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    TCW* Season 3 update

    January 20, 2012 by AfroBandito

    So with the majority of the TCW* Season two roster transferred over to WWE '12, I can almost guarrantee the date of the season three premiere. TCW* 21: Natural Born Masters will take place February 18th (maybe the 11th), 2012 from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.

    In other news, the show afterwards will be entitled "*22: War Games Torneo Dragon. Basically, it will be the same format as last years Trios Tournament, top performer of the winning team receiving an opportunity at the TCW* World Title on the next show. The teams I have planned so far are as follows:

    Season two tournament winners the One Dumb-Ax Nation: Racky Joe, Trece Alvarez, & ??? (Will be revealed at *21)

    The Following: The Father, Clyde Silva, and ??? (Sometime around *21)

    Dark H…

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  • AfroBandito

    So with Ichiban Returns coming up at the end of 2011 (either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve depending on how much I have unlocked in WWE '12 by then) I was thinking about what to do for the main event. The main event I have in mind is pretty much set aside from the #1 Contender. If you can think of some four or five possible opponents for Nappa's TCW* World Title, please let me know.

    Also, say if the main event goes about thirty minutes, similar to how last season Ichiban main event occured, would you rather it be shown in its entirety, a music video, or just show the highlights from the majority of the match, and leave the last few minutes alone?

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  • AfroBandito

    So recently, TCW*'s B.B. Disco won the CAW Young Lions Cup. I'm not entirely sure on who the first title defense will be against. What I'm leaning towards is a rematch of the finals between Disco & Tony Vegas on No Mercy sometime during *16: Imminent Threat in a couple weeks. If someone has a better idea for the first match, let me know.

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  • AfroBandito

    Well, because it looks like I will never get that goddamn 14-consecutive day post badge whenever I get close, I had some free time and was curious to what the ... two or three people who watch the league's opinions.

    So who do people think will win the Fists of Iron Tournament? Will it be...

    • Former TCW* World Champion and winner of Season 1's Fists of Iron Tournament, Hijo Del Reyes?
    • The former 2-time TCW* Tag Team champion & 1/2 of Chaotic EVIL, TAKA Michinoku?
    • The muscle of Chaotic EVIL, a former 2x Tag Champ in his own right and runner-up in the first Fists of Iron Tournament, Nappa?
    • or the strong Canadian Rookie and currently one-half of the TCW* World Tag Team Champions, Nathan Roderick?

    The show should be up this weekend, Saturday at the ea…

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  • AfroBandito

    If I don't update my subscription to Xbox Live, do I lose my CAW data? Just asking if anyone has prior experience in this situation.

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