team Championship
  • UWF Championship
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac vs. Dark Tornado(c)
    • Dark Tornado defeats Johnny by count out to retain the UWF Championship
  • Joe Evenson is told that Zatoichi just quit leaving the main event in question
  • Joe Evenson agrees to let Dennis Kunshier put his client into the NoDQ Championship match
  • NoDQ International Championship
  • Ben Reilly vs. Ash Williams(c)
    • Ben Reilly submits Ash at 10:20 to become the new NoDQ International Champion
  • No Disqualifications Match
  • Joe Fixit vs. Thor
    • Thor pins Joe at 16:14
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship: Hell in a Cell Match
  • Mr. Clean(c) vs. Ms. Marvel vs. Dennis's client(Ness)
    • Demons attack both Mr. Clean and Ms. Marvel during the match
      • Ness pins Mr. Clean at 20:43 to become the new NoDQ Champion
      • Due to being pinned by Ness, Mr. Clean become the new Jobber Champion
        • After the match, Joe Evenson stips Ness of the NoDQ Championship and fires him.

Season Nine

UWF had a few weeks off after Detainment before it returned for Season Nine. Season Nine ran through the winter of 2008 and 2009. It was the final season of the first volume of UWF. It is notable for featuring the power struggle between Joe Evenson and the UWF Board of Directors. UWF's ninth season ran from UWF Pain #91 through Pain #100, also known as the Mega Event: The Final Pain.

Road to The Final Pain

Gary Lewis was the first ever American Champion. That title defined his career. After he lost the title the first time, his career spiraled out of control and he was fired. He later returned and won the title again. But then he lost the title again and shortly after that he lost his girlfriend. Gary Lewis defeated old rival Recoome and was granted an American Championship match. Now Gary Lewis had a chance to become the first ever three time American Champion.

Rhino had never amounted to much in UWF. He's had a few opportunities but just could not win the big one. Scorpion, on the other hand, has had great success in UWF. He is both a two time Tag Team Champion and a two time International Champion. Nobody expected much when Rhino faced Scorpion but Rhino shocked many when he pulled off the victory. Rhino would then go on and upset Scorpion again. When Rhino became the Jobber Champion, he had a chance to embarrass Scorpion. But Scorpion finally was able to defeat Rhino and Rhino had to keep the Jobber Championship. A few weeks later, they faced again where the winner would get an International Championship match. This time Rhino managed to beat Scorpion. Now Scorpion was the Jobber Champion. Rhino finally had a chance to do something great. He had a chance to become the International Champion.

Ben Reilly had become the first person to simultaneously hold two titles in UWF. He was both the International and the American Champions. He also felt that he was Spider-man's better. Ben Reilly had attacked Spider-man before Spider-man had left on the tour of Asia and continued the trend when he screwed Spider-man out of the NoDQ CAW Championship. Spider-man responded by attacking Ben Reilly. The two battled back and forth for weeks. Finally, they were given a match to end this feud. Both of Ben Reilly's titles in two consecutive matches. Spider-man surprised Ben with a quick pin to win the International Championship. Immediately after the match a cage was lowered and they battled for the American Championship. Spider-man once again got the better of Ben Reilly and became the American Champion as well. Ben wanted a rematch for both titles but Joe Evenson told him to pick only one. Ben let his anger get the better of him and he slapped Joe. Joe decided then that Ben would get no rematch and Spider-man would instead defend his titles against different men. These men turned out to be Rhino and Gary Lewis.

Dark Tornado had reached the pinnacle of his career. He was the UWF Champion and had just defeated his greatest rival, Johnny, at Detainment. Dark Tornado was set to defend his UWF in an open challenge and Johnny made it known that he would be the one to challenge him. But when the time came, Johnny was nowhere to be found. Instead, Ms. Marvel accepted and became the new UWF Champion. The following week, Dark Tornado announced his retirement due to a neck injury. Johnny came out and announced that he couldn't accept the open challenge due to being attacked backstage. He was then attacked by two large men. Dark Tornado said that they were his enforcers and that he had personally trained them. They were Daniel Catch and John A. Blaz and were known at Dark Tornado's Enforcers, DTE. The Mortal Kombatants were dominant Tag Team Champions. Ever since they won the titles they had defeated every challenge. But now they had to face the very large team of DTE. During the match between the two teams, Johnny interfered and cost DTE the tag team titles. Johnny had made it clear that since he couldn't go after Dark Tornado, he would go after Dark Tornado's team. Johnny then faced DTE in a tag team number one contender's match. The Mortal Kombatants felt that neither team was worth their time and decided to end the match before a winner was declared. Joe Evenson responded by making the Mortal Kombatants defend their titles against both DTE and Johnny and a partner of his choosing. And, to make matters worse for the Mortal Kombatants, the titles would be defended in the very match in which they were fist contested: a triple threat ladder match.

After Detainment the NoDQ Championship was vacant and a new champion had to be crowned. Mr. Clean wanted his title back but Joe Evenson refused to give a title shot to the man currently holding the Jobber Championship. Mr. Clean had to watch as Captain Ginyu defeated Link, Thor and Radioactive Man to become the NoDQ Champion. Then, just like during the summer, Captain Ginyu did whatever he could to stay away from Radioactive Man. The two continued their storied rivaly but this time it was over the NoDQ Championship. Radioactive Man finally achieved his goal and became the new NoDQ Champion. Mr. Clean, sick of watching these two battle for months, attacked both Captain Ginyu and Radioactive Man. Mr. Clean had finally gotten rid of the Jobber Championship and now wanted his title shot he had never gotten. Mr. Clean also wanted to become the first ever five time NoDQ Champion. Joe Evenson decided to make it a triple threat match. Radioactive Man would defend his title against both Captain Ginyu and Mr. Clean.

Ms. Marvel became the first woman to hold a world title in all of CAW. She won the UWF Championship from Dark Tornado and planned on holding it for awhile. The Punisher hadn't held the UWF Championship in years and he wanted it again. He managed to defeat Thor to get a title shot but Ms. Marvel was able to hold off the Punisher. The Punisher was not finished and once again defeated Thor to get another title shot. This time he and Ms. Marvel battled in a No Disqualifications Match. They battled all over the arena but the Punisher could not get it done and Ms. Marvel defeated him again. While all this was going on, Captain Marvel had shown up in UWF. He made his debut and defeated Joe Fixit with one punch. Captain Marvel would then go on a roll and was defeating former world champions left and right. The Punisher and Thor battled once again for a number one contenders spot, but this time Thor defeated the Punisher. Thor then looked like he was about to defeat Ms. Marvel for the UWF Championship when Punisher attacked Thor. The Punisher then beat down both Thor and Ms. Marvel when suddenly the undefeated Captain Marvel appeared. He took out the Punisher. It was then announced that Ms. Marvel would defend her UWF Champion against Thor, the Punisher, and Captain Marvel.

The UWF Board of Directors felt that Joe Evenson had abused his power when he stripped Ness of the NoDQ CAW Championship and fired him at Detainment. Joe Evenson even spit in the face of Mr. Lorenzen, the representative of the Board of Directors. However, Joe could see that all this was because Dennis Kunshier was trying to undermine his authority. The Board of Directors decided to limit Joe's powers and now all of Joe's decision had to go through the Board. Joe wasn't happy about this but there was very little he could do. Dennis Kunshier was turning the Board of Directors towards himself and was getting closer to his goal of becoming the owner of UWF. After a few months of this, Joe surprised everyone. He decided to close down UWF just to spite the Board of Directors. The Board and Dennis had no time to respond and UWF Pain #100 became The Final Pain and it also became the final UWF show.

The Final Pain

The Final Pain was the ninth season finale of UWF and was the eleventh mega event overall. It was also the series finale for UWF seeing that Joe Evenson closed down UWF after this. The Final Pain was originally aired February 11, 2009.

  • UWF Nostalgic Match
  • Empire & Satan vs. Pink Panther, Jay Leno, & Charlie Chaplin
    • Sidious, Maul, & Satan pin Pink Panther, Chaplin, & Leno at 5:22
  • Link vs. Joe Fixit
    • Joe Fixit pins Link at 6:18
  • NoDQ International Championship
  • Rhino vs. Spider-man(c)
    • Ben Reilly attacks Spider-man during the match
    • Rhino pins Spider-man at 12:25 to become the new NoDQ International Champion
      • Gary Lewis comes out and demands his match with Spider-man to begin immediately.
  • UWF American Championship
  • Gary Lewis vs. Spider-man(c)
    • Spider-man never recovers from his match with Rhino
    • Gary Lewis pins Spider-man at :06 to become the new American Champion
  • Scorpion attacks Pink Panther and sends him to the ring. Scorpion then demands a match with Pink Panther
  • Jobber Championship
  • Pink Panther vs. Scorpion(c)
    • Scorpion submits Pink Panther at 2:58 to longer be the Jobber Champion
  • Champion of Dead People
  • Justin X vs. Anti-Christ vs. Chef vs. Delia vs. Guldo vs. Hitler
    • Justin X pins Guldo at 4:33 to eliminate him
    • Hitler pins Justin X at 4:57 to eliminate him
    • Hitler pins Anti-Christ at 7:03 to eliminate him
    • Chef pins Hitler at 7:37 to eliminate him
      • Chef pins Delia at 8:37 to become the first ever Champion of Dead People
  • UWF Tag Team Championship: Ladder Match
  • DTE vs. Johnny & a partner(Tornado) vs. Mortal Kombatants(c)
    • Reptile grabs the titles at 16:49 to retain the UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Luke & Marv's drunken Challenge
  • Luke Bearl & Marv come out drunk and challenge anybody to a match
  • Ash Williams vs. Marv
    • Ash pins Marv at 2:59
  • Ash Williams vs. Luke Bearl
    • Ash pins Luke at 3:38 to win the drunken challenge
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Mr. Clean vs. Captain Ginyu vs. Radioactive Man(c)
    • Captain Ginyu pins Radioactive Man at 19:00 to become the new Undisputed NoDQ CAW Champion
  • UWF Championship
  • Thor vs. The Punisher vs. Captain Marvel vs. Ms. Marvel(c)
    • The Punisher pins Ms. Marvel at 6:10 to eliminate her
    • Captain Marvel pins Punisher at 13:21 to eliminate him
      • Captain Marvel pins Thor at 26:53 to become the new UWF Champion

Season Ten

It was recently announced that Dennis Kunshier managed to take control of the dead UWF and has revived it. As owner, Dennis has brought back UWF with season ten. UWF has also moved to WWE '12. Most UWF superstars returned and all the champions kept their titles. Some notable UWF superstars not to return included: Link, Spider-man, Scarlet Witch, and Ms. Marvel. Season Ten officially began on November 17, 2012 with The Return and ended on December 28, 2012 with Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012.

The Return

The Return was the very first Mega Event of volume two and was the twelfth Mega Event overall. It was also the first UWF show in over four years. The Return was originally aired November 17, 2012.

  • UWF International Championship
  • Scorpion vs. Rhino(c)
    • Rhino pins Scorpion at 4:59 to retain the International Championship
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Luke Bearl & Marv vs. Mortal Kombatants(c)
    • Reptile pins Marv at 6:07 to retain the Tag Team Championship
  • UWF American Championship
  • Ash Williams vs. Gary Lewis(c)
    • Gary Lewis pins Ash at 6:05 to retain the American Championship
    • Following the match Gary is attacked by some guy
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Radioactive Man vs. Captain Ginyu(c)
    • Radioactive Man pins Ginyu at 9:44 to become the new NoDQ Champion
  • UWF Championship
  • Thor vs. Captain Marvel(c)
    • Captain Marvel pins Thor at 10:29 to retain the UWF Championship
  • 30-Man Royal Rumble
  • Winner gets a World Title shot at the next Mega Event
    • Mr. Sokolov eliminates Reptile at 38:09 to win the Royal Rumble

Road to Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012

UWF had successfully returned at The Return and now there were many superstars looking to become the champion. It was decided that there would be a tournament for a world title opportunity. In tag team matches leading up to Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012, Joe Fixit, Harima Kenji, Amadeus Jones, Tornado, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Ben Masters, Marv, and Sexy Chester all qualified for the tournament. Then, during the EPFD12 Pre-Show, Joe Fixit defeated Amadeus Jones, Tornado defeated Harima, Sexy Chester defeated Johnny, and Ben Masters defeated Marv in order to advance in the tournament with the final two rounds being during EPFD12.

The Mortal Kombatants were still the tag team champions after they defeated Luke Bearl & Marv. They were dominant before the break and are looking to continue their dominance. However, there was another team that wanted to dominate the tag team division. When Dark Tornado retired from in ring competition, he chose two men to continue his legacy and trained them. Daniel Catch and John A. Blaz were the two men who became Dark Tornado's Enforcers. Their last few attempts to win the tag titles came up short but now, with Johnny distracted by the tournament he was in, DTE was looking to win the titles at EPFD12.

During his entire career in UWF, Rhino always seemed to come up short. At The Final Pain he finally managed to win a title when he became the International Champion. Rhino had to defeat Scorpion in order to get the title shot and then defeated Scorpion again at The Return in order to keep the title. Ben Reilly used to be the International Champion and was never given a rematch. Reilly finally got his rematch and became the International Champion once again. Rhino's dream was cut short. Rhino then defeated Scorpion and would have an opportunity to win back the International Championship at EPFD12.

Gary Lewis became a three time American Champion at The Final Pain under controversial circumstances. However, his past was about to catch up to him. At The Return, Gary Lewis was attacked by a man wearing green and black. This man was Gary's older brother, Cody Lewis. Cody then revealed that we once was employed by UWF. In fact, Cody was even involved in the first UWF Royal Rumble at Inauguration Day. Shortly after Inauguration Day, Gary talked to the Board of Directors about Cody and got Cody fired. Gary would then say things about Cody that got Cody blackballed from the entire CAW Wrestling world. When UWF made its return, Cody talked to Dennis and was signed to a contract. Cody was determined to use his time in UWF to ruin Gary's life and the first part of that was to take away the American Championship. The two brothers would face off at EPFD12.

Mr. Sokolov made an impressive debut in UWF when he won a Royal Rumble and got a title shot for either the UWF or NoDQ Championship. When Mr. Sokolov came out to announce who he would face, he wouldn't say what his announcement was. He stated that his contract didn't give him a time period in which he would have to make his announcement. Mr. Sokolov made it clear that he was using this in order to gain an advantage over the current champions. Mr. Sokolov would announce his decision and get his title match at EPFD12.

Captain Marvel was undefeated in UWF and was also the UWF Champion. At both The Final Pain and The Return, Captain Marvel defeated Thor in championship matches. Thor would not give up and still wanted to pursue the UWF Championship. When Mr. Sokolov refused to make his announcement, Thor and the Punisher were put in a number one contender's match but Mr. Sokolov would come out and attack both men. Thor faced the Punisher the following week and defeated to become the number one contender. So, a rematch was setup between the undefeated Captain Marvel and Thor. However, it all depended on Mr. Sokolov's decision since it could override the match at EPFD12.

Mr. Clean was a legend in NoDQ CAW and he had come to UWF for one reason, the NoDQ CAW Championship. After months of trying, Mr. Clean came up short at The Final Pain when Captain Ginyu won the title. Radioactive Man also had to battle for months against Captain Ginyu and finally won the title only to lose it at The Final Pain. However, at The Return Radioactive Man won the title back. Mr. Clean was pissed that he didn't get a title shot handed to him and was even more pissed when Mr. Sokolov interfered in the number one contender's match. Mr. Clean would win the rematch but was so confident in his abilities that he said he would quit if he didn't leave EPFD12 with the NoDQ Championship. So, it was set where Mr. Clean would face Radioactive Man for the NoDQ Championship but Mr. Sokolov still had to make his decision at EPFD12.

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012

Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012 was the second mega event of season ten and was the thirteenth mega event overall. It was also the season ten finale. Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2012 was originally aired December 28, 2012.

  • World Title Opportunity Tournament: Semi-Finals
  • Joe Fixit vs. Tornado
    • Joe Fixit pins Tornado at 3:31
  • World Title Opportunity Tournament: Semi-Finals
  • Sexy Chester vs. Ben Masters
    • Ben Masters submits Chester at 4:58
  • UWF International Championship
  • Rhino vs. Ben Reilly(c)
    • Ben Reilly pins Rhino at 6:03 to retain the International Championship
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • DTE vs. Mortal Kombatants(c)
    • Reptile pins Daniel Catch at 9:04 to retain the Tag Team Championship
  • UWF American Championship
  • Cody Lewis vs. Gary Lewis(c)
    • Gary Lewis pins Cody at 10:58 to retain the American Championship
  • World Title Opportunity Tournament: Finals
  • Ben Masters vs. Joe Fixit
    • Ben Masters submits Fixit at 7:49
  • Mr. Sokolov comes out and announces that he will challenge for the UWF Championship
  • UWF Championship
  • Mr. Sokolov vs. Captain Marvel(c)
    • The Punisher attacks Captain Marvel during the match
      • Mr. Sokolov pins Captain Marvel at 9:48 to become the new UWF Champion
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Mr. Clean vs. Radioactive Man(c)
    • Mr. Clean pins Radioactive Man at 11:28 to become the new NoDQ Champion
      • Dennis Kunshier then comes out and announces that there will be another match for both the NoDQ and UWF Championships
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship & UWF Championship: No DQ Match
  • Mr. Clean(c) vs. Mr. Sokolov(c)
    • Man-Villain attacks Mr. Clean during the match
      • Mr. Sokolov submits Mr. Clean at 4:47 to retain the UWF Championship and become the new NoDQ Champion

Season Eleven

After Season Ten, UWF took about a week and a half off before it returned. UWF switched over to WWE '13 for season eleven. Season Eleven is currently airing. It has had two mega events so far. Season Eleven began on January 8, 2013 and is still airing.

Road to Beginning of the End

Luke Bearl always considered himself the badass of UWF. He even gave himself the nickname Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl. Harima Kenji came to UWF and Luke felt like he was trying to be the new badass. Luke Bearl had the urge to prove that he was better and challenged Harima Kenji to a match to determine who was more badass.

Ben Masters shocked the world when he defeated Joe Fixit to win the World Title Opportunity Tournament. He was given a belt to signify this and in every single match that he is in, the world title opportunity is on the line. Whoever holds the world title opportunity on New Year's Eve will be given a match for a world title. Recoome coveted this and attacked Ben Masters. A match between the two was then set up at Beginning of the End.

The Empire were former tag team champions in UWF back in the early days. They were away from UWF for years but had returned during season ten. The Empire then got a non-title victory over the Tag Team Champions, the Mortal Kombatants. The Empire were given a tag title match because of this victory. The Mortal Kombatants were not thrilled and responded by distracting and costing the Empire during a match against the Jobbers. The Empire then returned the favor by costing the Mortal Kombatants in a match against the Jobbers. The staged was set for these two teams to battle it out for the Tag Team Championship.

Gary Lewis had defeated his older brother Cody at EPFD12. Meanwhile, Ben Reilly was still angry that he never got his rematch for the American Championship. He finally got it against Gary Lewis and, in order to keep it a fair match, anybody who interfered would be suspended. Cody Lewis didn't care and he interfered anyways in order to cost Gary Lewis the match. Cody was therefore suspended and Ben Reilly was now a double champion. Tornado was a former American Champion and wanted the title again. He faced Gary Lewis in a number one contender's match and defeated him. Tornado now had a match for the American Championship against Ben Reilly at Beginning of the End.

Ben Reilly had ended Rhino's International Championship reign and successfully defended his title against Rhino at EPFD12. Scorpion felt like he should have had the title shot at EPFD12 since his hand was under the ropes when Rhino pinned him during the number one contender's match. Scorpion had a return match against Rhino and defeated him. Scorpion, however, would lose the title match against Ben Reilly. Scorpion and Rhino battled once again but this time it ended in a no contest. Scorpion and Rhino were both given the title shot against Ben Reilly in a triple threat match at Beginning of the End.

Mr. Sokolov managed to leave EPFD12 as both the UWF Champion and the NoDQ Champion. This forced Mr. Clean to leave UWF and also cost Thor a championship match. Thor tried to get his UWF Championship but Mr. Sokolov said he couldn't give him one since he already has a match for the NoDQ Championship against The Punisher. Mr. Sokolov assumed that The Punisher would hand him a victory since he interfered in the Captain Marvel match at EPFD12. The Punisher only interfered in that match in order to end Captain Marvel's undefeated streak and used his match against Mr. Sokolov into becoming the new NoDQ Champion. Thor let Mr. Sokolov know that he still wanted his title shot that he had earned. Mr. Sokolov avoided Thor by stating that first he had to give Captain Marvel his automatic rematch.

Jeffrey Stanz was hired as the UWF General Manager during Season Ten and didn't seem too confident in his decisions. UWF Owner, Dennis Kunshier, made the match between Mr. Sokolov and Mr. Clean at EPFD12 because he had plans to unify the two titles. He wasn't happy that Stanz let Mr. Sokolov defend and lose the NoDQ Champion to The Punisher. Dennis Kunshier proceeded to fire Stanz and set the stage for the titles to be unified. At Beginning of the End, Mr. Sokolov would defend the UWF Championship against Captain Marvel and The Punisher would defend the NoDQ Championship against Radioactive Man. There were also going to be two 6-man over the top rope battle royals with the final two men in each qualifying for an Elimination Chamber match that would qualify the two titles. It would be the beginning of the end of having two world titles.

Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End was the first mega event of season eleven and was the fourteenth mega event overall. It was also the beginning of the process to unify the UWF and NoDQ Championships. Beginning of the End was originally aired on February 14, 2013.

  • UWF American Championship
  • Tornado vs. Ben Reilly(c)
    • Tornado pins Ben Reilly at 3:45 to become the new American Champion
  • Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl vs. Harima Kenji
    • Harima Kenji pins Luke at 1:54
  • Ben Masters vs. Recoome
    • Ben Masters pins Recoome at 6:08
  • UWF Tag Team Championship
  • Empire vs. Mortal Kombatants(c)
    • Reptile pins Darth Sidious at 7:57 to retain the Tag Team Championship
  • UWF International Championship
  • Rhino vs. Scorpion vs. Ben Reilly(c)
    • Ben Reilly pins Scorpion at 12:35 to retain the International Championship
  • NoDQ & UWF Championship Unification Qualifier
  • 6-Man Over the top rope Battle Royal
  • Scorpion vs. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac vs. Man-Villain vs. Thor vs. Tornado vs. Captain Ginyu
    • Thor eliminates Man-Villain at 0:48
    • Thor eliminates Johnny at 3:12
    • Captain Ginyu eliminates Scorpion at 4:17
    • Thor eliminates Ginyu at 4:48
      • Thor and Tornado survive and qualify for the Elimination Chamber
  • NoDQ & UWF Championship Unification Qualifier
  • 6-Man Over the top rope Battle Royal
  • Delexus vs. Gary Lewis vs. Rhino vs. Marv vs. Joe Fixit vs. Cody Lewis
    • Cody Lewis eliminates Gary Lewis at 1:26
    • Joe Fixit eliminates Cody Lewis at 2:54
    • Marv eliminates Rhino at 3:07
    • Joe Fixit eliminates Delexus at 5:05
      • Joe Fixit and Marv survive and qualify for the Elimination Chamber
  • Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship
  • Radioactive Man vs. The Punisher(c)
    • The Punisher pins Radioactive Man at 14:52 to retain the NoDQ Championship
  • UWF Championship
  • Captain Marvel vs. Mr. Sokolov(c)
    • Mr. Sokolov pins Captain Marvel at 17:32 to retain the UWF Championship

Road to Dirty Deeds Return

UWF Roster

This is the roster of everyone in UWF and their time in UWF. They count as being in a season only if they were in it before the final show. Anybody that debuts in the season finale doesn't get counted as being in UWF until the next season.

Active Roster:

  • Alan Scott (Season 11)
  • Amadeus Jones (Seasons 10-11)
  • Ash Williams (Seasons 5-11)
  • Ben Masters (Seasons 10-11)
  • Ben Reilly formerly Scarlet Spider (Seasons 1-11)
  • Calendar Man (Seasons 10-11)
  • Captain Marvel (Seasons 9-11)
  • Cody Lewis (Seasons 10-11)
  • Dark Tornado (Seasons 1-4/ 7-11)
  • Darth Maul (Seasons 1-3/ 10-11)
  • Darth Sidious (Seasons 1-3/ 10-11)
  • David Green (Seasons 8-11)
  • Delexus (Seasons 10-11)
  • Gary Lewis (Seasons 1-4/ 6-11)
  • Harima Kenji (Seasons 10-11)
  • Jay Garrick (Season 11)
  • Joe Fixit formerly Hulk (Seasons 1-3/ 5-11)
  • Johnny Flame (Seasons 9-11)
  • Luke "Mother Fuckin" Bearl (Seasons 6-11)
  • Man-Villain (Seasons 10-11)
  • Marv (Seasons 4-11)
  • Mr. Sokolov (Seasons 10-11)
  • Pink Panther (Seasons 3-5/ 10-11)
  • Radioactive Man (Seasons 1-11)
  • Reptile (Seasons 1-11)
  • Rhino (Seasons 1-11)
  • Scorpion (Seasons 1-2/ 4-11)
  • Sexy Chester (Seasons 10-11)
  • Spider-man (Seasons 1-9/ 11)
  • Sub-Zero (Seasons 7-11)
  • The Punisher (Seasons 1-11)
  • Thor (Seasons 1-11)
  • Tornado (Seasons 1-4/ 7-11)

Former Roster:

  • Anti-Christ (Seasons 1-2)
  • Burter (Seasons 3-11)
  • Captain Ginyu (Seasons 3-11)
  • Charlie Chaplin (Seasons 1-2)
  • Chef (Seasons 5-6)
  • Daniel Catch (Seasons 9-10)
  • Delia (Season 6)
  • Fone Bone (Seasons 2-9)
  • Guldo (Season 3)
  • Hardgrove Harry (Season 11)
  • Hitler (Seasons 1-4)
  • Honey Ryder (Season 6)
  • Jason Voorhees (Seasons 6-8)
  • Jay Leno (Seasons 1-2)
  • Jeice (Seasons 3-11)
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (Seasons 1-11)
  • Justin X (Seasons 1-2)
  • Link (Seasons 1-9)
  • Liu Kang (Seasons 2-7)
  • Luigi (Seasons 1-8)
  • Mario (Seasons 1-8)
  • Mr. Clean (Seasons 6-10)
  • Ms. Marvel (Seasons 7-9)
  • Muhammed Hassan (Seasons 1-4)
  • Ness (Seasons 1-8)
  • Noob Saibot formerly Sub-Zero (Seasons 1-9)
  • Power Girl (Season 6)
  • Recoome (Seasons 3-11)
  • Retcondo (Season 7)
  • Satan (Seasons 1-3)
  • Scarlet Witch (Seasons 6-9)
  • Smiley Bone (Seasons 2-9)
  • Sonya Blade (Season 6)
  • Superman (Season 1)
  • The Mask (Season 1)
  • Undertaker (Seasons 3-4)
  • Zatoichi (Seasons 4-8)

Authority Figures

There have been a number of authority figures in UWF. The highest level of authority is the UWF Owner and a few people have held that title. Also, during season eight there was a role known as Acting Owner. The Acting Owner had the same powers as the General Manager and will be listed as such. This is a list all all the authority figures throughout the history of UWF.


  • Joe Evenson (June 4, 2005 - March 14, 2006)
  • Simon Orangefish (March 14, 2006 - June 2, 2006)
  • Joe Evenson (June 2, 2006 - February 12, 2009)
  • Dennis Kunshier (November 16, 2012 - present)

General Managers:

  • Reptile (September 5, 2008 - September 16, 2008)
  • Mr. Clean (September 16, 2008 - November 11, 2008)
  • Jeffrey Stanz (December 7, 2012 - January 22, 2013)
  • Walter Bluecheese (January 29, 2013 - March 17, 2013)
  • Dark Tornado (April 2, 2013)
  • William Gene (March 26, 2014 - June 25, 2014)
  • Albert Sketch (July 8, 2014 - July 22, 2014)
  • Clyde Gunnery (August 6, 2014)


UWF has not generally been a safe place to work. There have been multiple deaths to UWF superstars. They are typically the cause of another UWF Superstar.

  • Scorpion Dirty Deeds crushed between spiked walls by Liu Kang during Mortal Kombat. Would later return
  • Anti-Chirst Dirty Deeds dismembered by Johnny
  • Justin X Dirty Deeds dismembered by Johnny
  • Guldo Voltage #3 crushed in vehicle by Johnny
  • Liu Kang Voltage #12 dismembered and neck snapped by Scorpion. Would later return as Zombie
  • Dark Tornado The Final Countdown decapitated by Johnny
  • Hitler The Final Countdown crushed in vehicle by Johnny
  • Honey Ryder Women's Show #3 bus crashed into plane
  • Sonya Blade Women's Show #3 bus crashed into plane
  • 28 other women Women's Show #3 bus crashed into plane
  • Chef Dirtier Deeds neck snapped during sex by Delia
  • Delia Shockwave #14 eviscerated by Johnny
  • Referee Kevin Johnson Shockwave #14 strangled by Johnny
  • Sub-Zero Shockwave #17 decapitated by Scorpion. Would later return as Noob Saibot
  • Dark Tornado Pain #83 decapitated by Johnny. Would later return
  • Jeremy Nex Indemnity #5 blown up in explosion
  • Zander Zebediah Beginning of the End blown up in explosion
  • Walter Bluecheese Dirty Deeds Returns stabbed to death
  • Frank the Security Guard Low Blow run over by car
  • Hardgrove Harry The Unforgiven Part Two crushed by monster truck
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2014 decapitated

Special Matches

There have been numerous special matches in UWF. These special matches are used sparingly and are most usually used at Mega Events. Many of these have been used in other leagues as well as UWF.

Hell in a Cell

The Hell in a Cell is a common special match used throughout CAW. It generally is a match used to put an end to a feud. It is consists of a large cage surrounding the ring and also has space between the ring and the cage where the competitors can battle. The Hell in a Cell has been used in UWF just three times:
At Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2005, Mario defended the UWF Championship against Link and the Punisher. Link won this match.
At The Final Countdown, Captain Ginyu defended the UWF Championship against the Punisher, Thor, Radioactive Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Rhino. Thor won this match.
At Detainment, Mr. Clean defended the Undisputed NoDQ CAW Championship against Ms. Marvel and Ness. Ness won this match.

Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber is another special match used throughout CAW. It is generally used when there are many contenders for a championship. It consists of a large cell surrounding the ring with four separate pods. There was also a modified version called the Chamber of Hell which included a Hell in a Cell inside the Elimination Chamber. The Elimination Chamber has been used in UWF just two times:
At Dirty Deeds, Mario, Link, the Punisher, Satan, Thor, and Gary Lewis battled for a Money in the Bank contract. The Punisher won this match.
At Deathsplosion, Thor defended the UWF Championship against Link, Rhino, the Punisher, Radioactive Man, and Scorpion in the Chamber of Hell. Thor won this match. At Dirty Deeds Return, Mr. Sokolov defended the UWF Championship and The Punisher defended the NoDQ Championship in a unification match also involving Marv, Joe Fixit, Link, and Thor. The Punisher won this match.

Royal Rumble

Main Article: UWF Royal Rumbles

The Royal Rumble is another special match used throughout CAW. It is generally used to crown a vacant championship or to crown a number one contender for a championship. It generally consists of ten to forty people. There have been five royal rumbles in UWF and there is nobody that has won more than one.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a special match that is not as common throughout CAW. It is a very violent match where two competitors battle each other in a no rules match that usually has a deadly outcome. The match has taken place in UWF three times:
At Dirty Deeds, Scorpion and Sub-Zero faced Liu Kang. Liu Kang won and crushed Scorpion between spiked walls.
At The Final Countdown, Lit Kang faced Scorpion in a 3 out of 5 deaths Mortal Kombat. Scorpion won and both men died multiple times.
On an episode of Shockwave, Scorpion defended the NoDQ International Championship against Sub-Zero. Scorpion won the match and ripped Sub-Zero's head off of his body.