Everyone, I've got a sad announcement...I might not do Halloween Havoc 2 this year, due to the lack of Leagues and CAW's a shame that I wasn't able to get as many people this year, even when I said I was getting a capture card...a deal which I got screwed over for, but will get it for Christmas. Honestly, if I just had more come in for the event...would've been just fine...but it's become very complex to put on an event with such a short roster of people at this very moment.

I'm sorry about all the let downs, it seems like everything isn't going to as I have to cancel due to all the complications as of late...I apologize for the inconveniences over the past month on Skype. I really don't know what I should do now, I've thought about it a lot...this might be for the best...because it's that or a lackluster event.

This was supposed to be a big event, so it pisses me off that people are just too fucking lazy to do that...they know they'd have to in order to be apart of it.

It's just unbelievable...


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