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  • Atlleader27


    July 10, 2013 by Atlleader27

    So if I made a wiki about NGC, would I have to include the past history aswell? I can't use my best judgement because if I need to use the past history, then I wouldn't be able to do it. Please, help.

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  • Atlleader27


    December 6, 2012 by Atlleader27

    Ok so I made the page 'FaM Blood Test' last night, but then i got back on to work on it some more and it was under the deletion page. My only question is why? FaM is real, the information is real, and the CAWs in it are real and apart of the artical. Can someone please enlighten me on why it was on the Canidates for deletion gr?

    As for it being in the Shitty CAW wiki category, I wasnt done adding in the info i needed to add in, considering the event was pretty long, the article is about a 2-2.5 day job.

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  • Atlleader27

    xFaMx? Where are you?

    October 29, 2012 by Atlleader27

    Ive seen there to only be one Member of FaM on this wiki (Rom_Buster) but I'm thinking now and wondering.. wheres the other people that have been wth and are a big part of FaM past and present, like OTP,Sean Nova, Andy Badwool,2TM, and BH? But they will get made sometime but this website has been around since 2007 and FaM has been around since about 08 or 09 soo yeaa.

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