• Megafighter3

    Signing DSO talent.

    February 24, 2014 by Megafighter3

    So, I've been at this for nearing five months and I'm thinking it's about time to start scouting around for some of the DSO guys to take the next step, to go from working in the stripped-down Dojo to an actual league that people watch. If anyone's interested, just name the talent and they're yours. Yes, this includes champions (Though they'll need to wait until they at least drop the titles) and Adam Edge/Nick Hardy, who are still under contract but are storyline fired.

    A few minor guidelines on hiring. These are optional but more of a personal preference for myself.

    • The league they're signed to be a modern WWE game. Again, more of a personal thing but if you think they'd be able to work better on a No Mercy league or the like, then I'll be…
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  • Megafighter3

    Okay, so it looks liek there's some disagreement on editing the MCW page. While I will say I agree with Brent in regards to having Derek put all the MCW roster in the Foghorn Sanders group, I do have to disagree with removing stuff like birthdates, billing location and finishers/signatures, especially since Masterath is refusing to actually supply any of these things himself.

    I mean, the Foghorn stuff is vandalism, but the fact is you need to give your wrestlers something of an identity. Where are they from? How old are they? At the very least, they need to have a finishing move! Masterath, unless you're willing to supply the information, Derek's additions need to stay. Otherwise your pages will look like unfinished shit.

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