The new caw wrestling league that I plan on airing is referred to as Caw Championship Wrestling Society, which is abbreviated to "CCWS". The release date is expecting sometime within fall in 2014 or either the beginning year of 2015. It is because of the fact that I don't have all of the equipment needed as of yet, however, I did got the chance to have the names of my future CCWS superstars. The brands that I have chose to create are CCWS "Fury", and CCWS "Showdown", and a show where the low, and mid carders show their talent, CCWS "Showcase". The allignments are still to be decided, however, I have gotten their brands decided. Here is the name of the superstars.

1. Amir Romero - Showdown                                                                              19. Shilon Plunkett - Fury

2. Danny Johnson - Fury                                                                                     20. Lance Harris - Showdown

3. Elian Young - Fury                                                                                           21. Mark Blue - Showdown

4. Felix - Fury                                                                                                       22. Gary Storm - Showdown

5. George Martin - Fury                                                                                        23. Dallas Steele - Showdown

6. Lemwell Chan - Fury                                                                                        24. John Singh - Showdown

7. Matrix - Fury                                                                                                     25. Melissa - Fury

8. Sean Tillet - Fury                                                                                              26. Brittany Love - Fury

9. Trey Curtis - Fury                                                                                              27. Silva - Fury

10. Luis - Fury                                                                                                       28. Tiffany - Fury

11. Ronald Campos - Fury                                                                                    29. Jessica Sanchez - Fury

12. Flare Angel - Showdown                                                                                 30. Maria Polanco - Fury

13. Ray - Showdown                                                                                             31. Shameka Gentle - Showdown

14. Ian Poe - Showdown                                                                                       32. Shauntay Leslie - Showdown

15. Amrie Foreman - Fury                                                                                     33. Emily Thompson - Showdown

16. Ryan Rodriguez - Showdown                                                                          34. Keira Gentle - Showdown

17. Mylea Figueroa - Showdown                                                                           35. Diana Starr - Showdown

18. Milton Nunez - Fury                                                                                          36. Chris Matthews - Fury

This is the offiicial roster as of now. I plan on gaining more suoerstars for the Showdown brand a few months from now. Well I guess that's it.

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