• BlackProductions2k7

    Okay I decided to address a few things and if I get shit piled on, it happens...

    -I really don't care who likes what leagues....we all have different opinions but if I say I don't like a league, it's just my opinion...that's all. Taking it to where you need to point out that I watch "X shows" because I don't like your league is somewhat of a moot point.

    -There are things that happen in the leagues my CAWs are in that make me wonder "WTF?!" and there's a laundry list of those things.....

    XGWL =Kevin McMillian, XGW, and etc. - This was painful because every week XT was Cena going against insurmountable odds and winning. =Great D's three day Pro title reign...First time with the belt and he loses it to a Mordecai clone. =The XGWL Ultimate title …

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  • BlackProductions2k7

    For a hobby, CAW is so fucking ego driven and there's a shitload of egos in CAW....XtremeTony, Burb, Nameless, Dingos.....I can go on and on. What the fuck ever happened to just doing a show?

    Everyone is so goddamn ready to fling shit at each other, it makes me wonder why CAW is not a fucking zoo. You can tell I'm pissed because of the profanities but honestly, it gets a little too much to take when everyone feels they need to be right in something that won't matter when they're dead.

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