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  • AmyLavigne

    DCO Pages

    June 30, 2017 by AmyLavigne

    Please stop editing the DCO pages to add title changes that didn't actually happen on the show.

    I'm okay with people doing this during periods when DCO has been long inactive, but not when I'm actually producing matches. I have matches recorded already waiting to be edited and posted, and I'd rather not throw out the recordings just to count these random title changes.

    Furthermore, a lot of it seems to just be a way to inflate the Triple Crown chart. Not everyone needs to be a Triple Crown champion; if anything, it devalues the Triple Crown if it's just going to be something handed out to everyone.

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  • AmyLavigne


    September 12, 2015 by AmyLavigne

    The Vivianverse is basically dead. There's been very little crossovers (if any at all) between the feds involved in a very, very long time, and I personally haven't had contact with the majority of the fed owners in over a year. There is no longer any need to edit the pages and keep an active track of title count and who's involved and who's not. The pages should be left in an archival state at this point. ~ Amez

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  • AmyLavigne

    Shoot Project

    March 11, 2014 by AmyLavigne

    Guys, this is getting fucking ridiculous. Stop with the stupid edit war.

    Let's just compromise- the Shoot Project can stay as a listed trainer of Jacob Algar on his own page, but he is not to be listed on the Shoot Project's own page as one of its trainees. Sound fair?

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  • AmyLavigne

    Ummm......why the fuck are people labelling their CAW feds by that name now? This is CAW Wiki, you sound like pretentious idiots when you call your leagues that. That's what Willywill used to do, for fuck's sake.

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  • AmyLavigne

    Pretty surprised you listed your boss as someone in CAW with a whacked out ego, didn't think you had the nads. Don't be too surprised when you drop the strap soon (assuming you don't edit his name out beforehand, of course. Heehee!)

    But anyway, you're not really one to talk about "mudslinging", seeing as how you just wrote a cuss filled blog slinging mud at mudslingers. Not to mention the whole incident two or three months ago where you flamed me for saying SEA sucks. Yeeeeaaaah.

    Ever hear the expression "two wrongs don't make a right"? Miiiight wanna follow that, bro.


    ~ Amez

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