So with the majority of the TCW* Season two roster transferred over to WWE '12, I can almost guarrantee the date of the season three premiere. TCW* 21: Natural Born Masters will take place February 18th (maybe the 11th), 2012 from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.

In other news, the show afterwards will be entitled "*22: War Games Torneo Dragon. Basically, it will be the same format as last years Trios Tournament, top performer of the winning team receiving an opportunity at the TCW* World Title on the next show. The teams I have planned so far are as follows:

Season two tournament winners the One Dumb-Ax Nation: Racky Joe, Trece Alvarez, & ??? (Will be revealed at *21)

The Following: The Father, Clyde Silva, and ??? (Sometime around *21)

Dark Horses: Zane Ulmeyda, Rurouni Mutoh, and B.B. Disco

Team Japan 2.0: Kenshin, TAKA Michinoku, and Kenta Kobashi

I'm up for some suggestions to replace certain teams. The Dumb-Ax Nation is the only one being concrete seeing that they are the defending champions.

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