Hey, CJ here. Now, it's been a few days since my last blog post.

I want to update you on some more bullshit from Mikey I've been trying to deal with as of late. Apperently, I found out if I re-joined MWF I'd have to follow this gimmick:

thumb|500px|left|Wow, this sucks ass...he expects me to come back after this?

It was funny with Brodus Clay on RAW, but I DO NOT want my character with the Funkassaurus gimmick. After all the jobbing and pointless gimmicks, you want me to waste my time with this crap?

Even worse, he wants to use the character as enhancement talent...enhancement talent?! Way to treat your "favorite" champion. Even if this is for dark matches, I'm still pissed at the fact he won't give up my character.

And I found out that he's only doing this because of our past, but that's a long story for another blog. In other words, he can't let go of the past and move on. He's still apparently mad at me, which lead to most of the bullshit he did.

He's also mad at me because not to long ago, he told me I wasn't honest about MWF...but I was only doing that to be nice. Unless he wants me to flat out say "MWF sucks ass", rather than tell him stuff he wants to hear...I can't win either way.

What do YOU think I should do next?

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