• Elliot May
    So.. 6 Dream Match-Card for me to read & show I'm even unable to read some of your words.

    Preston Pearce: Golden Ambitions 7 Match card

    CXWI Tag Team Championships Lester Barkley & Blaziken (c) VS SMCS & Paul Phoenix

    After showcasing his talent in the EDO, Scott brings Paul up to the main roster, to challenge Lester Barkley and Blaziken for the Tag Team Championships. Blaziken accepts Lester's offer of Blexit, and they become a dominant team in the silver lining.

    Yandere-Chan VS Rosalina (Deathmatch)

    This is going on the presence that Phil Meng is Yandere's senpai. Whether he is or not is up to Elliot, but if Phil is the senpai, then Rosalina will obviously take objection to it, leading to this moment.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match Vince Ford VS…

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  • Elliot May

    So appearenly this is something that should be in a blog rather than have a actual page.. so okay:

    This is an interesting situation... But I want to see how many will do it..

    This is a petition set up by Austin Juhasz to have Jessica Pink fired from CAW, not just from 1 or 2 league like CXWI (mine) but all of CAW.

    Though I personally will not sign it as I will remain a neutral by-stander in this situation. I wanna see if you will

    The target for the page is currently set to 100 signatures.. but I think it needs more than that, so, if this page:, gets 125 signatures by April Fools day, I will fire Jessica Pink from CXWI.

    I know some of you will think "Why don't you just fire her?" Wel…

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