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  • CJDaUser

    Alright guys, I hate to flipflop on this....but I will do Halloween Havoc, regardless of some of the matches not being on the card anymore...this isn't going to be cancelled, not going to let it happen!

    Just a quick update.

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  • CJDaUser

    Everyone, I've got a sad announcement...I might not do Halloween Havoc 2 this year, due to the lack of Leagues and CAW's a shame that I wasn't able to get as many people this year, even when I said I was getting a capture card...a deal which I got screwed over for, but will get it for Christmas. Honestly, if I just had more come in for the event...would've been just fine...but it's become very complex to put on an event with such a short roster of people at this very moment.

    I'm sorry about all the let downs, it seems like everything isn't going to as I have to cancel due to all the complications as of late...I apologize for the inconveniences over the past month on Skype. I really don't know what I should do now, I'…

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  • CJDaUser

    Alright, so it's been awhile since I've done a blog on the good ole' CAW Wrestling Wiki...I'm STILL here, just looking over Brent Harvanator's Rising Star Wrestling Promotion, which I totally just plugged for the hell of it, even looked over other pages.

    But MAINLY, I've looked over some contracts that have been flowing into my direction just recently, nothing to really brag about on here...but I'm very flattered that people want James Blazer in leagues all around Youtube. However, I worry about these newly founded ones that keep bugging me over getting the character to join...most of them aren't too decent or unorganized in storytelling, half the people look like jobbers or complete rip-offs, etc.

    Nobody is getting called out, won't even na…

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  • CJDaUser

    Hey, CJ here. Now, it's been a few days since my last blog post.

    I want to update you on some more bullshit from Mikey I've been trying to deal with as of late. Apperently, I found out if I re-joined MWF I'd have to follow this gimmick:

    It was funny with Brodus Clay on RAW, but I DO NOT want my character with the Funkassaurus gimmick. After all the jobbing and pointless gimmicks, you want me to waste my time with this crap?

    Even worse, he wants to use the character as enhancement talent...enhancement talent?! Way to treat your "favorite" champion. Even if this is for dark matches, I'm still pissed at the fact he won't give up my character.

    And I found out that he's only doing this because of our past, but that's a long story for another blog. …

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  • CJDaUser

    Hello folks, CJ here. Not TNE's CJ, which was an embarrassing character made by Tyson.

    But let's not get into that..

    I want to talk about the treatment towards my James Blazer character on the indies promotion, MWF.

    I'm pretty dissatisfied from where Blazer was going after the 3 or 2 losses from who Amez likes to call, the Y2J rip-off, Mikey. Seriously, he kinda screwed me over for the last time. If he offers to bring the character back, I"ll most likely say "No" for sure.

    Let me give you a brief history on the CAW Wiki's "TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE", Mikey.

    Well for starters, this guy is like the 16-time MWF Champion and this is his OWN promotion. Yeah, I'm not shitting you. Then again, this is the same guy who calls himself "M2J".

    Noticeably, he's been …

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