Greetings contributors!

This blog is being posted to update currently active contributors some recent events on what has changed and what will change on the wikia in the next coming weeks.

First and foremost, my recent request to adopt the wikia has gone through and i've been bestowed Admin rights to the wikia. Unlike the last time, XtremeTony had no part in the process (atleast to my knowledge) and the rights were given to me through my own merits. With that being said, this makes me the only active admin for the wikia and like last time my sole objective is to adhere to the wikia guidelines.

Secondly, i'd like to apologise for the current state of the recent changes feed. My first act as admin was to finally delete the stockpile of pages categorised under the Candidates for deletion category and by no means was that a small task. Roughly between 100 and 300 pages were deleted and i am sure there is plenty more that were left uncategorised. If you wish to help the cleaning process, if you encounter a page worth deleting, kindly categorise it and at the end of each month, they will be deleted. Pictures and blog posts are on the to-do list also, but only ones considered inappropriate to the wikia format such as inappropriate, off-topic or unrelated pictures to the theme of the wikia.

Finally, some changes are coming to the wikia in the next few weeks, nothing drastic, but small changes to the wikia the widen it's appeal. I will not go into detail yet, as i still and figuring them out myself.

If anyone has any concerns or questions, feel free to leave them below or on my message page.

Thank you for your time, and happy editing!

BrentHarvanator CAW Wikia Staff

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