Universal Championship Wrestling League
Acronym UCWL
Establishment 2016-present
Owner(s) V-Pac
Staff V-Pac (Owner, Founder, & Play-by-Play Commentator)
CD Xtreme (Color Commentator)
Phil Coulson (UCWL General Manager)
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Website UCWL on Youtube


Inspired by popular caw shows like NoDQ CAW, SCAW, CCL, UWO, ACW (Anime Championship Wrestling), UCCW, and many other CAW leagues, UCWL was created to thrive alongside those caw shows and bring out superstars that have or haven't been in any previous CAW leagues from different mediums such as Comic Books, Video Games, Anime, TV Shows, Movie Franchises, and all of above. UCWL was supposed to air in 2008, but the company delayed due to the owner's personal life until 2016 when promotional videos of the company start appearing on YouTube in November 2015 showing the construction of the company itself. In the following months, video showcases of the UCWL Roster show which superstars will be completed in the new league were shown on the owner's YouTube account starting in this past February.


The Main Show of UCWL, signified by its yellow color scheme and a very awesome new titantron stage set, UCWL episodes is run by Former Leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., Phil Coulson.

UCWL Rosters


Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers
Adon Heel Thailand
Adonis Creed Face Los Angeles, CA Johnson Shuffle (Shane o'Mac Combination Punches) Discus Punch
Akasan Face Japan
Android 13 Heel Red Ribbon Army Standing Axe Kick TH Death Bomb (Sitdown Razor's Edge Powerbomb)
Batroc the Leaper Heel Marseille, France Lumbar Check
Fireman's Carry Backbreaker
The Leap (Top Rope Double Foot Stomp)
Batsu Ichimonji Face Taiyo High School Fireman's Carry/Roundhouse Kick Burning Rush (GTS/Running Kick Combo)
Bebop Heel New York City, NY
Captain Britain Face London, England, UK Military Press Slam/European Uppercut Combo
Captain Cold Heel Central City
Christopher Blair Face Nephele II, Earth
Cody Travers Face Metro City
Dampierre Heel Eastern Europe
Darth Caedus Heel Coruscant Millon Credits Fist Drop (Standing Fist Drop)
Darth Maul Heel Dathomir Standing Shoot Star Press
Ed Heel Parts Unknown
El Stingray Face Acapulco, Mexico
Ezra Bridger Face Planet Lothal Tilt-a-Whirl Reverse DDT Shooting Star Press
The Flea Face Foremost World Renowned International School of Lucha
Gordon Ramsey Tweener Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK The F Word (Kneeing Jawbreaker)
MasterChef Plex (Single Arm Trapped Suplex)
Ride to Hell's Kitchen (Zig Zag)
Green Arrow Face Starling City Corner Enzugiri Queen's Gambit (Single Undlehook DDT)
Gregory O'Gallagher Heel Hollywood, California Headlock Driver Kinobody Clutch (Koji Clutch)
Guy Face Metro City
Heatwave Heel Central City
Jak Face Haven City Corner Exploder Suplex EcoMaker (Widowmaker)
Blue Eco Bomb (Blue Thunder Bomb)
Jago Face Himalayan Mountains 630 Senton
Kano Heel Australia Stunner
Keith Apicary Face Woonsocket, RI Bionic Elbow
Dancing Leg Drop
Sega-Cide (Top Rope Splash)
Kung Fury Face Miami, FL
Kyo Kusanagi Face Tokyo, Japan 101 S.O.G [101 Shiki Oboro Guruma] (Palm Strikes then Multiple Kicks Combo)
88 Shiki (Repeated Shoot Kicks to a Kneeling Opponent's Chest followed by a Roundhouse to the Opponent's Head, with Theatrics)
Ura 108 S.O.N [Ura 108 Shiki Orochi Nagi] (Discus Palm Strike)
75 Shiki Kai (Spinning Roundhouse Kick)
Leonard Hofstadter Face Passadena, CA Side Effect Twist of Fate
Levi Ackerman Face Wall Rose Ackerman Special (Northern Lights Suplex/Brainbuster Combination) 3D Maneuver (Corkscrew 450 Splash)
Light Yagami Heel Osaka, Japan Garvin Stomp
Spike DDT
Death Note (Modified Flatliner)
Mad Max Heel The Austrailian Wastelands Spinebuster Fury Road (Running Sidewalk Slam)
Masaharu Morimoto Face Hiroshima, Japan Sashimi Slice (Reverse Torture Rack Slam)
Angry Chicken (Urangi Backbreaker)
Gyoza Spike (Burning Hammer)
Iron Chop (Brain Chop)
Monkey D. Luffy Face Thousand Sunny L.O.L. (S.O.S.)
Mugiwara Shuffle (Shane O' Mac's Series of Punches)
Gum Gum Bullet (Superman Punch)
Gum Gum Guillotine (Top Rope Leg Drop)
Napoleon Dynamite Face Preston, ID Sweet Moves (Series of Punches with Theatrics)
Sweet Moves #2 (Leg Drop with Theatrics)
Dynamite DDT (Future Shock DDT)
Naruto Uzumaki Face Konohagakure Parallel Snapmare
Five Knuckle Shuffle
Rasengan (Landslide)
Nathan Explosion Heel Tampa, FL The Hammer (Forearm onto Back of Opponent's Head) Metalocalypse (Osaka Street Cutter)
Dethlock (Sharpshooter)
Nova Face Queens, NY Standing Corkscrew Moonsault
Inverted Frankensteiner
Gravimetric Blaster (Red Arrow)
Parco Folgore Tweener Milan, Italy Supermodel Kick (Superkick) Beauty Shot (Running Spinning Wheel Kick)
PSPower Heel YouTube
Rain Heel Realm of Edenia
Ragnar Lothbrok Tweener Kattegar, Denmark Kattlekat Driver (Swinging Belly-to-Back Piledriver) Shield Breaker (Running Cyclone Kick)
"The Renegade" Reno Raines Face The Open Road Detonate Kick (Fireman's Carry Overhead Kick)
Discus Lariat
Sixkiller (Standing Swinging Flatliner)
Rikochet Face Foremost World Renowned International School of Lucha
Rocksteady Heel New York City, NY
Sheldon Cooper Face Passadena, CA Side Effect Bazinga Bomb (Swanton Bomb)
Simon Baz Face Deerborn, MI 450 Splash
Skeletor Heel Eternia Eternia Breaker (Torture Rack Backbreaker) Hellevator To Grayskull (Hellevator)
Serpent Skull (Skull Clawed Chokeslam)
Takeru Kobayashi Face Nagano, Japan Dreaded Puke of Doom (Poison Mist)
The Saint Face Detroit, MI Springboard Armdrag
Split Legged Moonsault
FaithBreaker (Modifed Stunner)
Terry Bogard Face Southtown, USA Crack Shoot (Shining Wizard)
Rolling Thunder
Burning Knuckle (Discus European Uppercut)
Power Geyser (Pop-Up European Uppercut)
Todd Marshall Face Leto, Proxima Centauri IV
Tyrone Magnus Face Haddonfield, NJ Magnasite Bomb (Sitout Powerbomb)
Tremor Heel Earthrealm Miliary Press Spinebuster
Union Jack Face London, England, UK Double Underhook Suplex into a Cross Armbreaker
Willaim Wallace Face Highlands of Scotland Scotish Destroyer (Spinning Release Powerbomb) Claymore
Yaiba Kamakaze Heel Yokohama, Japan Hammerlock Reverse DDT Discus Forearm Smash
Yuri Boyka Heel Russia Spinning Savate Kick Tornado Kick

Female Division

Name Alignment Billing Signatures Finishers
Bindi Irwin Face Queensland, Australia Exploder Suplex Gator Lock (Last Chancery)
Captain Marvel Face Boston, MA Photon Blast (Code Blue) Spiral Tap
Daisy "Quake" Johnson Face Los Angeles, CA Rebound Lariat Shockwave Strike (Discus Punch)
The Aftershock (Snap Double Underhook DDT)
Faith Connors Tweener Glass City Spinning Roundhouse Moonstomp
Isabeau "Bo" Dennis Heel Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Pumphandle Neckbreaker Fae to Black (Brainbuster Neckbreaker)
Ivy Valentine Tweener London, England
Kim Wu San Francisco, California Running Dragonrana
Maya Face The Andes, South America Trempress Spike (Jumping DDT) Praying Mantis (Split-Legged Moonsalt)
Pan Face Satan City Masenko (Lifting DDT) Maiden's Clutch (Captain's Hook)
"The Silent Assassin"
Heel Kabul, Afghanistan Slingblade Diamond Dogs Driver (One Winged Angel)
Rikku Face Bikanel Island Gillionaire Godhand (Springboard Bulldog) Al Bhed Strong Style (KTFO)
Sakura Kausgano Face Tokyo, Japan Hadoken
Shimmer Face Zahramay Falls
Shine Face Zahramay Falls
Starfire Face Tamaran Corkscrew Moonsalt
Wynonna Earp Face Purgatory Peacemaker (Arm Wrench Enzugiri)

Tag Team/Factions

Stable Name Alignment Billing Finishers
Final Fight
(Cody & Guy)
Face Metro City Final Strike
(Superkick & Running Knee Strike Combination)
(Captain Britain & Union Jack)
Face London, England, UK Big Ben
(Fireman's Carry Flapjack & Running Kick Combination)
Mucha! Lucha!
(Rikochet & The Flea)
Face Foremost World Renowned International School of Lucha
The Big Bang Theory
(Leonard Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper)
Face Passadena, CA Periodic Finish
(Twist of Fate & Bazinga Bomb)
The Black Dragon
(Kano & Tremor)
Heel Australia & Earthrealm The Dragon Slayer (Power Bomb/Cutter Combo)
The Reactors
(Tyrone Magnus & Akasan)
Face Haddonfield, NJ & Japan REACTception (Diving Leg Drop/Back Suplex Combo)
Rocksteady & Bebop Heel New York City, NY Krang Krusher
(Double Military Press Slam)
The Rogues
(Captain Cold & Heatwave)
Heel Central City Grand Heist
(Shatter Machine)
The Sith Lords
(Darth Caedus & Darth Maul)
Heel Coruscant & Dathomir Millenium's End
(Fist Drop & Moonsault Combination)
The Wing Commanders
(Christopher Blair & Todd Marshall)
Face Nephele II, Earth & Leto, Proxima Centauri IV TBD (Powerbomb & Diving Elbow Drop Combination)

UCWL Championships

Title Picture Championship Name Current Champions Times Date Won Event (Location) Former Champions
UCWL Championship UCWL Championship Green Arrow 1 July 11, 2016 UCWL Episode 1 (Long Island, NY) Vacant
UCWL Cyberspace Championship UCWL Cyberspace Championship Monkey D. Luffy 1 December 21, 2016 UCWL Rise to Glory (Green Bay, WI) Vacant
UCWL Tag Team Championship UCWL Tag Team Championship The Big Bang Theory (Leonard Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper 1 June 9, 2017 UCWL Cold Day in Hell Vacant
UCWL Crusier-X Championship UCWL Crusier-X Championship Yaiba Kamizaze 1 July 28, 2017 DCA vs UCWL Head to Head Vacant

UCWL Click-Per-Views/Specials

1) UCWL Rise to Glory

2) UCWL Cold Day in Hell

3) UCWL Unbound

4) UCWL Act of Valor

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